The Alpha and Aurora

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Chapter 32: Doubt


"Have a wonderful day, Aurora," Ace declares, attempting to mock Everett with his deep tone and the way he calls me Aurora.

"That's not what he says."

"What does he say then?"

"Try not to hurt yourself," I say in a mocking voice of Everett too, rolling my eyes after.

"Aw, what an adorable farewell," Ace jokes before getting out and popping my car door open before I can.

"I can open my door, Ace. Now everyone is watching."

"You're my Luna, that's like being the fucking queen. Queens get their doors open for them. Plus, Everett told me it's better to be close to you when you leave a car just in case you fall. It's apparently the prime chance for you to tumble and I don't want my head, literally, bitten off." He grabs my bag out the back and places it in my hands with a bright smile. "Try not to hurt yourself, Aurora." Then he just scurries off.

"Where's Everett this morning?" Bethany asks, eyeing up Ace asks he drives off, sending me a bright smile and a bow of a head like I'm a queen. He's taken to calling me the Luna already, even though Everett hasn't marked me.

"He's running errands," I reply, ignoring the stare of Jax beside Oliver and Freya. He actually hangs around with Oliver now, attempting to get closer to me, I think. Or maybe he's moved onto his next target by now. After Everett threatened him, he backed off a little, taken by surprise. But he was soon back at it, flirting with me in class, despite my numerous warnings. Maybe he does want to lose a hand. Everett did not look like he was joking when he said it.

"If he told you that, it's not a good sign," Oliver taunts as we enter the school. "Errands are vague. Vague is what you use when lying but you don't want to lie to that person. He's probably married or something."

"She would know if he was married," Skye states, rolling her eyes.

"My mom dated this married guy for six months before she found out he had a whole other family who just thought he went on business trips," Jax explains.

"That sucks for your mom," I mumble. They don't know anything about Everett and why is it any of their business? Well, why is it Oliver's business? I understand Jax, he wants to discredit the guy and get with me. I understand my friends who want to be supportive and who get to know about my life. But Oliver is in a relationship and isn't my friend. Why is he trying to mess with my relationship? Out of loyalty to Jax? And for all their trying, it will never work because I live with Everett, I sleep in his bed, everyone in the pack knows I'm his soulmate. And if he is keeping secrets, anything that doesn't involve me is probably none of my business at this time. Especially since I'm hiding something massive about myself. But I just don't understand it myself. I wouldn't know what to tell him, and I don't want to freak him out. I love him.

"Have you actually been to his house? Or does he always go to yours and take you out? If he doesn't involve you with his life and job and family and tells you he's doing errands, he's definitely hiding things," Jax states with a smug smile.

"I got dropped off by his friend this morning," I reply with an expression that says 'what the hell are you talking about?'.

"Friends don't count. They're normally in on it."

"In on what? Anyway, I know his aunt, I'm friends with her. And I've been to his place. And he doesn't have any other family."

I trip over a book on the floor and almost fall face first if it wasn't for the shoes keeping some of my waning balance. The faint chuckles of Jax and Oliver can be heard behind me.

"She's cute but she's clumsy as shit. You don't really want that, do you?" Oliver whispers, I'm guessing to Jax behind me. I turn around and give him a glare.

"You know I can hear you, right?"

"Why would an older guy want to date you? You're like a little child, falling over everything, including yourself. He must really like playing daddy," Oliver comments, leaning against the locker and getting a light jab in the ribs by Bethany.

"Well, he calls it Aurora-proofing. Like my shoes and the stairs and the bed and shower. He makes it so I don't hurt myself. But our relationship is none of your business," I sass, which makes Oliver raise his eyebrows in amusement.

"See, she's hot," Jax comments and I furrow my brows. He turns to me and reaches out to touch me but I flinch back. What's he doing touching me anyway? Everett made it a rule, asides from Ace and Lucius. And honestly, I can live without other guys touching me. "He's really brainwashed you. Just because he tells you no one can touch you, you do it?"

"Stay away from me, okay? He trains twice a day, fighting and running and lifting weights. He can follow through with his threats," I warn him before backing away from all of them and off to class.

I would have thought that would get me a few hours away from Jax, but here he is again.

"What does that mean?"

"What does what mean?" I question.

"Does he hurt you?" he whisper-asks, looking at me intensely. "It's hard to tell whether he's hurting you or you're just clumsy."

"He's not hurting me," I exclaim, although now seeing how he could have thought that. I was just warning him to stay away. "I just want you to leave me alone. I have enough to deal with without adding you to it."

"I'm a problem to you?" he asks with a sly smirk. "I'd only be a problem if I was affecting you."

"You are. You're distracting me from school with your constant flirting or whining or just staring. Will you knock it off? Everett's my soulmate. There's no way I'm ever leaving him. So you can try and get some other poor unsuspecting girl."


"Is that all you got from that? It's like, when I speak, the only things you hear are the words you want to hear," I complain.

"Soulmate. He really has you brainwashed, huh?"

"No one has brainwashed me."

"Errands," he says with a small chuckle. "Oliver's right. Guys never say they have errands. Shit, who uses the word errand? He's lying to you. It's probably something like he's cheating on you." He's not cheating on me. But he's right, errands are pretty vague. "Why don't you text him?"

"I don't own a phone."

"You don't own a phone?" he asks, actually shocked. "No wonder you wouldn't give me your number. Your parents don't give you one?"

"I don't have a dad and my mom's strapped. So, no, she doesn't give me one. And I live in a tight-knit community. I don't need a phone."

"You are the only teenager I've ever heard say that, ever," Jax remarks. "Everyone needs a phone."

"What would I do with it? My free time is spent reading or at an orphanage I help out at or with Everett and anyone I want to talk to is either at school or lives around me, in walking distance."

"So it's easy for him to control your life? He or his friends take you to school so if he doesn't, you're not going. He lives near you, so can go to your house whenever he wants. He's bigger and stronger than you so he can do whatever he wants. That's insane," he states, leaning back in his chair and looking at me. It's not insane. He saved me when I had nowhere else to go. He takes care of me, looks out for me, cooks for me, Rory-proofs for me. I love him.

By the end of the day, I'm stressing like crazy about this 'errand' thing. They got into my head. If it's work, Everett just says that, and it usually happens in his office or around the pack.

I get outside, Jax hanging around me again, along with Bethany, Oliver and Skye. In my opinion, Bethany seems to be hanging around me more since I've come back, maybe because I'm dating an older guy and she thinks I'm cooler and boy-crazy like she is. Plus, she loves the gossip, and me dating a mysterious older guy is good gossip.

When I see Everett's car pull up, I stroll over as he gets out, deciding whether to ask him or what I'm going to ask him.

"Hey, little one, get hurt today?" Everett asks, raising my arms and checking me for any visible bruises or scratches.

"Where did you go today?" He glances up at me, furrowing his brows at my tone.

"I had errands, Aurora. I told you this morning."

"What errands?" I question.

"I'm confused. What is this?" he questions, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him so we can speak more privately. "Aurora, why am I on trial?"
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