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The Lycan’s Mate (Mature Werewolf Story. MxM)

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Chapter Two


My mind was corrupted with dirty thoughts about my little mate. They were turning me on so badly and yesterday when I saw him half naked, my lycan and I went insane!

The desire to bite him was so strong, almost uncontrollable but I want him by my side 24/7 after I bite him and knowing that he has college, it would be difficult.

I was glad that his final exams were around the corner after which he would be free. I know that he has no clue as to what’s waiting for him but there is nothing he can do to stop me from claiming him, not that he would mind that.

Just by the thought of marking him left my body excited and my di•k hardened. I needed him but I had to wait.

A knock on my office door disturbed me from my thoughts. I raised my gaze and saw Nixon standing in front of me. He bowed with respect and rose up after awhile, smiling at me.

“ How are things with Sia?” I asked him while leaning back in my chair, ever since he found her, he has been nothing but joyful. Though he was mad and sad at Sia for getting away from him at first but time eventually brought them closer.

When I found out that Sia was Jacob’s ex, I felt bang of jealously shoot through me. Each time I met her, I had to remind myself that she is no longer his girlfriend and that Jacob’s mine and mine alone.

Everyone knows about the fact that my mate is a guy, some tried to create issues but I know how to shut them up. After all, I’m their king and their leader. Nobody would dare to talk back to me, my little mate can be an exception.

The only people who know that Jacob is my mate are Nixon, Alec, Sia and Jordon, Alec’s mate.

“ Wonderful.” He said as a grin took over his face and I smirked.

“ Oh yeah!” He said as he broke out of his thoughts about her and said,

“ The file that you asked for is here, Catherine called me to gave it to you since she said she was running late today.” I nodded my head and took the file from him.

Catherine was one of my very loyal workers, she was my assistant and has been working for me since she was twenty. It been’s six years now.

“ You can leave.” I said and Nixon nodded before bowing down and leaving my office.

I opened the file and went through the kingdom’s daily reports. I picked up my pen and started to work.

I sighed as I closed the file and closed the lid on my pen before placing it back on the glass table. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. His beautiful green eyes were shinning with lust and his red lips kissed my nipple.

I smirked while opening my eyes, my mate has a strong affect on me even before the mating process.

A knock on the door made my attention divert to the person standing in my office. Catherine walked inside and bowed.

“ I apologise King, but I had some urgent work to cope up with.” She explained and I nodded my head.

“ Send me the schedule for the future meetings, also inform Lex’s of our new contribution.” I said and she gave her head a nod.

“ Yes my King.” She said as she bowed respectfully and left my office without another word.

I straightened my thoughts and went back to work. Catherine had sent me a list of the meetings that I would attend in the future and I went through them while drinking the red content in my glass. Blood.

A lycan needs his energy drink.

Suddenly I heard Alec’s voice in my head, saying,

“ King, there are some wolves who are creating issues about the deal you signed with the vampire kingdom. They have rogues grouped up with them and are demanding to see you.” The edge of my lip raised up in amusement, I smirked while chuckling darkly.

“ I’m on my way.” With that, I got up from my chair and left my office. Catherine who was behind her counter got up and bowed down to me.

“ Add my remaining work to my tomorrow’s schedule.” I ordered her and she nodded her head.

“ Yes King.” With that, I left my floor and got inside the elevator. The elevator stopped at the last floor and I walked out with one hand in my pocket. People stopped everything to stare at me. Some had their jaws dropped and eyes wide in mesmerisation, some had pride in their eye as they saw me walk, and some had fear.

They bowed down to me immediately. I left the building and walked towards my car. I didn’t have my driver driving me today. I sat in the driver’s seat and started my car by pressing the button which light up with blue light, indicating that the car was turned on. I drove off towards the fort, which was 40 minutes away from my office building.

I saw the crowd, in front of the gates of the royal house, surrounded by the royal guards. Usually, no-one would dare to do such a thing. I understood them and their rage but no-one had the authority to look me or any of the royal members in the eye, let alone yell or demand for one of us like this.

I got out of my car and everyone stopped what they were doing as they smelled my scent in the air. My face was hardening second by second. When they all turned to me, my eyes were dark red, making them submit to me at once.

Alec and Nixon’s eyes were red as well. Their lycans were at the edge of losing control as they stepped in front of the crowd with cold faces.

The crowd made a path for me while bowing down to me as I walked towards them and motioned them to calm down. They released low growls, which made everyone shiver in fear, as they tried to calm themselves down.

I turned back to the crowd and tilted my head slightly at the sight in front of me. Everyone was shivering and bowing down, not daring to raise their gaze and stare me in the eyes.

Why did they bother to come here when they didn’t even had the courage to look me in the eye. Royalties don’t go out much since we are always busy. The only place where everyone gets to see us is the kingdom or my office. Other than that, we don’t go anywhere else and are unseen by the ordinary wolves and alphas.

“ Speak!” I demanded and all of them gulped hard. After a long moment of dreadful silence, I growled lowly, my patience coming to an end.

“ My King, they are protesting due to the treaty signed with the vampire kingdom. They want you to take the contract back.” The royal head guard spoke up and I turned my gaze to the crowd.

“ Get this one tiny thing inside that thick skull of yours, I am the King. I make the rules and decisions here and I know how to do my job. I suggest that you all should leave before I throw you all in the dungeon and make sure you all don’t see the sun again.” I warned lowly and everyone shivered in fear, some pissed their pants.

They backed up and transformed into their wolves before running away. I turned my head towards the security head and said,

“ Once they are out of the kingdom, kill them.” I said, not wanting the ladies and kids in the kingdom to witness this.

The guard nodded and bowed down with respect as he spoke,

“ Yes my King.” I turned around and stared at my brothers who were still fuming in anger.

I chuckled and placed my arms on their shoulder, pulling them in and walking inside the fort. I stopped and turned my head,

“ And park my car.” I said to one of the guards and he obeyed with a “ Yes my King.”. I turned my head back to the front and continued to walk with these two. The huge metal gates closed behind us as we walked towards the fort.

“ I know that we are lycans, and that we lose our temper very quickly but taking or making any decision while you are blinded by your emotion is not only stupidity but also threat to you and the people involved, understand?” I asked them as I rubbed their shoulders softly. They signed and nodded their heads.

“ You have told us about this like trillion times now.” Alec spoke and we laughed.

“ And I will keep on telling you this. I care for my family and I don’t want even the slightest of scratch on any of my brothers.” I said as the two of them grinned before hugging me tightly. I chuckled while ruffling their hair.

“ Let’s go inside, your mates must be worried sick.” I said and they gasped and widened their eyes.

“ Shit! we forgot about them.” Nixon said as the two of them gulped. I laughed, ready to enjoy the show.

Once we were in the backyard, their mates got up and hugged them tightly. They asked them if they were hurt or in pain. When the guys told them they weren’t, they broke the hug and slapped their chest hard.

Both of the ladies were fuming in rage just like their mates were a few minutes ago. I laughed silently as I watched the princes getting thrashed by their mates.

What a sight!

To Be Continued

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