The Alpha and Aurora

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Chapter 39: Freedom


"Are you just going to carry me everywhere? They gave me a wheelchair for a reason," I complain, staring up at Everett as he settles me on the kitchen counter for breakfast.

I've been home one day. After the accident on Friday, Everett insisted on taking me home quite soon and now, Sunday, he's still carrying me everywhere. I haven't even used my wheelchair yet.

I doubt he'll ever let me return to school. He's terrified he'll lose me. Thus, he plans to be by my side all the time, so he can prevent any danger coming my way. But against Nemesis, I'm not sure even he can protect me. Sure, I'm safe inside this pack, beside it's powerful Alpha, but Nemesis isn't of this world, which means she's probably powerful. Although, if she's so powerful, how am I not dead already? I'm not powerful, I'm not special, I'm just a human. Achlys said my presence was not right in limbo, or dead. I'm not sure what that means. I'm not sure what any of it means.

And now, I'm supposed to act paralyzed, at least for a while. My legs are broken, as is my arm and ribs, but I'm no longer paralyzed. But recovery doesn't miraculously happen, especially not to weak little humans like me. And over a shorter time than should be possible, my bones will fix also. I predict that within the week, I'll be healthy once more. And that is impossible for a human, maybe even for a wolf.

"You're not using that deathtrap. You'll probably get hurt again if you use it," he scolds, pressing a kiss to my lips. The pack has been a little restless since my accident, some claiming that I shouldn't be their Luna. I haven't even been named as his Luna officially yet, but there hasn't been time with everything that has happened.

I died. Again. Not the first time, or the second and definitely not the last, although that may be approaching. Even the name Nemesis doesn't fill me with security. She wants vengeance for something my birth parents did, whoever they are. Maybe I can find out before I meet her, and find out about her.

But, that's only if I can get away from Everett long enough or research discreetly. He allows me to visit the orphanage, but only if he accompanies me.

A few weeks later, with Everett on my last nerve with his hovering, I sit, bored, in his office, having read the same book in my hand five times. Pretending to have two broken legs and a broken arm is incredibly difficult and it makes me dependent. Although, Everett's happy to do so. He's more than happy to help me shower and change. He tries to hide his grin but I know it's there. It's the mate bond. Like I know he knows I'm bored and fed up.

"Everett, can we do something?" I plead, pouting at him in hopes of getting my way. "The kids wanted to go to the mall and I need an outing. I'm trying to regain the use of my legs in these leg braces."

"Leaving the pack? I want you to be safe and safe is in the pack," Everett states. I pout even more, appealing to the side that wants to please me over my safety. But his protective nature of Alpha and my mate overwhelms everything else usually.

"Alpha, please." I flutter my eyelashes flirtatiously and remove a button on my shirt. He just stares at my hands on my shirt, taking in a breath. "Please." I work my way down the shirt until it's completely open so he can see my bra. I bite my lip and lean over towards him.

"Aurora... Stop it," he warns, clenching his fists in an attempt for his control to win over his lust.

"Stop what?" I ask innocently. I would walk over to him if I could. Well, I can, it just wouldn't be the smartest move. I was given leg braces that I can actually walk with a few days ago, and a brace for my arm too. But it doesn't look sexy to hobble over to him.

"And I thought you were a good girl, little mate. Fine, we'll take the kids and go to the mall. But if I tell you to do something, like if I decide I should carry you, I'm carrying you and you have to deal with it. Yes?"

"Yes," I squeal, excited. He rolls his eyes and stalks over to me, picking me up so my legs are either side of him and attacks my neck with his mouth.

"You should be in trouble for that but I liked seeing my innocent little mate trying to get her way by seducing me." He brushes the hair from my face under my shoulder and smiles sadly at me. "I just want you to be safe. I don't mean to make you upset with me, little one. But if it means keeping you protected, I'll do it."

"I was hit by a car, Everett. You would never let that happen. I'll be safe with you at the mall with the kids," I tell him, pecking his lips and easing his worry.

All the kids clamber into the SUV Nellie has to take them around. They start singing and jumping around as Everett drives off, almost getting tangled in their seat belts.

"Remember, this was your idea," Everett grumbles as the kids are chatting and giggling in the back.

"I know," I reply.

We reach the mall, constantly head-counting the eleven kids we have with us. At least Orion and Cassidy are older, so there's less to worry about with them. The two little kids grab my hands, steadying me whilst also dragging me along with them whilst the other kids cluster around Everett, their Alpha after all. They like how much time Everett has been spending with them, since he comes with me to visit. And the other kids at school, the bullies, have actually backed off, hearing that their Alpha is hanging out with the orphaned kids. After all, both Everett and I are orphans ourselves, at least I think I am. If Nemesis is after me, that probably means my parents have already been dealt with, perhaps by her, perhaps not. But my mama is missing too, so I don't have any parents anymore. Everett and the pack is my family now.

As we watch the kids outside of a toy store at the mall, Everett buys some milkshakes for us. Before we can sit down, we're stopped by the sight of Oliver and Bethany, making their way over to us.

"Rory, hey, we haven't seen you in weeks," Bethany says, looking at me and my casts pitifully as does Oliver.

"Well, I'm recovering from all the broken bones. They're healing quite quickly though so I hope to be back on my feet properly in no time," I explain with a bright smile to tell her I'm okay.

"When are you coming back to school?" Oliver asks. I glance over to Everett who holds a stern face and I sigh. I do want to go back to school, but I understand Everett's fear.

"Um... I don't know," I reply vaguely.

"Rory!" Orion exclaims, rushing out the shop and grabbing my hand, elated. "There's this toy that's so cool. It's got a controller and it flies. Please can I get it?" I grin at his enthusiasm.

"You'll have to ask boss man. He has the money," I whisper, looking back at Everett who can clearly hear me.

"But you're his mate. Can you ask him?" he whispers back.

"I'll see what I can do." Orion rushes back off over to the other kids

I turn to Everett with a bright smile which he scoffs at. But he nods anyway.

"Who are they?" Bethany asks, furrowing her brows as she looks the way Orion ran off to.

"We help out at an orphanage and those are the kids. They're great and Everett and I are both orphans too so we know what it feels like." Bethany sends me a small smile.

"Rory," Cassidy calls out, taking the milkshake from my hands and sipping. I give her a look but she carries on drinking the stolen milkshake. "Who are you?" she asks to Bethany and Oliver.

"We're friends of Rory from school," Bethany replies.

"Oh, right, the human school," Cassidy says, taking another sip before wondering off to Orion. Human school? Did she really just say that?

Bethany and Oliver just look confused at her statement, but they decide to brush it off. They hook arms as they watch me and Everett's positions next to each other, Everett's arm wrapped around my waist tightly, slightly lifting me with his wolf strength to keep me off my perfectly healthy feet.

"We should be going. Bye," Everett declares without even waiting for a reply. I can't take him anywhere.

"That was rude," I scold.

"No, little one. That was necessary. You're not talking to them anymore. They got you hurt."

"No, they didn't. And I want to go back to school, Everett. I'll wait until I'm all better, which is going to be soon, but I've already missed a lot this year and these past few weeks." He's about to protest but I cut in. "I'm not asking. You can't control me. We're partners, Alpha and Luna, I'm not someone you can just order about. But I want you to be okay with it." He stares at me, assessing my serious expression and the look in my eyes.

"Okay, little one. But you'll stay away from Jax and Eddie. They were the ones who made you fall into the road and they're too... in love with you. Please. That one condition."


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