Daddy Next Door

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Is it wrong to sleep with your next door neighbor? Nineteen year old Serenity is confronted by her hidden desires after developing a crush for her neighbor. A steamy relationship between her and Tyson Lewis seems so distant, especially considering her desires are so taboo. Will he share her secret kinkiness and teach her the world of submission, or will social judgement keep them apart?

Romance / Erotica
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The Sleepover


Is it wrong that I want to fuck my next door neighbor? This, unfortunately, is a sad rhetorical question considering the twelve year age gap that separates us. I just turned 19, he's 31. I'm not even a legal adult yet, but shit if that doesn't make me want him more.
I sat on the couch, drinking a can of Mike's Hard Lemonade and watched him out of the corner of my eye. He's picking up logs for his fireplace, the hot Georgia sunlight reflecting off his bronze skin. He looks as good as ever, light layer of facial hair lining his perfectly toned face and dark brown hair, shaved on the side and longer on top. Even in a simple white t-shirt and jeans made me drool.
He moved into the house next to mine 5 weeks ago, and ever since the first week, I became addicted to his good looks. I'm captivated by the way his lips move as he talks to the other neighbors and family members (including his 3 year old son) and ex-wife who comes to the house every other week for Jack to be with her for a week.
I hate that I feel this way, but I can't help it. If only he wasn't so irresistible, then maybe I would manage to maintain my good girl behavior and ignore my thirsty desires for him. But, despite my addiction to him, there's something about him. Something seductive and dangerous, making me want to get on my knees and please him in whatever ways he would desire. Hell, it wouldn't be my first rodeo. I dated my cousin's friend who was 4 years older than me and every time we were together for the 5 years, the sex was constant. I knew the guy since kindergarten and he asked me out when I turned 14. It sounded insane to have a boyfriend so soon, but the boy was so addicting, there wasn't one day that we weren't together until I caught him 6 months ago in one of best friend's bed. Carrie and I were friends for 18 years, but the bitch had the audacity to do that to me. After Victoria urged me to end the friendship with her after it happened, I didn't do it for 2 and a half months until they both pushed me over the edge, seeing them together, so Victoria is really the only true best friend who I have. Wyatt tried to get back with me but I told him to fuck off.
But despite all that drama, I know I couldn't get into Tyson Lewis's bed. It would be so wrong.
After finishing my drink, I went into the kitchen to throw it in the trash and get my fourth one. You'd think parents wouldn't allow their kid to drink, but my dad didn't seem to mind a bit. He let me taste my first drink at a New Year's Eve party 2 years ago and ever since, I'm addicted. My mom probably wouldn't appreciate it, but since it's just him and I, I prefer it that way. I can't quite call myself an alcoholic but I don't have an issue drinking when I need it.
Today was certainly the occasion to get a buzz. I picture Tyson every night whispering in my hear how bad he wants to fuck me, how much he wants to pull my hair as he takes me from behind and make me moan so loud that the other neighbors would here, even with the windows closed. All my fantasies go into overdrive, especially when I'm drunk. Wyatt and I had plenty of drunk sex over the years. I might consider myself an addict because of how much I got some everyday.
I'm 99.99% positive he'd top off as the best lay. Someone touches my shoulder, breaking my train of thoughts. Damn it, who's distracting me now, I... My heart drops to my feet as I turn around and see Tyson. I hold back my cheeks from turning red.
"Hello, Mr. Lewis."
He rolled his eyes. "Serenity. You should know by now. Please stop calling me by my last name."
"But it feels proper and I..."
He presses his finger to my lips and whispers, "Tyson."
I nodded. "Are you enjoying my dad's party?"
"What about your mom? She..."
But he stops. "Sorry."
"Don't be. She left us when I turned 3. Drugs and alcohol were more important than her daughter and husband."
"I shouldn't have though."
"I prefer it this way. My dad and I have a really tight relationship. My mom never gave a shit, but I don't care. It was a long time ago."
"Well, to answer your question, I am. But I'm heading back."
"Already? It's only 9 and it's a Saturday night."
"Nichole took Jack this weekend, so I get to have some peace and quiet. Besides. I'm sure you're tired."
Seriously? I'm 19 freaking years old. Not 4.
"I'm a night owl. I can't sleep worth of shit."
He nodded. "Well you know... you can always come over to my place if you can't sleep."
I'll be in the same house with him, just the two of us?! I'll want to fuck him. I shouldn't.
"You can have my bed, I'll take the couch."
"If I can't sleep then sure."
He smirked. "Good."
As I went into the house, he stopped me. "Serenity?"
"I'd tone it down on the alcohol tonight."
You're not the boss of me!
I shrugged.
"Just some friendly advice." He flashed me the smile that I love. Is this his way of flirting with his 19 year old neighbor? I can't turn this down, but is it a good idea for him to do this?
I watch him walk away and I head up to my room, throw away my fourth can and get a fifth one from my mini fridge. I have 20 stocked up so I got plenty.
After a shower, I grabbed the can of alcohol and put it on my nightstand. I shut my light off and grabbed my phone, scrolling through Facebook. I chugged down the drink and grabbed another one. Maybe he's right. I should tone it down with the alcohol for the night. I'm on drink number six.
Jesus, Serenity. After an hour of going through another drink, I fell asleep for 10 minutes then woke back up. I look at my phone and see that it's 2:30. Tyson's offer of staying with him keeps flashing back in my head. I want to, but I shouldn't. I'm drunk as hell and all I'll want is for him to fuck me. Period.
After thinking, I decide to go to his house. I quietly got out of bed, and opened my bedroom window out to my balcony. I have a small ladder I always have tucked in under the balcony that my dad never notices so I opened the window, grabbed my phone and climbed down the ladder, feeling the cold metal against my bare feet.
Tonight was unusually cold for Atlanta. It's usually nice all year around. It had to of been 45 degrees. I feel a raindrop drop on my head. Fuck me.
I go up to his door, and press the doorbell. Here goes nothing.
After a minute, the door opens and I look at the man standing in front of me. His t-shirt clung to his muscles so well, and his sweatpants covered the area where I wanted to look. His eyes roam my body head to toe, and his pleasant posture transformed into a possessive gaze.
"Am I still okay to stay here?"
"Of course. Follow me." He leads me up a set of stairs and into the second room on the left. My jaw drops when I see how big his bed is. He'd have plenty of room with me.
Tyson starts to talk and it startles me. "You can take the bed. Let me get a blanket from the closet and I'll leave you to sleep." I can't help but to stare at him. God he's so fucking sexy. I want him in ways I know that I'll never be able to have.
He turned to look at me and noticed I was staring at him. "Can't seem to keep your eyes to yourself?"
He smirked. "Don't worry. I've felt the same way."
I raised my eyebrows. "Well goodnight. Sweet dreams."
As I finally drift off to sleep, I immediately dream of him:
"Suck my dick, baby."
"Yes, daddy." I take every inch of him in my mouth, enjoying every bit of it. "You taste so good."
His hands gripped the back of my head, pushing me deeper until he's all the way in the back of my throat. I used to have a gag reflect issue but after years of giving Wyatt head, I got used to it.
"Do you like sucking my dick, baby?" I nod, enjoying myself.
He grabs my hair and pulls me up to face him. He leans in and starts kissing my neck, making me moan as he takes all of my clothing off, caressing my breasts.
"Turn around. On all fours."
I get onto my hands and knees, and feel his hand slap my ass, leaving red hand-prints.
He lifted me up until I was on my knees and started kissing my neck again. "Do you like it when daddy leaves marks on you?"
I nod.
"Lay on your back." He's so demanding. I love it.
He devours me like his last meal, never losing eye contact.
"You taste so good, Serenity. Cum for me."
I feel orgasms shake through my body as he devours me deeper and faster.
He forces himself out of my grip and forces me to look at him. "You've been a naughty girl, I told you not to cum."
"But, you just..."
I feel his hand slap me again, making me shut up. You just told me the opposite 10 minutes ago, asshole.
"I.... I'm sorry." Sorry, not sorry!
"I forgive you."
He hovers himself over me, and looks at me as he slides all the way in, watching my eyes roll back. "Oh my god, Ty..."
"It's Daddy in bed."
I nodded. I'm pushed over the edge as he fully lets go, each thrust harder and faster.
"I'm gonna cum, oh my god! Daddy!"
My shoulders shake as I'm about to cum. "Wake up."
What the fuck? It isn't clear what the hell was going on until I opened my eyes and see Tyson's face filled with concern.
Oh god. Did he just see the whole thing? Fuck.
"Were you having a bad dream?"
More like the OPPOSITE!
"Are you alright?"
I nod, completely speechless.
"You sure?"
"Y-yes." I'm angry as hell that you woke me up!
"You don't look fine. Your skin feels hot too."
Because I was sweating while you fucked me in my dream.
"I promise. I'm fine. It was just a dream."
"What was it about?" Instead of telling him, I show him. I reach up to grab his face and kiss him with a strong force, our lips colliding.
He's still for a moment, clearly in shock of what I just did. Soon after, he doesn't pull away. His kiss is desperate, yet commanding. My dream is dull compared to this moment.
My hands drop from his face and went I reach for his sweatpants, he stops. Did he not want me? Was I too young?
He takes a deep breath before saying, "Serenity, it's not that I don't want you. I do, it's just that you're too delicate for what I'm into. I don't want to scare you away. You don't understand how bad I'm restraining myself from fucking you right now, but I can't give you what you want."
"W-what do you want, Tyson?"
"Someone you can bring home to your father, someone who can take you out on dates without people judging. Someone you can grow old with..." he trails off, his tone stern.
"What do you want?"
"Honestly? If I said it, you might not look at me the same."
I feel somewhat pained at how disgusted he seems to be at himself. And the thought of him wanting me sends me over the edge.
"If you want to know about my dream, I dreamt that you licked every inch of my body to the brink of orgasm and I called you daddy as you did it. You seemed shocked but I've been fantasizing about you got weeks... ever since you moved in. And ever since that day I've felt this way, craving you. God, you must think I'm a silly girl with daddy issues, but I'm not. I don't even know what's wrong with m..."
My venting is cut off as his lips connect with mine. Was he not disgusted with me? I gather that he isn't. This makes me sigh and loosen myself into the kiss.
He releases my lips and pulls back to remove the covers from my body, which is shadowed by his muscular body. Everything happens fast, and I struggle to keep up. He has my clothes off in seconds and I'm pinned down under him.
"There's nothing wrong with you," he quietly whispers in my ear.
His lips softly kiss my neck and I arch to give him better access. The gentle kiss makes me tremble. I want him so bad.
He licks from my collarbone to the arch of my breast and looks up at me.
"What do you want?"
"No. What do you want?"
"I-I want to be fucked by you, daddy."
He gives my nipple a final lick then rises with a grin and pushes my legs wider, kneeling between my bent legs. He looks hungrily at me and smiles.
"Whatever you want." He slowly slides his tongue inside me, each stroke deeper and faster.
"Fuck." I closed my eyes to savor the feeling he's giving me right now.
"Like it?"
"Please. I want you inside me."
He hovered over me and as he kissed my neck, he slowly slid inside me, making me moan each inch that goes inside me. Each thrust is faster and rougher, making me want to cum but he ordered me to wait and begging for him to not stop.
I wrap my arms around his back as he fucks me but he takes my arms and pins them up towards my head.
"Keep your hands there. I don't want to see them move. Or else."
He looked at me with both lust and yet he was so demanding, I loved it.
He pushed me over the edge, feeling my body tremble. I needed to cum. "Can I cum, Daddy?"
"Yes," he whispers. Orgasms ricochet through my body until I finally let go.
It wasn't too long afterwards until he came next. He breathes heavily and falls to the side of me, exhausted from giving me the roughest sex I've ever had. I worry that he'll leave me but I can't do anything about it because I'm just as tired as he.

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