The Alpha and Aurora

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Chapter 6: Interrogation


“What’s your name?” the Alpha asks in a flat tone.

This man called me ‘mate’. Or maybe I was dreaming that. I was delirious after my time in rogue territory.

But I feel this pull to him, his eyes like blue crystals, those eyes that have haunted me in my dreams. How is that possible?

I dreamt of him, his wolf, and now he is here. He’s clearly an Alpha, his dominant aura filling the entire room and instilling in me a control no stranger should ever have over me.

He’s an Alpha. Does he hate humans like Nick? Will he kill me too?

“Rory,” I reply, and his frown grows, those eyes continuing to pierce into me as if he could see my soul, as if, as an Alpha, he possessed that ability.

Maybe I should play dumb and act like I don’t know about werewolves. Maybe then he’ll let me go, even though that very idea pains me as it crosses my mind.

I don’t want to go. I can’t leave him. But why? If he is my mate, it’s the mate bond I’ve heard so much about, this indescribable connection pulling mates together, creating the feeling as if they can’t live without one another.

“Your name’s Rory?” he asks as if confirming that I’m telling the truth.

“Well, Aurora. But people call me Rory,” I respond shyly as his unwavering stare continues. “Where am I?” This question makes him frown even more, I believe he’s contemplating his answer. He doesn’t know I know about wolves. Or he’s not sure.

“You’re in a hospital,” another man answers for him.

This man gives me a hard disgusted glare, the frustrated clear in his expression. If I could guess the cause, I would say because I am human. This man must be his Beta, the sheer force of his brutal personality hitting me.

Another man beside him just holds curiosity with a mix of frustration in his eyes, looking at me as if he didn’t know what a human was.

The Alpha gives his Beta a nod to go ahead.

“Why were you out in the woods?” It appears as though the questioning has been passed off to second command, perhaps because the Alpha wants to carry on creepily watching me as if he were a stalker or some private investigator.

How should I answer these questions? Should I lie? What would be the point in lying? If the Alpha is my mate, he’ll keep me around, I think. And lying to him would be unwise from what I know of Alphas’ tempers.

But I can’t tell them the name of my old pack, or that I died and came back from the dead. My mama told me to share with no one about this gift. They could exploit it, and dying is awful. It feel as though everything is being sucked out of me, and when they slit my throat, I wanted to claw my neck out and my eyes just from the sheer pain.

Dying is definitely not on the agenda again.

“I was banished from my pack. They tried to kill me,” I answer with a slight frown at the memory.

They didn’t try, they did. And they smiled about it.

“Pack? You’re not a wolf,” the Beta states a little harshly.

“My mom was an omega wolf of the pack. She found me in the woods and raised me as her own,” I reply, seemingly unfazed by his interrogation but panicked on the inside.

This Beta doesn’t seem to like me, and he doesn’t even know me.

“When can I leave?” The Alpha’s head snaps up and he stalks over to the side of my bed, looming over me.

“If you know about wolves, you know about mates. And you’re my little mate, an Alpha’s mate. You, Aurora, are not leaving,” he growls, before clenching his fists and storming out in his sudden rage.

His Beta and Gamma follow him out in obedience, leaving me in this hospital room with another woman I had failed to notice with the three powerful wolves in the room.

Her eyes catch mine as they are filled with wonder at me. She’s a wolf too, I know she is, but she doesn’t appear hostile towards me, a human, more judgmental, narrowing her eyes as if trying to figure me out.

“Hello,” I greet a little awkwardly, but this whole situation is awkward. I’m in a whole new place with an Alpha claiming that he’s my mate. And funnily enough, I miss his presence around me already. I push that to the back of my mind as I focus on the woman.

“Hi,” she says, sitting up in her bed and continuing to stare. “Don’t mind Everett, sweetheart. He’s... a very dominant Alpha. He cares about his pack a lot.”

“Everett,” I hum to myself to test it out.

Alpha Everett. Saying his name makes me heart yearn for him, which I can only sigh at. Stupid mate bond. I don’t even know him, yet I want him more than anything.

I have a boyfriend though, which, after dying and coming back to life and running from rogues and passing out numerous times and finding that I have an Alpha soulmate, I forgot.

“Who are you?”

“My name’s Ophelia. I’m Everett’s aunt.”

“Why are you in here?” I ask in curiosity. She doesn’t look injured.

“I’m dying. It’s a wolf disease. My wolf is dying and so am I.”

She’s dying? But... she’s a wolf. She can’t die. She’s Everett’s aunt too. He’ll be devastated, I know he will. I feel that he will.

“I’m all Everett had but now you’re here. You can look after him. I’m happy he found you, even though he’ll be skeptical of the match at first.”


“You’re human. And he’s the Alpha of the strongest and largest pack in the country.” My eyes widen at her words, and acknowledgment crosses my face.

He’s Alpha of Shadow Blood Pack. And if he’s Alpha and I’m his mate, that means I’ll be his Luna, if he accepts me, which is why his aunt believes he’s skeptical of me. I am human after all, and weak. He needs a strong mate and Luna.

“But don’t worry. He’ll see sense.” I give her a small smile and slide my legs out of the bed. I attempt to walk a few feet just to her bed, but trip, of course, and end up falling over her legs onto the bed. I hear her chuckle a little as she makes space for me and pulls me up. “Who tried to kill you?”

“The Alpha and his Luna. They hated humans. Their parents allowed my mama to bring me up in the pack, but their kids took over and soon enough, they kicked me out. But they took me into rogue territory and tried to kill me. But rogues scared them off and they thought the rogues would kill me anyway,” I lie.

But it’s almost the truth. They thought the rogues would eat my body, so there would be no proof of what they did. And there isn’t. My wound is gone. It was like they never even slit my throat with smug smiles.

“That’s awful. So it was just you and your mama?” She asks.

“Yes. And my friends at school.”


“I go to a human high school. The wolves at the pack school would bully me and push me around so my mama put me in a human high school with the permission of the old Alpha. I like being around humans, I feel like I belong there,” I confess to her, and she smiles sadly.

“You won’t be able to go back. You have a duty now, as Everett’s mate. Did you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes.” She grimaces a little and grabs my hand in both of hers.

“He won’t like that, but you shouldn’t lie to Everett about it either. He can be intense, but he is reasonable. He understands that he can’t hurt humans.”

“Does he hate humans?”

“No, he doesn’t hate them. He believes in coexistence. He likes that humans don’t know about our kind, so we can lead private lives away from them. He’s not like your old pack. Maybe because he’s older than your Alpha. He’s twenty-five, and has already had a good few years as Alpha and also learning from his father, my brother, before he died.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Rory. Just look after Everett. He’s like a son to me. He has lost his parents and now he will lose me too. I only have so long. I want to know he’s in good hands. I can tell you are a sweet girl with a kind heart. He might not know it yet but you are what he needs.”

“I’m not sure that’s true. He’s an Alpha. He needs someone strong. I’m probably the clumsiest human alive. I tripped just walking a few feet from my bed to yours. One time I caused a riot in the halls of my school. I accidentally fell into someone who pushed a girl whose boyfriend was temperamental and punched the guy I knocked. Then all the guys started fighting with each other over in that part of the hall.”

She chuckles at my confession but then shakes her head.

“Trust me, you’re exactly what he needs.”

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