Bad Teacher

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Bad Series: #1 [mature content] He's my teacher. My beautiful, intimidating, dangerous teacher. I shouldn't want him. He shouldn't want me. It's wrong. So, so wrong, but why does it feels so damn right?

Romance / Mystery
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I couldn't contain the happiness I felt as I walked into the school with my best friend by my side

"Are you excited?" Logan asked, a small smile small on her face

She knew me so well. She knew that I would be excited

Like a best friend is suppose to

Logan and I had been friends for as long as I could remember. From day one, we clicked. She was the outgoing girl that made guys drop to their knees to beg for even a speck of her attention

She was beautiful. And I'm not just saying that because she's my best friend. I'm saying that because I really mean it. Logan was the perfect height too. Not tall. Not short. Gorgeous brown hair and slightly tanned skin that I often wished I had. With blue-grey eyes that seem to change colour whenever she felt a certain way

I turned to her with a smile. "I think so, I don't know. Maybe this year will be different than last year. I just hope Jake doesn't come back," I mumbled

She sighed, but didn't bring him up after that

The happiness I felt a moment ago, slowly faded away. Why did I always need to think about him?

"I'm sorry baby," she said sadly then smiles. "He isn't coming back."

Rumours. That's all that went around since he disappeared. I didn't know the whole story. I don't I'll ever find out what really happened that night

My thoughts are interrupted by Brandon

"Hey Cas," he smiled, his friends next to him as they walked past us

Brandon Montgomery was one of our schools badboys. A blue eyed jock that enjoyes playing with girls

There's one girl he wouldn't try getting; and that's me

My brother will kill him

His friends, Jason, Brett and Curt, all follow behind him with their greetings

All of which are players. And I've never met badboys that were super friendly too. Maybe it was just me, but they treated me with so much respect around here. Logan including

Sometimes I forced myself to believe that Ashton had nothing to do with this

"He's cute," Logan mumbled, slightly winking at me as they pass

I didn't get to answer

"Hey, Cas. Lo."

I saw his dimples before I see him. Chase Anderson. There was only one word to describe Chase: beautiful. The type of smile that had girls dropping their panties. The type of smile that had girls doing whatever he wanted

His presence made me nervous

I chuckled, nervously. "Hey Chase."

He pulled me into hug, surprisingly. I can't say he doesn't give the best hugs. He even smelled amazing. So manly

"How are you?" He mumbled into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine

I pulled back and looked up at him. "Same ol' same ol'," I said. "And you?"

He chucklex. "Trying to bang as many chicks as possible this year," he said, making me giggle a little

He really was a ladies man

"Hey!" A feminine voice suddenly snapped, making all heads turn to look at her

But everybody already knew who she was

I saw Leeh walking towards us with Jordan and Chloe following behind her. Her head held high as she glared at everyone around her

See, people fear these women. Obviously Leeh's the queen bee and the other two are her followers. She ruled this school

Typical queen bee. She's mean, she's beautiful and she's slept with all the popular guys

Leeh Summers

Head cheerleader. Long blond hair, perfectly curled. Blue eyes. And always wearing clothes that are two sizes too small. Perfectly done makeup. Not too much, not too little

She stopped in front of me, giving me a once over. Her eyes judging my outfit. Then a smirk formed on her face before she burst into laughter, pulling me in for a hug. I wrapped my arms around her, laughing along with her

I'm friend's with the devil. I don't even know how that happened. One would think she'd hurt me as well, but she hasn't. Leeh puts a front up for everybody else to see, but she loved me. She treated me like a sister

"Hey girl. How was summer break?" She asked, her sentence directed to me, but her eyes on Chase

She doesn't like him all that much

Even before she slept with him

He looked at me. "Bye Cas. I'll see you around." He turns around and walks away

She arched a perfect brow. "I don't get why he's talking to you when he knows how your brothers like," she said and shook her head

She's right

Ash wasn't somebody to be messed with. The biggest playboy of them all. The guy everybody feared

"Yeah about that. I don't think my brother would mind," I lied to her

She just scoffed at that, seeing through my lie

"What won't I mind?"

My shoulders tensed at the sudden person joining the conversation. Speak of the devil and he shall appear

My eyes fall on my best friend for help, but she wasn't looking at me

She was staring at Ashton

She hadn't told me, but I knew. I knew that she was in love with my brother. For a couple of years now. Maybe she didn't feel comfortable enough to tell me, but everybody except he could see it

I thought that teasing her about it might make her tell me, but she'll tell me when she was ready

"That Chase is talking to Cas," Leeh mumbled with a bored expression without sparing a look at my brother

I never got it. She was the queen bee and she could get any guy she wanted, but she had never made a pass at my brother. I trusted her enough to know that she knew Logan liked Ash

"What?" My brother demanded, his eyes harshly turning to me. "Cas stay away from that boy. He only sleeps with girls and walks away."

"Ash?" I said, softly. "I'm seventeen. Turning eighteen in two weeks. I don't need you to look after me all the time. And who says I'm gonna be one of the girls in that category?"

He scoffed, his eyes meeting Leeh's. "Hey babe," he said with a smile then laughed when she rolled her eyes at hm

She laughed again. "Hey Ash." She doesn't get to say anything after that because the bell rings. "I'll see you guys around okay? And Casey?" She asked while walking backwards, her eyes on me. "Stay away from Chase."

"Yes mom," I said

She winked in return and walked away

I turned to Ash. "I'll see you around." I placed a kiss on his cheek before grabbing Logan's hand to drag her after me

Throughout the day, I couldn't get any happier

Until Logan said;

"I can't believe the first school day is almost done. Ready for gym?"

"I hate gym," I mumbled

It's not that I didn't like exercise. I'm a cheerleader, but gym was so boring. We never did anything fun. Our gym teacher was about five thousand years old and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know half of the things you needed to do in gym

And he didn't want us, and I quote, "meddling kids to tell him what to do"

She laughed and pulled me into the girls changing room. Both of us settled on a sports bra and some gym shorts. Our usual attire for gym

I'm was still slightly uncomfortable wearing these clothes, but if there was one person that always encouraged me to love the skin God put me in. Logan made sure to remind me that I'm beautiful

I wasn't particularly fat, but I had enough body to make guys do a double take. And it took a lot of convincing for me to finally give in

"Come on. It's not that bad," she said and grabbed my hand just as I was done making my hair into a ponytail

We walked into the gym. By now, cheers and loud laughter was what was heard a lot, but now... absolute silence

Everybody's sitting on the bleachers, nobody saying a word. We took a seat next to a few of the girls and when I looked up I saw Leeh smiling. No, smirking. "We have a new gym teacher," she whispered

"Really?" I ask, frowning

Maybe they finally decided that our vampire gym teacher just wasn't young enough anymore

She chuckled. "Just... look," she said, not looking at me anymore, but at something in front of her

I groaned lowly, but followed her gaze. And standing there, in the middle of the gym, isn't really what I had expected

My stomach twisted strangely as his dark eyes scanned the rows. His broad shoulders and muscled body made him look even more intimidating. Charcoal black hair. Dark eyes. All things that added to the beautiful person standing just a few feet away from me

I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry and my lower stomach twisted weirdly

He looked up and at us. "Good morning," he said

Shiver immediately ran down my spine. Deep. Throaty. There was an accent too. His voice just added to the list of perfection. He looked so serious. "I'm Mr Black. Jacob Black. Call me whatever makes you feel comfortable, but do not mess with me."

I found myself sitting up straighter, my body slightly leaning forward, drawn to him. He took another step towards us. "I'm always on time and I expect you to be too. If you're late, five laps around the field. If you mess with me, five laps around the field. And for everything else? Five laps around the field Got it?" He demanded, his voice calm, yet powerful

I heard my heart beating loud and fast inside my ribcage. What was this? Why was I feeling like this? I can't even be thinking about this right now -- about him. From where I was sitting I could see his full kissable lips

What did he feel like? What did he taste like?

Everybody flinched but I could just stare, captivated

He stepped closer and looked at us. Why did that make him look even hotter?

Stop it Cas. He's your gym teacher. Your older gym teacher

"Any questions?" He asked, his eyes scanning the place. Something inside me prayed silently, begging him to turn this way, to look at me

"Yeah," Chase said and stood up. "What if we don't want to?" He asked and his friends laughed, patting his back in support

And why did I suddenly get this feeling that he shouldn't have done that?

Mr Black smirked. A cold, mysterious emotion passed in his eyes. He looked so beautiful in that moment that I forced myself to look away

"Okay, big boy," he said, smirking a little. "I really enjoy stomping all over people. Which is what I'm going to do with you."

The whole class erupted into laughter. Even Chase rolled his eyes. "I can run five laps," he said and jumps off the bleachers

His friends cheered for him and he smirked, coming to a standstill in front of Mr Black. "Make it 12 laps." That makes his friends laugh even more

"Bring it on little boy," Mr Black said, his eyes never straying away from Chase

All of us stoop up, following the boy's as they walked out and onto the field. I didn't know why Chase was doing this but I have a feeling that his friends had something to do with this. And also because he's cocky

"Go," Mr Black said, almost boredly

Chase chuckles then starts running off. Leeh mumbled something next to me, but I couldn't focus on anything she just said

Mr Black turned to us. "And you guys can warm up," he said

"Why?" Someone asked from behind me

Our previous teacher didn't let us go anything. And now all of a sudden it's an order? And why do I want to listen to every word he says?

He slowly turned his gaze towards the voice. "Because I said so. Now unless you wanna run laps with shithead over there, I suggest you warm up."

With that being said, we did exactly what our new gym teacher told us

"He's such a dick," Logan said, making us chuckle softly

"A very hot dick," Leeh said, smirking. They laugh again. "I'm sure he has a big dick packing all those clothes. Fuck, I can already imagine him in my bed. I can tell he'd make me forget how to spell my name."

The girls laughd again

"Nah," I said

The girls all turned to me

"What?" I asked, touching my toes, avoiding their gazes

"Are you serious?" Chloe asked, pushing her boobs up when she think he's looking

"What?" I asked again and turned around to bend over "Just stating facts."

I knew I was lying but I didn't wanna make it obvious that I might already have a crush on him. He's beautiful. How could I not? If my brother heard about this I'll be dead

Leeh smiled at me. "He is cute... you have to give him that," she said then smirked. "Or you think he's cute but you don't wanna make it obvious."

"What?" I asked, blushing a little. "Come on Leeh. Ew."

There was nothing ew about him

"Okay Cas. Whatever you say," she whispered, winking at me

She could see right through me

"He is kind of sexy," Logan said, making the girls laugh again

"He's not," I lied, again. "Plus, he's our teacher guys. You guys don't really think he's gonna sleep with you right?" I asked, hoping none of them said yes

I didn't know what I'd do

"Am I missing something?" A voice askd and we all jump a little

I turned and almost gasped. My breath actually gets caught up in my throat at his close proximity. He looks even more handsome up close. Full lips and those black eyes with that wavy black hair and those muscles. I swear my stomach just flipped again

"No," Logan said, eyes on him. "Nothing at all. We were just talking."

"Gonna make us run five laps for that too?" Chloe asked with a smirk

His eyes land on her, his face blank. Then his eyes slowly travel over each and every girl in our group, like he's scanning us. His eyes finally landed on me and I almost collapse. He looked at me for a few more seconds then he shook his head. "Don't give me a reason to," he said, his voice just as void of emotion as his face

"He's so damn sexy," Leeh whispered

Sexy indeed

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