Daddy Next Door

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The Proposal


I was deeply regretting how I'd let myself be manipulated into going on a date my father arranged without my permission. I hardly put any effort into how I looked tonight and I wasn't out to impress anyone. I was simply doing what my father told me to do.

Sitting in the car while he drove me to the restaurant I had wished something would happen that would mean the rich preppy boy had other plans, more exciting than sitting at a meal with a girl he didn't know?

None of that happens though, and soon I find myself entering the fancy restaurant, being seated by a pretty blond. My "date" is late. Brilliant for first impressions. I ordered a drink and sigh. Apart from the odd looks I'm getting from everyone wondering if I've been stood up, I actually don't mind being stood up that much, It just means I get to daydream about Tyson which is becoming my favorite person.

I wonder what he's doing. He said that he'd be working late tonight. He never really discusses what he's doing at work that much. It makes me feel a little useless. I'd like to be the one who he talks to when he's worried about things.

I think I need his care for me means that he doesn't feel comfortable telling me about his stress. A level-weighted relationship is what I need, and he does so much for me that I feel I want to give back.

Into my third cocktail, I feel a hand grip my shoulder making me jump. I spin around and am shocked. "Tyson?"

He's dressed in an all black suit and white shirt. So sophisticated. On the top pocket of the blazer is a tag labeling him 'SECURITY'. I look at him suspiciously, questioning why he was still wearing his work uniform while coming here.

"Wh-why are you here?"

"We should talk."

"What's wrong?"

He sits down across from me and he orders a drink. As he takes a sip of his whiskey, he covers one of my hands with his.

"The man that your father arranged for you to meet tonight wasn't a very nice man."


"A year ago, I was assigned to provide security to his family. One of the parts of the job means that I get to know their secrets too, considering I'm watching them throughout the day. I got to know some sickening things about them, that you really don't need to worry about."

He shakes his head of a bad thought and looks back at me.

"What is it?"

"Knowing your father, who's supposed to be looking after you, would let you sit through a meal with someone like that. Your father hit you.

"I can't let you stay in a house like that. As soon as you told me what happened, I wanted to make you move in right away, but I had to arrange some things first."

"What happened to the guy who I was supposed to meet? Why didn't he show up?"

"I had a word with him. He won't bother you anymore, I promise. When I say he's done disgusting things, I mean it. They are truly disgusting. So... You're moving in with me."

"M-move in with you?"

"Please. I can't let you stay in a house where nobody seems to not care about you. It worries me."

It doesn't sound like an awful idea. It would literally be next door. Part of me however, wished that I would be further away to prevent neighborhood gossip. That was something I never got into. Moving in with the next door neighbor would definitely create gossip.

Was staying there a good idea though? I try and think of some advantages. I'm over 18, and I need to live my own life that isn't dictated by anyone but me.



I nod.

"You have no idea what that means to me."

His proposal means everything to me. So I do know how it feels.


Tyson drives home with me proudly sitting next to him in the passenger seat. He keeps one hand on my thigh and the other on the wheel.

As soon as he pulls into his driveway, I plan to pack my things, with anger at my father for putting me in the potentially dangerous situation all because of looking good for his company. One good thing I'm getting out of this is Tyson.

"I'm so excited to move in with you."

"Me too. Because guess what?"


"I get to fuck you whenever I want. You'll be in bed with me every morning and night, I get to come home from work and see your face. I can finally have all of you."

"Well, I hope I won't start to annoy you."

"Doubt that, sweetheart. You're far too beautiful for that."

"Should I get my stuff now?"

"Yes. I'll come with you."


"Your father's car is parked in the driveway."

He thinks my father is going to get angry? I can't argue with him. We get out of his car and he follows me into the house. I can't believe I'm actually moving.

He doesn't greet me, meaning he's probably sleeping. I lead Tyson up to my bedroom.

"Where's your bag?" he asks as he closes the door.

"Closet. Top shelf."

"Sit on the bed and I'll pack for you. You don't need much, I'll get someone to pack all of your things later."

I flop down on my bed and tell him what I want to bring and what I want to leave behind. The only thing that makes me feel at home is my teddy bear on my bed.

"Where do you think you're going, Serenity?" A harsh voice comes from the end of the hallway and I look to see my father.

"She's coming with me, Carl."

My father scowls at Tyson, a look of pure hatred on his face. "The fuck she is." He walks towards me as if he's about to grab my arm.

"Take another step and I'll call the cops and tell them how you hit your daughter. Or I could call the woman's husband about the affair you've been having with your secretary, bastard. You brought Serenity into this when you're supposed to be protecting her!"

"You do this, Serenity, and you're not coming back."

"Why the fuck would I want to come back here, around you! You only care about yourself and your image. I can't keep letting this shit happen in my life. You don't even love your own fucking daughter, dad. How pathetic."

"You'll look real bad being with a man older than you."

"He's nicer to me than you EVER were! So fuck you! I'm leaving with him and I'm never coming back." I grab my stuffed animal and Tyson grabs my bag. I push past my ranting father and leave the house.

"I'm proud of you."

I hugged him.

Me too.

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