Daddy Next Door

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The next morning, I left Tyson's house before he woke up. A part of me just wouldn't have been able to handle it if he rejected me after the amazing night he gave me. And it had been the most amazing sex I've ever had.

I can't help but still feel his hands on my skin. I haven't gotten through much of my Psychology research paper for the last 3 hours I've been working on it. The library is dead silent, almost unbearable.

I sighed and shut off my laptop to store it away with my books in my bag. As I step outside, the hot heat hits me immediately. It's got to be at least in the high 90s today. It's nearly excruciating heat but I should be used to it by now. I've lived in Atlanta for the last 16 years. I went to the side of the building where I had my bike locked up with many others.

I needed to get out of here. The amount of summers I'd spent riding my bike down these same roads ; it was a bundle of memories as I passed by each and every house. I made many friends on these streets, but most of the people moved away and moved on-specifically from my family.

My household has felt differently lately. I love the relationship I have with my father, don't get me wrong but I felt in some ways, my father had certain standards applied for me. He most of the time viewed me as his good little girl (even though he's okay with me drinking). My memory from last night changed that. If he even hears about it, he'll ship us back to California.

I feel like I get judged at school. The only one who doesn't judge me is Victoria. She's been by my side always. I got yelled at from one teacher because the shorts I wore one day made me look slutty. No one else gets yelled at or punished, except me. I tried to talk to the school officials about the harassment, but they did nothing about it. Like always. The only thing keeping me together at school is Victoria. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have any friends. Carrie was always around for me as well until she slept with my ex. After finding out about that shit, I cut her out (which it was hard at first, but felt so rewarding afterwards).

My mom caused my claustrophobia before she left. She always judged me about everything. Thinking back to her, it's brought out the rebellion side of me. A side I never thought I'd have until I got heavy into the drinking and what I did last night... Well, that simply brought out my kinky side. He provided me with every need possible.

I wondered if that was why I slept with Tyson. As a slap in the face to my parents (mainly my mom, although she couldn't care less now). I mean shit, the bitch hasn't even called me one time.

I remembered one conversation that Tyson had with my dad that he worked for a huge security company in Atlanta, and though I was always interested in his job (I don't know why), my father always wanted me to be with a man who could help him get a connection in the stock markets (boring, right? It's by far the most boring conversations I have to listed to when he's with his friends. I love him but it makes me want to bash my head on a brick wall).

I pass Tyson's house and ignore the need to see him again and ask if he'd want to fuck me again. My dad would kill me if he knew I'd done it once (although last night made me feel closer to Tyson).

Nothing is easy in life, especially thinking about temptation. It always finds a way to kick you in the ass.

"Serenity!" I hear a male voice and immediately recognize it. Next thing I know, as soon as I heard the voice, it startled me. With my luck, I lost my balance and before I can save myself from falling, I fall on my stomach. I can feel the brush burn already as the bike then topples down and lands on my leg.

I don't have to wait long until I feel strong hangs grab my shoulders and pull me up.

"Are you okay? Where are you hurt?" Tyson asks, clearly concerned. "Let me take you inside so I can look at your leg."

Fuck me.... He doesn't give me a chance to argue as he lifts me into his arms.

He takes me into his house and walks into the kitchen, sitting me down on top of the counter while he looks for a first aid kit. I look down at my legs and see how badly cut up they are.

"Here it is." He walked up to me and grabs an antiseptic wipe and he bends down to analyze my legs, then I look at him, noticing that he's scowling. Is he angry at me?

"I'm sorry for scaring you. It wasn't my intention."

"It's okay."

"Does this hurt?"

I keep my mouth shut as he looks up at me. "I apologize again, then. I was just trying to get your attention so we can talk about last night. Why did you leave this morning?"

"I didn't know if you'd want me there."

"I did want you here."

I feel guilty now that I left. I thought it was the best thing to do. We hooked up, that's all it was. No emotions involved.

"I enjoyed last night and I want it to happen again."

"I don't...." I took a deep breath. "I don't think it will happen again. If my dad found out, we'd both be up shit's creek."

I notice his eyes start to harden. Whenever he was around me, this seemed to happen and it made me pissed off at myself.

"I'm sorry I keep making you angry at me, I seem to always continue to do wrong things and make you sad. Maybe it's for the best if we didn't so you can find someone else who can make you smile and laugh all the time, who you can have a real relationship with and go on dates with..."

"I want to get to know you, Serenity. Don't tell me you didn't feel that connection we had last night. You reacted so quickly when I played with you. The sounds you make are stuck in my head and every time I close my eyes, they rewind in my head."

He took a deep breath before continuing to talk. "This morning, I was expecting to wake up with you here. And when I felt you weren't here, it felt like a piece of a puzzle was missing. I enjoyed having my arms around you. You're so small and cute, you make me want to never let you out of my sight. Tell me you don't want that, Serenity."

"I-I can't." I wanted him so bad, but I couldn't.

"Can't or won't?"

"Both. For your sake."

"Don't worry about me. I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself perfectly. Why don't you let me handle the consequences? You'd be worth every single damn one."


"Serenity..." He stood up and kissed me.

His lips are so intoxicating. I need to stay away, but I can't.

"Spread your legs for me."

"Tyson, I..."

"You'll be punished if you don't."

I allow him to open my legs and plunge two fingers inside me, followed by his tongue. "Oh God."

He smiled. "You taste so good."

"I can't handle this another second."

"You better if we're going to do this more often."

"I suppose I should step up on my yoga and Pilates to keep up with you."

"Well, I want you in every position you can manage."

"No pressure then. I should probably get going. My dad will be waiting for me."


The next week passes by in a flash. Every chance I got to sneak away to be with Tyson, I take it. Whenever he wasn't at work or had his kid, I always see him. I felt like a horny teenager all over again. Well, I kind of am one, but I think my traits have been rubbing on him. Maybe I was a bad influence.

We fucked in every location of his house. I also have had time to cuddle with him and get to know him better after every session of rough sex.

He grew up in England until he was five, then his father had a promotion to be a consultant at an electric company in Atlanta. When he turned fifteen, he became extremely devoted into being part of the security company and now he is acting as a bodyguard for people to hire. He fits the part perfectly with his strong, toned body.

"I've also been in the military. It was only for a short period of time, but it was during a major hard time in Syria." The look in his eyes made me not want to ask any further questions about it. I knew he would tell me at some point, I refuse to ask him about it though.

This past week has made me care for him so much that I doubt I could give him up. The week also involved my dad coming home from a business trip that he had been on for the past 2 weeks.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV, drinking and texting Tyson when my dad came in the door. I quickly sent the text, shoved my phone in my pocket and smiled. "Hi dad."

"Hi Serenity."

"How was your trip?"

"Good. There is also someone I'd like you to go to dinner with this weekend. I told one of my bosses that I had a daughter and he expressed his soon would like to meet you. Make sure you're free Saturday after 7."

"I've already made plans," I lied.

"Well then, cancel them." There is strictly business in his tone. This boss must be very important to his business. But I couldn't do that to Tyson. Even if our relationship were a secret, I would know, and I would feel guilty.

Plus, I doubted this date would be anything worthy of attending. Probably some snobby, rich asshole. Not my type. He's not Tyson. I refuse for the first time, to my dad.


"What did you just say?"

I gathered all my courage and stood my ground. "I said no."

"I put food on your table, clothes on your back, a roof over your head. You damn well owe me! When I tell you that you're spending an evening with a boy whose important to my business, you sure as hell are. Do you understand me?"



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