The Alpha and Aurora

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Chapter 7: Tour

“The Alpha told us to show you around the pack,” the Beta declares as he marches into the room like he’s on a mission. “And also to move you into the pack house.”

“The pack house?” He huffs and rolls his eyes at me whilst the Gamma nudges his friend to stop his disgusted reactions.

“Into the Alpha’s room,” the Gamma finishes, a blank expression on his face.

“What are your names?” I question, standing from my hospital bed, stumbling over air as I waddle over to them.

“I’m Ace and the Beta is Lucius. I’ll tell Alpha that you’re still unwell,” Ace declares.


“You can barely walk,” he replies, steering me back into the bed without touching me.

“I’m not a sheep,” I mutter, frowning at his attempt to herd me into bed. “And I’m not unwell. That’s how I normally walk.” I slip on the now clean sneakers beside my bed, holding on for support, and then flash the wolves a sweet smile as I herd them out towards the door.

Lucius gives me an unwavering glare, paired with his scowl, and Ace seems amused by my actions.

But both reluctantly walk out the door, leading me through the halls, despite their snickers at my slips.

As we make it outside, the sun hits my skin fiercely, knocking me on my behind before I can even blink. Disregarding my estimations of their expressions, I slouch in my position by the entrance of the hospital.

“Are all humans this... clumsy?” Lucius sneers.

“What is she doing on the floor?” a familiar voice roars, his footsteps on the ground like a beater on a drum as he marches over to me.

I look up to meet his eyes, which are filled with fury and confusion. But it soon quells as he glimpses my shy smile, and he sighs.

“She can’t even walk. She’s like a toddler,” Lucius insults, but immediately regrets it as Everett’s scowl returns, directed towards his Beta. “She’s fallen at least ten times from her hospital room to here.”

“I can’t help it,” I mutter, staring at Everett’s face.

He’s the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, his broad muscled shoulders and chest showing his value of physical strength. He’s double my size, making me feel as if he could squish me between his thumb and forefinger. His shirt clings to his abs, so defined that they bulge through the material. His dark features are complimented by the sapphire of his eyes. There’s so many emotions in them, full of longing and doubt and frustration and serenity.

How can so many conflicting emotions be displayed all at once?

“I’m sorry, Alpha.” The need to apologise overwhelms me, as if I needed to apologise just for being myself. But he looks disappointed in me. Disappointed that I’m his mate. I would be too.

His hand reaches out to mine, and as if they were made to lock with one another, my small one fits with his large one. The sparks diffuse throughout my body just at the touch of his rough skin on mine. He tugs me towards him and onto my feet. His expression appears conflicting just as his eyes, squeezing my hand but attempting to look away from me.

“I have work I must do,” he declares, dropping my hand and hurriedly turning back the way he came. And my hand is left with this lost feeling, the vacancy of its other half making it grieve.

“He’ll do what’s best for the pack,” Lucius tells me as he notices the dazed expression on my face, staring after the way the Alpha went. My eyes snap to his, my heart dropping as if I’m missing the biggest part of myself.

He’ll never mark me. He’ll do what’s best for the pack, and he’ll eventually reject me.

Lucius and Ace begin to walk ahead, expecting me to follow behind, which I do but in a stumbled manner.

“Will I get to go to school?” I ask innocently and I hear an instant chuckle from both of them as a reply. And they don’t choose to respond with their eloquent words. “I’m seventeen. I want to finish school,” I advocate. They slow a little so that they stroll either side of me and I’m presented with their amused faces.

“You could be Luna of this pack, and you’re talking about school?” Ace questions with the quiver of humor in his voice.

“Yes,” I state with certainty and furrowed brows towards both of them. But it receives another laugh and a roll of the eyes from Lucius.

Whilst Ace points out different buildings, such as the school, the library, the bank among many others, I attempt to listen simultaneously with trying not to fall over again, which I think I’m doing well. It just takes a bit of attention.

When we arrive at the pack house, they had clearly mind-linked the wolves to clear out of here, maybe to not see the embarrassment that is the Alpha’s mate.

I guess he can’t introduce me as anyone if he doesn’t know what place he’s going to give me. His masculine scent and dominance engulfs me as we step into a room I assume to be his. Instant serenity and calmness washes over me as I brush my fingers over his sheets.

“You’ll be staying in here for most of your days. I sleep down the hall, as does Lucius and the Alpha’s study is marked ‘private’. So that means, unless he allows you in there, you don’t go in there,” Ace explains in a harsh tone.

In result, I just nod.

"It's just you three who live here?"

"Yeah, but some pack members go in and out. And meetings in the big hall-like room downstairs," Lucius answers.

They immediately leave like they would get infected with human disease if they spent a minute longer with me.

“This can’t be any worse than my last pack, who killed me,” I say to myself with a small chuckle.

It’s strange, knowing I have this world-changing gift. They had killed me. They didn’t just try. They actually killed me. And now I’m here, alive, having found my mate.

I want to call Freya, or Eddie, to let them know I’m okay. But I never had a phone anyway. And I would be dead now anyway. And it’s not like I’ll ever see them again. Everett won’t let me finish out my year at school, with my friends. I’ll be surrounded by pack wolves for the rest of my life unless Everett decides otherwise.

I fall back on his bed, slipping off my shoes and curling up on his bed, finally allowing myself to breathe.

If Everett does accept me, he can protect me from Nick and Victoria. But they did kill me. They slit my throat. And I don’t even have a scar for it. They would be suspicious of that if they saw me. And they would see me, if I become the Luna of this pack. They think I’m dead. Maybe it’s better to stay dead, to start a life somewhere else, to make Everett reject me so I can leave.

But Everett... I can’t do that. He’s my mate. I already feel like I need him and I have no idea who he is and what he is like. But since he’s contemplating whether he should accept me, despite the mate bond, he clearly cares about his pack and the future of it, and I have to respect that. He’s an Alpha.

He has a huge responsibility, and any decision affecting the pack has to be considered carefully and intelligently. He can’t make them on the strength of the bond, even though I know he feels it. And it must take a lot of strength to not fall prey to it instantly, even though I wish he would. I want to know him, and I know he’ll be distant with me, keeping me at arm’s length.

Instead of staying in bed, wallowing to myself and drowning in my own thoughts, I skip towards the door on a mission to explore.

Of course, I fall out of the bed rather, slamming my body onto my side, relishing in the lovely ache it brings.

I’m so used to getting hurt and bruised, I barely feel some injuries. But this one hurts like a bitch. But to be ignored. I need to go.

Is this against his orders? I can’t stay in here forever. I just say nothing about being his mate, as not to anger him. It could make his decision easier and I’m still not sure what conclusion I want him to come to.

I stroll down the street with a couple of glances sent my way. They are wolves and can smell I’m a human after all. If only they welcomed humans.

How would I tell people what I’m doing here? Do I tell them I’m some wolf’s mate. That would only make them curious. Maybe I should tell them the Alpha helped me when I was injured in rogue territory. He did after all. And perhaps that’s all I am to him, an injured little human girl who just needs to rest up before she’s sent on her way.

Heading into the library, it’s almost vacant, asides from a couple of wolves and a librarian who all look my way. It would take me a while to fit in here, maybe never. My old pack never did.

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