Bad Teacher

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2| getting hurt


- his name was on everyone's lips

The girls were swooning and couldn't wait for gym. The guys were talking about how he's an asshole. The female teachers were swooning even more and the male teachers seemed a little wary of him

So basically, everybody had something to say

I couldn't even do my homework. I couldn't get his dark, smoldering eyes out of my mind. His perfectly shaped face. His well built body. He was pure man. He threw that image out there and people received. He walked into a place like he owner it

For the first time in forever I actually wanted to go to school because of something other than schoolwork. Buy because of him

I didn't even know the guy!

A teacher. I kept telling myself that I should stop. I couldn't be thinking about him. But my mind just couldn't. I don't know the guy. I haven't even had a conversation with him, but I'm already thinking of him. And in a very inappropriate way

I'm snapped out of my thoughts by someone repeatedly tapping my shoulder. I turned around and smiled at Leeh who was smirking at me. "You seem... distracted." The teasing tone in her voice made me giggle

I couldn't help it

She arched a brow. "So you're not denying that you're thinking about Mr Black?"

My eyes widened. "What?" I squeaked. I forced myself not to blush. I could t blush. I wouldn't blush. If I do then she might realise that I really was thinking about Mr Black. Which I can't have been doing. I shouldn't

She smirked again. "Oh yeah. I know honey. You have crush written all over that pretty little face of yours," she teased

I looked around to see it anybody was looking at me before I turn to her. "I don't have a crush on Mr Black."

Right? Is this what a crush was? Because I couldn't stop thinking about him. And he only showed up here yesterday. Yesterday. That's obscured. I couldn't have a crush on a teacher. A man that might just be ten years older than me

"I don't like Mr Black," I whispered

Logan's head popped up from next to Leeh

I gasped and almost fell over. I didn't even see her her

"It makes sense. Everybody brags about how hot and sexy he is and here you don't even blink his way. Either you're into girls... or you have a crush on Mr Black."

My mouth fell open and my mind spun around for an explanation but when I couldn't find anything, I sighed in annoyance

"I wouldn't say crush," I mumbled

They shared a smirk

"I'd say... intense infatuation."

Suddenly Chloe popped up. "What?" She asked, pouting. "You like him?"

Chloe was the odd one out, but beautiful. She had blue purple hair and hazel colored eyes that sparkled when she laughed

"I knew it. You so have a crush on him. You know what that means right? Since Casey never wants any guy and she actually decided that she wants an older man, we have to play Cupid," Jordan stated

My eyes widened again. "What? No!" I whisper-yelled

Leeh chuckled. "Jake was an idiot. You didn't even actually like being his friend. You were his friend because everyone was his friend. Now you have this semi crush on the new teacher in school who happens to be very sexy."

"And you've never been interested in any guy. Ever. So now that you do... " Logan said

"So we might as well try," Jordan mumbled, shrugging

I shook my head. "No. He could get sacked if someone finds out. And I could get expelled. No one is playing Cupid. And no one is telling anyone else about this," I ordered

I expected them to agree but all of them just smirked again. I don't think I got through to them. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about my semi crush on him

"Who says someone will find out?" Leeh asked, smirking once again

I knew it

"Guys please."

I was not above begging, but I will if I had to. I wasn't the type of girl go around, looking for trouble. And I didn't want my little crush to have my girls push Jacob and I together. He barely even knew I existed

"I'm sure that half of the girls in this school have a crush on Mr Black. If they can't do anything about it you guys do anything about it. So let it go."

Finally Leeh stepped back

"Okay. We'll let it go."

"But come on," Jordan attempted again

I shot her a stern look

I could see she didn't want to let this go, but they wouldn't go against my wishes

Or that's what I thought

When our teacher stepped in through the door, our conversation immediately died down

And instead of focusing on the lesson, I had a certain unavailable man on my mind

It wasn't like I was in love with the guy, but he was massively attractive. He might be the hottest guy I've ever seen

I saw how the other girls looked at him when he wasn't looking. I wasn't the only one that had a crush on this teacher

I wasn't about guys. I was the good girl. The one with the good grades. The one that my parents want doing good. I would never want to disappoint

I needed to get over this

The next class was the same as the one before. His name was on every girls lips

Lunchtime came. I can't say I knew what was going on, but I knew the girls were planning something. I could tell by their whispers and the occasional looks they threw my way as I was standing in the line

When I got to the table, the subject changed immediately

"Hey guys," I mumbled

"Hey babe," Leeh said, smiling up at me

I took my usual seat and fell into the conversation they were busy having, not having the balls to ask them what the previous conversation was and about

Leeh suddenly stood up. I watched with a frown as she stepped away from the table. I also watched how she somehow tripped over her own feet, spilling the drink that she had in her hands, all over me

I jumped in shocked, gasping as the drink ran down my shirt and into my pants

"Oh my gosh, Cas!" Leeh exclaimed, sounding sincere. "I'm so sorry."

I shook my head after a few seconds of recovery. "It's... okay," I managed to mumble

"I think I got some spare clothes for you that I keep in case something happens," Logan quickly said

It didn't take long for her to hand me a fresh pair of clothes in the locker room. "You can have these."

"We are cheer after this anyway so you might as well wear your cheer outfit. We could ask Mr Black to give us the period off?" Logan suggested

I must have pulled my face, because the girls all turned to look at me with a smirk

"What?" Jordan asked, stepping closer to me

"I'll put my cheer outfit on, but my underwear... it's wet." The girls all looked at one another before laughing. "From your drink," I quickly added when the girls continue laughing at the part where I said my panties were wet

"I was meaning to give you some underwear for your birthday, but I guess I'll give it to you now," Leeh suddenly said, moving towards her locker again

"Why do you have my birthday present at school? And for that, panties?" I couldn't help but ask

She shrugged her shoulders, not answering

While I got into my cheer outfit the girls start undressing

Leeh handed me a small packet and smirked. "If you don't believe me just change your mind. Wearing a skirt as short as that and walking around naked... "

I took the packet from her before I took my cheer clothes. I quickly got undressed before reaching for the panties Leeh got me

And my eyes nearly pop out of my head as the small piece of material hung from my index finger

"Leeh!" I yelled

I groaned loudly when the girls started laughing. It didn't take long for me to figure out that they planned this

"There is no way I'm walking around in this," I stated

"Or be buttnaked," Chloe said and they laughed again

They knew I didn't do this. They knew I wouldn't do this

"There's a first for everything virgin-girl," Leeh teased

They knew it would come to this

I had options; wear wet panties that might annoy me whole day, or wear very uncomfortable, yet dry underwear

I awkwardly stretched against the wall before I put my other clothes in the plastic bag

The girls couldn't stop teasing me as I walked out

"Guys don't make this harder on me please," I begged, already feeling my stomach twist weirdly

And then they still had the audacity to ask me to show them

I shook my head, the panties slightly pulling into places that it shouldn't have been. I couldn't believe that girls actually wore this and enjoyed it. Definitely didn't judge, but it wasn't my thing

Logan chuckled. "Okay, but don't worry. You won't have to practice with us. We'll say you have a broken... something," she said then bursts into laughter. "I don't know what you're gonna do."

"Rather put on your jeans," Chloe suggested, while fixing her hair into a ponytail

"That are wet," Jordan added

I couldn't listen to all this anymore. So I pushed past them, ignoring the laughing following behind me

We made our way to the field, the girls still making fun of me all the way. I forced down every single blush and marched onto the field like there's no tomorrow

However, when Mr Black made an appearance I could actually feel my stomach fluttering. He had that thing. That thing where he wore shirts that made girls eye his muscles and hair that looked so sexy as he ran his fingers through it

"Good afternoon," he mumbled, then turned to us who have our cheer clothes on. "Am I missing something?"

"We don't need your permission, but we're letting you know that we're gonna practice. There's a game coming up next week," Leeh explained

He nodded. "Okay, you girls can practice." Then he turns to the guys. "And in this case you guys can do whatever also. I guess I'll be having an off period," he said with a small shrug, walking off the field

I hid my disappointment and followed the girls as we walked to the far side of the field. I turned my back to the guys and stretched on the grass. But eventually the grass just didn't work well with me. And it becomes worse when Logan tripped over my leg, stepping on my ankle

I groaned in slight pain, eyeing Logan as she mumbled an apology. "What's with you guys hurting me today?" I asked and chuckled softly

Logan stood up and turned to me, concern flashing in her eyes. "Sorry. You okay?"

I tried testing my ankle by lightly stepping on it. It stung slightly but didn't cause too much much. "I think I'll take the bench. You guys can practice without me," I stated, suddenly not wanting to be here

"You sure you okay?" Logan asked, regret shining in her eyes as she stepped closer to help

I shook my head. "I'm fine Lo," I said. "Come fetch me when the bell rings. I won't disappear. And even if I do, I'll probably be fine. You know I won't do something bad. I'm a good girl." I rolled my eyes at my own words while the girls agreed

"You better make up at next practice," Leeh said

"I will," I said then turned around and slowly made my way towards the bench

I made sure my hands were keeping my small skirt down as I walked to the locker room. I almost tripped on the way there but when I got to the door I felt someone behind me. Spinning around I come face to face with...

"Mr Black," I breathed, my heart rate immediately speeding up

I think I forgot how to breath at that moment. I thought Channing Tatum was hot. This man is just hands down beautiful. No. There wasn't any words to describe him. Maybe sexy, and very sexy and very, very sexy

I could feel my stomach flipping once again as his eyes travelled down my body, slowly, before they land on my ankle. Darker eyes had never looked more amazing

"Are you okay?" His voice is deep and low

I completely lost myself in his voice. So I just nod. Then mentally hit myself. Keep it together Casey! It isn't that big of a deal. It's just a man

He frowned. "I saw you limping," he said then pointed down the hallway. "I'll give you some ice for that," he added. I open my mouth to answer, but a shriek escaped me instead as his hands slipped around me, lifting me up

My eyes were wide as he started walking. His hands were deep on the inside of my thighs, making my skin burn and my stomach twist with something intense. I placed my arms around his neck and inhale like some creepy stalker

He smelt like a man. And sweat. It was suppose to be horrible but it's wasn't. I could feel his heart beating against my chest. I perved on the way he breathed. Eventually I just cursed at myself and focused on everything else except how he felt against me

He was my teacher for the love of mother

He opened a door somehow without dropping me. I could immediately see that it was the nurses office. I really liked nurse Katy. She was a middle-aged lady with a contagious smile that made everybody she worked with trust her immediately

When she saw us, her eyes widened. "What happened, Casey?" She asked, concern laced in her voice as she stepped closer to me

"I hurt my ankle," I explained

Her eyes flickerd to Mr Black

"It's okay, Katy. I got this," he said, pushing past her and into a room. He closed the door and sets me down on the bed

I've been here a couple times. Sometimes for when I'm just clumsy and other times for when I wanna help miss Katy

I guess I'm what you called a teachers pet

I watched as Mr Black got an ice pack from the fridge next to the bed and pulled a chair closer to sit down across from me. He took my foot into his, my skin burning where he was touching me. Then he gently placed the pack on my ankle

Once again he was so close to me. So close that I swallowed nervously

I kept watching for a few seconds. And then he did something. Something with his eyes

They slowly dragged up my leg. So slowly that I swallowed again as his eyes darkened slightly. I didn't know why but his gaze bothered me. In a good way. But then he shook his head and looked down again, almost like he was fighting with himself for looking at me

I looked at his hair and my hands itched to run them through it. He really concentrated on my ankle and that might have disappointed me again. Come on, Casey. He won't ever see you like that. Ever

Did I mention that I'm trapped inside a small room with him? And that I could smell him? And that he smelt amazing?

It was his turn to swallow before his eyes locked with mine. Our eyes stayed connected, sending shivers down my spine. I didn't know why but I didn't ever want him to look away from me. I wanted him to keep looking at me

But my wish didn't really go according to plan because he looked down again

"One wouldn't peg you for a cheerleader."

I frowned. "What?"

He looked up, a small smile forming on his face. And that immediately made him look like a whole other person. "Every single teacher I spoke to tells me what an excellent student you are. A good girl. And then I find you in cheer clothes. Now I'm not saying cheerleading equals bad."

I saw his eyes flicker to my legs again

Slowly, I smiled back. And he seemed genuinely shocked when I did

"I like being a cheerleader because it makes me feel free. I like supporting the team when they play. I'm not comfortable with these clothes but it's not like I can protest," I stated

Once again he smiled. It was barely there but enough to make me smile back

The coldness of the ice had started calming me down, soothing the pain in my ankle

He stood up ubruptly, handing the ice pack to me. "Here. Keep it on that ankle for a few more minutes. I'll be right back," he said before leaving the room

I do exactly what he said

And when my thoughts come together I couldn't help but smile. Did we just... have a conversation? It wasn't long but we actually spoke. And he even heard about me by other teachers. He knew me. Wait... Casey. Don't get too excited

I was so distracted that the ice pack falls onto the floor. With that same smile on my face I stood up and bent down to pick the pack up

When the door behind me opened I froze. I slowly stood up straight and turned around. Only to find him frozen against the doorframe. His eyes seemed darker and he looked uncomfortable. I didn't know what he saw but I get this strange feeling it was my underwear. I flattened out my skirt and cleared my throat

And what made me freeze even more was when he turned around. And walks right out of the room, leaving me to stand there

What just happened?

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