The Alpha and Aurora

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Chapter 42: Conference


'I bet they found it hilarious when they tried to kick out and kill our mate. They need to pay, Everett,' Chaos seethes, wishing to come out. But soon enough, we're lead into the conference hall for the council and all the Alphas and Lunas. No one else from the packs are allowed to attend, which makes it a more intimate affair, with a heavy layer of dominance filling the room.

I keep a hand on Aurora's thigh as we take our seats, needing her touch to cool me down with all the tingles from our connection and love.

As the meeting starts with sharp stares sent to Aurora, especially from Alpha Nickolas and Luna Victoria, I bring up the first issue, hoping to get the jump on them all.

"I think the law about humans should be changed. It should be illegal for wolves to hurt humans," I state, throwing the view I give them every year out there. Hopefully this time it will stick.

"It's not an important issue," a member of the council replies, like they do every year, ignoring it.

"It's an important issue to me. Wolves don't get another soulmate and another Alpha almost killed mine," I argue with an underlying growl laced in my voice. The council all look over to me, as does everyone else, and then they glance to my Luna who looks perfect and innocent as usual. "The laws state that I'm permitted revenge if another pack attacks a Luna, Beta or Gamma. But Alpha Nickolas over here, does that mean I'm allowed to kill him for trying to kill my mate."

"I didn't even know she was your mate," Alpha Nickolas comments.

"I know. So I would have lost my mate because there is no rule against it?" The plan was to catch them all off guard with the arrival of my human Luna who was attacked because there was no law in place, and Alpha Nickolas couldn't even think to formulate a plan against it.

"Perhaps we should consider new laws for crimes against humans then," one of the council member suggests which makes the others agree. I see a small smile on my mate's face and her hands clasp mine. I couldn't imagine my life without my little mate now. She's the only person that I want by my side. She's beautiful and smart and kind and strong. And there should be a law against what others tried to do to her.

After much deliberating, and many looks sent our way, a handfuls of laws are passed to prevent a possibly devastating crime that could have taken place. And I'm, for once, victorious. My little Aurora must be my good luck charm. I made the meeting my own personal platform for my own grievances. And for the first meeting, dominating it is a great step to gaining control at the conference, something I worked out a few years ago. But I never knew how to do that. So I barely attended and I carried on leading the pack.

We leave back up to our room and I collapse on the bed with Aurora crawling on top if me, smooth small legs on either side of me.

"That was amazing. I love you, Alpha," she purrs, making me fill with lust and Chaos excited to play with her. I flip her onto her back, grinning and pinning her to the bed. "I want to see Chaos again. I haven't seen him in wolf form since you met me." She wants to see my wolf, and Chaos wants her to see us too. I get down from the bed and onto my hands and knees. As the bones click and snap, I hear tiny gasps from Aurora. And Chaos takes full control, clambering back onto the bed and on top of Aurora. She's not scared, not in the slightest. Just dazzled. Chaos licks the mark on her neck, making her giggle and squirm underneath us. "You're so beautiful."

He nudges her with his nose in response playfully and licks her face. She begins to rub our fur, stroking and I think I'm in heaven. She's a fucking angel.

I change back into my human form to immediately kiss her lips, making her gasp and melt into it. I rip her dress off but before I can do anything else, a knock comes to the door. I huff, pecking Aurora before throwing some sweatpants from my bag to cover my naked body at the same time as getting a t-shirt for my little mate to cover her up.

I swing the door open, irritated that Aurora and I were interrupted to whoever is at this fucking door, to see Alpha Bruce, without his Luna, with a smirk on his face.

"You finally did it, huh?" he comments, chuckling a little. "I just thought I'd warn you that even though the council agreed to pass those laws and supported you, not all the Alphas still do. Particularly Red Moon and Midnight Rock. They're attempting the lead the charge at the next meeting to reverse or pass something else that will create a loophole. Of course, I'm backing you, and seven others, but you're outnumbered."

"Not overpowered though. We're strong collectively. But I suppose we need to make a plan on how to start the next meeting." I turn back to Aurora, with Alpha Bruce greeting her once more, and say, "I need to speak with Alpha Bruce and some of the other Alphas. I'll have Ace and Lucius sent up here."

"She can always stay with Nancy if you don't want her to be left alone," Alpha Bruce suggests. Perhaps that's a good idea. Lucius Ace and some of the other warriors are out around the citadel so it would take time for them to get back. But I can't have Aurora unprotected. Of course, we already have a couple of warrior wolves guarding our room so I send them off with Aurora to Luna Nancy and I mind-link Ophelia to go there as well. "I would never have thought you would have a human Luna." I narrow my eyes at him but he holds his hands up defensively.

"It doesn't matter if she's human or wolf. She's strong. She'll make a good Luna. She's newly appointed to the job and the pack is already adjusting well. Of course, there was some resistance in the first week that just fizzled out."

"She seems sweet. You're lucky she was part of Red Moon before. Explaining wolves to an oblivious human is difficult, especially if that human is skeptical and believe we're just myth. Your Luna grew up in a wolf environment."

"An environment that tried to kill her," I add with a slight growl.

"What happened there?"

"I found her in rogue territory covered in her own blood. Literally, her face was covered in blood. I think she slipped in it because there was so much." And because she's clumsy. Alpha Bruce was a good friend and ally of my parents and the alliance has carried through to me. I trust him. And his Luna. Which is the only reason Aurora is leaving my sight to go to Nancy. "She was tired and cold and terrified. She spent the night out there."

"She spent the night?!" he exclaims, clearly shocked. "In rogue territory? She's human. She would get eaten alive."

"Apparently not. It's not the only time she's been mixed up with rogues and perfectly fine."

"That's strange. Maybe she's come across the rare rogues that are actually good," he suggests.

"Rogues aren't good. None of them are good." Perhaps I'm incredibly bias because rogues killed my parents, but rogues choose to abandon their pack or their exiled for a crime. Either way, they have no sense of loyalty. And being alone for a long time can change a person too, makes them selfish and immoral.

"Maybe. But clearly there's some guardian angel over your Luna."

After formulating a plan for the next few meetings with the other Alphas, the next meetings go the way we want them to go over the days. Although the other packs try to tear our strategy down. And even though Alpha Nickolas and Luna Victoria have been glaring at my mate with some stunned shock and confusion, they haven't managed to say anything about it, not that they can now.

When I leave Aurora with Nancy and Ophelia again, I deal with Alphas I heard talking shit about my mate. I won't allow it. She's stronger than any of their Lunas and if they ever try to hurt her, I'll gut them. Once I deal with them, threatening them, daring them to talk about my little mate again, my mind wonders to her.

My mate has always been a mystery to me. Ever since I met her. Yet even now, she still is. Alpha Bruce is right. How is it possible that she's been completely fine all three times she's been around rogues? In rogue territory when I found her, when she followed us out on a hunt and was with Ace, and when she was put in the rogue dungeons. She remained unharmed. And all her injuries, the heal so fast. When she was hit by that car, the doctor said she was paralyzed and may never walk again. She proved him wrong within a matter of days. He probably made a mistake, but all those broken bones, they healed fairly quickly. A month is probably the least time that it could take for a human.

My little mystery.

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