A second to none: the beginning

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Green is her first memory. Born in a country full of nature and peace of mind, a Buddhist at heart, with a rebellious nature. This is a story about a girl’s life journey. Full of love and hate, rich and poor. Her thoughts, mentality, happiness and sadness. Some of the ideas in this story are based on real characters and real events that really happened. Sleeping at 8 pm and waking up at 6 am sharp was her childhood’s daily sleep schedule, setup by her parents and followed by its tiniest details or a punishment was in place. Born as an only child and the norm that follows it, of toys and gifts was not found here, to say the least, her parents were strict. She does not fully understand that even to this day, looking back at her mother and how she was, does not give her the full picture of this dramatic change in her mother’s lifestyle. Part of her next life’s journey is about escaping this awful reality that was forced upon her. Sadly, not knowing what she was about to come to. From one prison to another. I have not spent that much time with her to tell you every tiny detail of her life, the truth is I barely know her, but you can tell a lot about a person if you notice the little reactions or actions behind everything they do. I know enough that I can visualize how the past was not that kind to her, how behind everything she does, a story.

Romance / Drama
Majd Eddin Habbal
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A second to none: the beginning

A second to none: the beginning

Author: M.A.H

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