HOMEBOUND: Before Ever After

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A successful career and a baby on the way. Ivana's life is a complete fairytale. With her loving husband and a wealthy life, she could never ask for more. Until one accident changed her life completely. Will she be able to get pass the trials and move forward? Mikhail Orel Alexeev is the man most women would fall on their feet— chiseled jaw, olive green eyes, a business man and also a great doctor. He thought he has everything he ever wanted, but there's always this empty space in his heart, seems like something is missing. Will he be able to find the puzzle piece? Will he be able to find his way home?

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Chapter One

January 8, 2018


New York

“When you master your emotions, you master your life.”

“W-What?” I was awakened from my thoughts when I heard one of Nikolay’s poetic approaches.

Nikolay Peters is a British-american neurosurgeon born and raised in Philadelphia and is currently working at New York City Children’s Hospital. He was one of my doctors when I had an accident four years ago. The accident where I lost most of my memories. Nikolay and Jennah, my fiance, were the ones who helped me recover from the accident. They helped me cope up with the trauma of losing both my parents and my well being.

“You’re spacing out again Mikhail.” Jennah said reaching for my hand. sadness visible in her eyes.

“I’m sorry…” I heaved with a sigh.

Since the accident happened I’m always in deep thoughts, thinking and worrying about what really happened before and during the accident. I have never ending questions in my mind that not even Jennah nor could Nikolay ever answer.

“Stop thinking too much Mikhail, you will only strain your mind if you continue doing that.” Nikolay said with a bit of worry. He’s right thinking too much would lead to nothing.

“What are you here for anyway?” I said before having a sip of my green tea. He called me at 4:30 in the morning because he has something very important to give to me and said it’s urgent, but he arrived at 6:00, just in time for my breakfast.

I was originally a coffee lover but when I was released from the hospital, I started liking the scent of green tea, I don’t know why but it seems like drinking tea has been a part of my life.

“Relax dude, you haven’t even thanked me yet for bringing Jennah here.” Yeah right. I asked him to fetch Jennah from her pad because today we are going to start planning for the upcoming wedding, we have a lunch meeting with the wedding planner at Cafe PIO, a restaurant that I own downtown.

Cafe PIO opened six years ago. A week after I was released from the hospital, Mrs. Amherst, my former secretary informed me about the construction of the said restaurant. I was shocked at first because putting up a restaurant was never a part of my plans but then again I remembered that I have amnesia and I don’t know anything that happened a year before the accident took place. I can’t even remember why I named it Cafe PIO, but instead of cancelling the project, I went on with it and now, it is one of the best cafes here in Brooklyn.

I know I should thank Nikolay for doing my supposed to be “fiance duties” but after what happened last night, I have this strange feeling that something is about to happen. I hope it’s going to be good and not something similar to my dreams last night.

I am standing at the altar wearing a black tuxedo. The church is decorated with red and white roses, only ten people were there, the priest, my parents, a couple which is I think of the same age as my parents and a young girl which looks exactly like the fifty-year old couple beside her. There’s also this young boy standing beside me. They all have this sweet smile on their faces. The doors swung open and the music played. A lady in red dress came into view, she is accompanied by a lovely couple. Everyone’s smile widened by seeing the lady walk down the aisle. I looked at her face but I can’t see it. I waited until they reach my place hoping that this time I can already see how she looks like but I was again disappointed. I couldn’t see her face, nor her eyes. I was about to reach for her hand when I suddenly found myself drowning in a pool of blood, struggling to come out of it.

If not for Nikolay’s call I wouldn’t be able to wake up and regain my breathing.

I wasn’t able to sleep again because of that, so I told him to fetch Jennah on his way here.

“Hey! You okay?” Jennah asked with worry. I just nodded my head and smiled.

“Here” Nikolay said handing me a box with a manila envelope on top of it. “It was addressed to your parent’s house and it was given to me by Mrs. Jones when she came by the hospital to have a check up. She said that she found the box in your old bedroom and the envelope was given to me by your secretary last night.”

Mrs. Jones is the caretaker of my parent’s house at the countryside. I hired her few weeks after I was discharged from the hospital. I chose to stay here in the city because of work and sometimes I still can’t accept that my parent’s are already gone. I haven't seen this box the last time I went there.

“You’re with my secretary last night?” I asked. He just shrugged with a playful grin. This guy is unbelievable. Nikolay Peters is a Casanova and he won’t let any woman get pass through him easily.

“I hope you’re serious this time Nikolay, Sabrina is a good person, she is a friend to me and I don’t want to see her hurting because of you.” I said sharply staring at him. It’s been a year since Sabrina Daniels became my secretary, she was recommended by Mrs. Amherst to take her place because she is already ageing and cannot take the stress and demands of her work. Sabrina is a good replacement though, she is really amazing at what she does and is an efficient worker. Since the day she arrived at the office, Nikolay was always there trying to flirt with her but Sabrina doesn’t give a damn at any move Nikolay makes, but now, I think he finally broke the great wall she built around her. I just hope he won’t break the Filipina’s heart.

“I’m serious Mikhail, Sabrina’s the one.” He said with a serious tone.

I smiled and took everything from him with trembling hands, I don’t know why but my heart is beating so fast and my hands are sweating. It feels like something came alive within me, I started hoping that this might be the answer to all those questions that’s bothering me.


January 1, 2018

New Year’s Day

He's staring at me as if I'm the only one for him. Those eyes, olive green eyes that captured my heart, those fine lips that begs me to ask for more, lips that always make me blush from the words it speaks.

He slowly walked towards me without breaking eye contact. He opened his arms, inviting me to give him a hug,and I did. I leaped towards him which made him laugh. Oh! how I miss his touch, his caresses, his laugh, his kisses. I miss all of him.

I was awakened from my reverie when I heard a rumbling noise from downstairs. I ignored it kasi alam ko naman na si Nanay Lidia lang yun. She’s an amazing woman in her fifties with two gorgeous kids, Lia, her eldest is a year younger than me and is currently a pastry chef in one of my coffee shops, while her second child, Noe is currently studying at a university where my father was a benefactor. They were both my parents’ scholar because Mom always said that it is a thank you gift for everything that Nanay Lidia sacrificed for us. Nanay Lidia’s husband, Tatay Noel, is our family driver.

Their love story started and blossomed in this house. Nung nabubuhay pa yung mga magulang ko, nagpatayo sila ng bahay malapit sa gate ng estate para kina Nanay Lidia at Tatay Noel, mga ilang metro ang layo mula sa bahay namin, doon sila bumuo ng isang masayang pamilya. Pero nung nawala yung mga magulang ko I decided na dito na sila manatili sa main house. Ginawa na lang naming guard house yung dati nilang tinutuluyan.

Malawak kasi itong lupain na namana ng mga magulang ko mula kina lolo at lola. Ilang hectarya din ang lapad nito, sa katunayan nga niyan eh meron kaming pinatayong foundation, ang SPIN or Society for People In Need, na ang layunin ay ang tulungan ang mga babaeng naaabuso, mga batang inabandona, matatanda, at mga cancer patients. Isa siyang community, may paaralan, clinic, chapel, mga sports facility at play house para sa mga bata. May mga scholars din kami, katulad nalang nina Lia at Noe.

I was about to close my eyes when a small hand brushed my face. Napangiti ako nang maalalang hindi pala ako mag isa sa kama, may kasama pala akong isang napaka cute na bata.

“Nana wake up…” he said while shaking my arms. Sa halip na pansinin siya ay pinikit ko ang aking mga mata at tumalikod sa kanya.

“Nana, ano ba?!” mas nilakasan pa niya ang hampas sa balikat ko. Ang sarap talagang inisin nitong anak ko, napaka short tempered niya, manang mana sa ama niya pero hindi ko na pinatagal at hinarap ko na siya. Mahirap kasi siyang patahanin kapag umiyak na, mauubos na naman ang pera ko sa mga request niya.

“Good morning baby, and Happy New Year!” I said, smiling at him. He gave me a hug in return.

“ Nana, happy new year and happy birthday!”

“Aw… thank you baby. Are you hungry?” he nodded at that and gave me his shy smile. Cute.

Bumaba na kami ng kusina habang karga ko pa rin siya. Naabutan ko na nagluluto si Nanay Lidia ng agahan.

“Morning Nay Lidia!” Pavel and I said in unison which made her smile. Pinaupo ko muna si Pavel sa kanyang high chair at lumapit kay Nanay Lidia. She came to me and gave me a motherly hug.

“Morning, happy birthday Ava!” she said before letting me go and proceeded to the task at hand. I helped her set up the table for the six of us, Nanay Lidia, Tatay Noel, Lia, Noe, Pavel and I.

“Nasaan na nga po pala sina Tatay Noel?”

“Tumulong sila nina Lia at Noe sa pagliligpit ng mga ginamit natin kagabi sa pagsalubong ng bagong taon, kasama nila yung mga staff sa foundation. Pero mayamaya nandito na rin yung mga yun.” Tumango na lang ako at ngumiti kay Nanay Lidia.

Kumuha ako ng fresh juice sa ref, I was about to put it down on the table when Lia came rushing to me, panting.

“Ate! Ate!” humahangos na sabi nito.

“Oh Lia! Anong nangyari sayo? Bakit parang nakakita ka ng multo?”

“Ate, look at this.” She said handing me her phone.

“And so?” sabi ko sabay abot sa kanya ng cellphone. Aaminin ko, nasaktan ako sa nakita ko. Pero ano pa bang magagawa ko?

“Ate ano ka ba?! Ok lang sayo na ikasal siya?” naiinis na sabi niya.

Huminga ako ng malalim bago sumagot.“ Alam niyo lahat ng mga nangyari noon. I don’t want those things to happen again. I want him to be truly happy, even if it means letting him go completely, I will gladly do it.” I said with a smile. But no matter how hard I try to hide what I really feel, I know, based on their facial expressions that it’s not effective at all. I remember what my mother said once, “Para kang tubig nak, kahit na anong kulay pa ng bote ang pagtaguan mo, I can still see right through you.” I can’t control my tears anymore. Naramdaman ko na lang ang pagyakap sa akin ni Nanay Lidia.

Sabi nila kailangang masaya ka sa new year’s day, kasi kung malungkot ka, magiging malungkot ang buong taon mo. Pero paano ka magiging masaya kung paggising mo, mukha nga ng lalaking mahal mo yung makikita mo, pero kasama naman niya yung babaeng ipinalit niya sayo?

Entertainment Headline : New Year Bell’s or Wedding Bell’s?

“Sexiest Man Alive is Finally Tying the Knot”

Mikhail Orel Alexeev, a multimillionaire doctor is finally tying the knot to the women which he calls his “lifesaver”, Jennah Collins. She is a neurologist from New York City and is one of the hottest doctors in town. The proposal happened last night on New Year’s Eve at the Time Square in front of hundreds of people. Rumors are spreading that a baby is on the way.

To an ambush interview we had last night, Mikhail said that Jennah is the most amazing woman he ever met in his entire life, of course except his mother. Jennah in return thanked Mikhail for giving her the most precious gift she can ever have. A family.

The wedding date is not yet finalized but the bells will definitely be ringing this summer.

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