Daddy Next Door

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Delgato is back, and his demeanor of not taking shit is still something he's held onto. "Tell me what you've got."

The meeting was setup for the Jacobs case. The day started early. I left Serenity in bed before the sun even raised without saying goodbye, but I knew it was for her own sake. I would've cuddled with her all morning, but this was very important.

The office meeting took place in the main building. Security was one of the many things that provided money within the area, others being for investigation work and more legal cases.

The Jacobs case is huge. There's a legal case at the end of the tunnel and we were being paid to make that case against him.

Stuart, who I've worked with a couple times sits across from me and answers, "So far we have information that Jacobs is making money on the cheap forced labor in other countries and shipping in items from illegal companies."

Delgato rolls his eyes and sits back in his chair. "We need more than that. Hell, half of the most popular companies in the country are doing that."

"Yeah. And it's already hard enough convicting these corporations who have many different trades. If they sniff out our case, they'll cut all ties, making it harder for us to make a case against them."

Shepard looks around the table. "Difficult or not, we've still got something. We just need to make sure it's secure."

"How do you propose we do that?"

"Hard work. Not like you've ever heard of that before, Lewis, but it's when you put a lot of effort into your job with good results."

"Fuck you."

"Regardless," Delgato slams his fist on the table. "Stuart, you can make some type of timeline. Every location of Jacobs, where he is, and where he's even going in the future. We need to know who he talks to, where his money goes and what business he gets into."

"Who do we use for that job?"

"Larry." He's the main computer guy who's able to successfully look through every file of everything and everybody.

"You need to dig deep into his money activity. Where the money goes. His company money is most important, but his house account may be where the money is."

I nod in agreement. "Meaning you need to make sure if there's been any illegal accounts."

"Jacobs may have connections with firearms as well or any things like that."

"Where are you getting this information?"

"I've been talking to Carl for a few weeks and keep a close eye on some of his purchases. He's had some meetings with Jakub Schneider every other week."

"Carl tried to set Serenity up with his son. I've heard of him. I'll kill the bastard if I have to."

"Lewis, if you can't keep a level head in this, go back to Kane and continue with your previous job."

Ignoring him, I fire back, "Why wasn't this the first thing mentioned?"

"I don't have anything concrete yet. All I know about are the meetings. I haven't been able to hear what is said or been able to get close enough in. It's all a gamble."

Delgato shakes his head and frowns. "We need to find a way to find out, right?"

"We need to maybe bug him?"


"Can't we get his daughter to help us with that?" Shepard asks.

"We're not putting her at risk like that."

I can't have Serenity get involved with this. "There's other options. I know Carl and I know he would have no intention putting her in danger if he wont his."

Delagato sighs. "We'd need to make sure she was protected. We wouldn't give him a single chance to find out for himself."

I don't give it a single thought. "No. End of discussion."

"I agree with Lewis on this one. If it involves local gangs, getting an innocent person involved could end real bad." Shepard says in support of me.

The boss sighs and said, "The alternative are some secret operations."

"Or we could find where the meetings are and bug them before the meeting?"

Delgato seems impressed and nods. "That's also a valid option."

"Send me the addresses and I'll go and take a look at the end of the week."

Serenity and I are in a relationship which part of me wants to keep this open to a conversation. No lies or hidden information. But then the part of Serenity that is so innocent would be affected with all of this shit involving her father.

I need to keep her safe. I feel somewhat incredibly selfish doing this right now.

Once I get home, I notice a difference in Serenity's behavior. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." her reaction to me walking in the house has me feeling very on edge. Suspicious.

"Follow me."

Serenity follows me and as I motion for her to sit on my lap, she pulls out the chair next to mine.



"What's wrong?"

"Honestly. Nothing."

I picked her up, despite her protest and placed her on my lap.

"When you sit with me, we talk whether if you or me get angry or disagree with the other person's conversation, we don't leave until we have our worries out in the open and figure out how to solve the issue. How does that sound?"

"Okay." She sighed before saying, "I got a job."

"A job?" I looked at her with a shocked expression on my face. "I didn't know you were looking for one."

"I wanted to contribute more."

Just as I try to argue, she interrupts me. "And don't look at me like that. I know you want to take care of me and although I like when you take care of me, I want to be your partner as well. To be an equal part of the employment aspect."

I nod. "I understand why you're worried. But I want to provide you with safety no matter what."

She looks up at me with a blank facial expression as if she feels overwhelmed.

"You can work, but I want you to keep school smart. If it stresses you, I want you to trust me. Okay?"


"Where'd you get your job?"

"It's nothing big, it's just a retail job in town and the hours are pretty easy and flexible, considering the rest of my exams approaching."

"Good. I'm proud of you. What have you been doing all day?"

"Looking over my Law exam."

"You'll do great, baby. I'm sure of it."

"Thank you. You seemed... distressed when you came home. Why?"

Should I tell her? I know I shouldn't but I need her to trust me. "Work is just stressful. I usually make risky decisions, but now that I have you in my life and you're an important part in my life, some decisions are herder. Today was an example."

"Okay? More details please."

"I don't know if you want all of them."

She rolls her eyes. "I hate when you're short about things. I just feel like you don't trust me."

"You're so stubborn sometimes."

"Don't change the subject, Tyson."

"Fine. We have a case on your dad that we're working on. That's one of the reasons why I had to keep some things hidden. I joined the case after I met you. Not before. I took on the case in a selfish manner. To make sure your father gets what he deserves."

"Is that what the file is that you left on the kitchen table?"

I nod.

"I want to know everything."

"I don't know if that's a good id..."


The way she looks at me makes me heart melt. Sighing, I try and find how to start.

"Is it really that bad?"

"It could be. That's what we're trying to figure out."

She shakes her head and looks down. "I can't believe it. Well, I can. There was so many things going on in that house that I was suspicious of, but I never had the guts to find out. Now, it's all confirmed in a 50 page file." She shakes her head in shock and continues reading.

"I know it's a lot to take in and I can understand if you're mad at me, and that's okay. I can only ask that you don't tell anyone about this."

"You can trust me."

"I know."

As she reads through the paper and asks about some things, I finally say, "I'll find out whatever I can, Serenity. I promise."

"Thank you."

"Of course."



"I love you. So much."

"How much is so much?"

"A lot."

"How much is a lot?"

"You have no idea."

"You know how cute I think you are?"

She shrugs. "I suppose."

I hear my phone go off and look at the screen. It was a message from Shepard. Hey man, wanna go out for some drinks?

"You can go."

"I'd rather stay with you."


"Do you want me to come along?"

"You want me to meet your friends?"

"Of course I do." It's about damn time that they meet the most wonderful woman in my life.

"Okay." She lightly presses her lips to mine.

"Clothes off. Now."

In seconds, every layer was on the floor.

Trying to get my jeans off was quite difficult.

"Hurry up, Daddy." She helps me slide my jeans down my legs then my briefs. Since she's doing a good job at it, I let her do it.

"I need to be inside you."

She nods. "I want it."

I adjust myself so I'm all the way inside her, causing her to moan.

"That's my girl," I whispered.

After both of us came, we stood up to rearrange our clothes when she asked, "Are you sure you want me to come?"

I nod and kiss her forehead.

We were an hour late.

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