Daddy Next Door

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Wet Dreams


Territorial is an understatement of how I feel. That may have something to do with the gorgeous image of Serenity's body bent over our bed. She's so beautiful but the emotions are half of what I even feel for her.

Her calling my Daddy and letting me do whatever I want to her is something I only dreamed of but now that I have a living version of my miracle, I can't stay away from her.

This moment has been coming for a long time now. I can barely even remember how many times I spanked her over the past few weeks. Punishment is one of the things that needs to be gently taken care of in a relationship. I wanted to wait for her to ask for it. To beg for it, but I can't wait any longer.

I slide the belt off and take it to a whole new level. The selfish side of myself has released itself. The redness I leave on her is just breathtaking, especially when she loves the pain. The way her body moves for my touch is so intoxicating that I want to drive her wild. Making her beg is too much effort and time consuming.

"Put your arms around your back," I command. Since this is her first time, this position will bring the pain and pleasure out of her. It's something I've done a lot for the past partners I had, but this is ultimately up to her whether if she wants tonight to happen again or if the pain was too much for her to bare.

Her hands folded across her back as instructed without any protest. "Good girl. Now. Close your eyes."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Do you like it when Daddy spanks you?"


"Are you ready for the next level of spanking you?"


"Do you trust me, Serenity?"

"I do. Very much."

"If you're scared and want me to stop, I will."

She already sounded nearly breathless. "Okay."

I lifted the belt and smacked her, causing her to flinch. "You okay?"


She moaned in either pain, lust or both as I continued to slap her and took my other hand, sliding a finger inside her. "Do you like this?"

"Yes, please don't stop."

I slid my finger out of her and took my boxers off, sliding my erection against the surface of her insides.

"This is what you do to me. Beg for me, Serenity."

"I want you. Please."

"Please what?"

"Please daddy."

"My cock is your best friend, baby. He'll give you whatever you want and whenever you want."

As I slapped her again, I tortuously slid inside her slowly.

"Fuck, Daddy. Holy shit."


I slapped her five more times, causing her to moan.

"Do you like when Daddy hurts you?"

"It stings, but feels so damn good."

I smiled and kissed the back of her neck while I banged her brains out.


Once we both finished, she was exhausted and weak.

"I could stay like this all day, everyday with you. You're my kinky little girl. Something I can only dream about."

She turned around to face me and interlaced her fingers with mine.



"I love you... I don't know what the neighborhood would've been like if you didn't move in."

"Quite dull and boring. Until you came into my life."

"You're amazing."

"So are you and guess what?"


"Serenity... I love you too. Those are the words I wanted to say to you for months, but I didn't. I wasn't sure if you loved me back or not."

She smiled. "I wanted to say it too."

"You did?"

She nodded. "For months. I wanted to be your dirty little secret."

"I don't want you to be my secret anymore."


I stood up and took her hand. "Get up and get changed."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

We both put on decent clothes and got in my car. I've been planning this date for months. I've never taken anyone here before, not even the mother of my son.

We parked at a small overlook of the city with a few cars parked away from one another and I took her hand, laid a blanket down and sat down.

"Where are we?"


She sat down next to me and I felt her shiver.

"It's cold out."

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. "I'll keep you warm, baby."

"Why are we here?"

"This is a special place. I've never taken anyone here before. It's known as a pretty popular attraction in the city."

"Why me?"

"This is our first real date together. And I don't care who sees us."

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