A Gang Owns Me

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Dinner. 2/ Girls

“I don't know anything, now sop getting on my case!” Rowan yelled back.

“How about both of y'all stop getting on each other's cases and let the rest of us enjoy the food. Appreciate it.” I interrupted Mr. Adan from saying anything further, “Even Rosie is acting better than you two and she's four. Goddess!” I hit my forehead with my free hand. I felt everyone staring but I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck. I grabbed another spoonful of rice and placed it on my plate eating it angrily.

It was tense and silent as everyone began eating once more. It was silent until we got up and headed to the kitchen. I was still holding onto Rosie when I went into the living room to see Rowan and Mr.Adan arguing once more. I was wrong earlier. This is the actual definition of Bullshit.

I zoned out playing with Rosie when I heard Mr. Adan say my name.

“The people around you aren't untouchable. Look at Belladonna.”

I stood up and walked closer, I heard Mrs. Adan gasp and Destiny scold her dad, “What makes you think I can't take care of myself, Mr. Adan?” The room grew deadly quite, “Do not underestimate me or Rowan, got it?”

“Rowan, can you hurry up and pop the question?”

“MOM!” as everyone else laughed Mr. Adan and I glared at one another.

“Has she met the girls yet?” Destiny asked.

Girls? Who are the girls?

Rowan shook his head no, “She’ll meet them once they come back from vacation. Bella will be joining the gang after her training.”

“Say sike right now,” I called back to Rowan not breaking eye contact with Mr. Adan. “I'm serious. Once the girls return you'll train with them and officially join.”

“You can't make her join Rowan,” Destiny said standing up for me. “Watch me.” Rowan said coldly.

Suddenly Mr. Adan’s phone rang and he picked it up before slamming it shut. “Manny’s family just received the body. We're going to have to cut things short here tonight.”

I got in the car and started putting my seatbelt on. When Rowan stopped me, “What's up?” “You still have my niece in your arm.” “Dammit. Destiny I almost stole your kid again. I'm so sorry.”

Destiny laughed, “This is the second time you've done this. The third time I might as well let you take her home.” I handed over the sleeping toddler and get back in the car.

“So, you're a kidnapper?” I punched Trent in the shoulder from behind and rested my head on Kay’s shoulder.

“Why'd y'all freeze when Mr. Adan mentioned Manny?” It was an innocent question but they froze again.

“We killed him.” Keith said.

“Oh. Oh that makes sense.”

“How are you ok with that?” Kay asked.

“1. I didn't see it and 2. You guys are a gang. It's something I'd expect at some point. Who are the girls?”

“A couple of the only girls in my gang. They were the original three girls to join. I send them off to do more sensitive missions. You'll meet them soon enough. Rowan answered.

I don't remember falling asleep and I certainly don't remember going to bed next to Rowan. I rolled off the bed and headed towards the bathroom to calm my nerves. Ugh, I fell asleep with my mascara on.

I took a hot shower and change into a black sweatshirt with gray sweatpants. I turned around in the mirror and shook my ass. My ass is getting bigger.

I snuck out and headed downstairs to see three women. They were surrounded by luggage and all types of bags.

“Hello?” The three women snapped their heads towards me.

“Hello, you must be Belladonna. The new girl who's joining the crew.” The black woman in the group said standing up.

“Yea I guess so. I'm sorry I don't know any of your names. Rowan told me about y'all last night. Are you hungry? I can make breakfast.” As on cue all of our stomachs growled. I laughed and headed towards the kitchen to get started on breakfast.

I settled on making breakfast hot dogs, so it's just home fries, breakfast sausage, bacon, and eggs scrambled and fried paired off with toasted hot dog bread.

“Where did Rowan find you? You're a godsend. Oh where're my manners. My name is Ayana.” She had dark brown curly hair, dark chocolate eyes, and chestnut-brown skin.

“My name is Josephine, I prefer to be called Joey.” She had waist-long blond hair (it's styled like Yuko Gasai from Future Diary), wide chestnut brown eyes, and golden medium skin.

“My name is Beatriz, yes my name has a z at the end.” She has wavy light brown hair with her ends dyed blond, chartreuse green eyes with a star marking slightly to the left of her right eye, and warm tan skin.

I heard footsteps and saw the guys coming down.

“Bow down to Queen Bella for making breakfast!” Kay shouted running into the kitchen fixing himself a plate.

“I see you got to met the girls. Girls, you know what I want, see to that it happens.” All three saluted as Rowan fixed his own plate.

“Belladonna, have you ever fought someone?”

“Yes and I'm skilled in gymnastics, Taekwondo, Mai Thai, Wrestling, and I can use almost any weapon.” I stole a piece of bacon off of Rowan’s plate as I answered.

Kay and Trent stared in horror, “Why?!”

I shrugged, “I was picked on a lot for having lesbian parents and my older sister is a loudmouth. I wasn't the best looking girl and I was an outcast from my peers. If someone wanted to fuck with me I made sure they learned a lesson. Also, I find it absolutely fascinating when someone bigger than me thinks they can kick my ass, but when I break something they cry like a little bitch.”

“You're the devil, Belladonna.” Kay and Trent said hugging each other.

“Nah, just living up to my name. Should we begin practice at 9 am tomorrow. I want to be considerate of you guys, I don't mind waking up at the crack of dawn though.” Stealing another piece of bacon from Rowan’s plate.

“Rowan you need to marry this girl. What the hell? She's amazing!” Joey exclaimed. The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement.

“You guys ignored my question.” I huffed out.

“Oh sorry, dear. 9 am works perfectly. See ya tomorrow darling.”

I twirled a knife in my hand before putting it away. What should I do now?

“Bella guess who's hereeeee!” I turn around and see Kayanna at the front door. “Kayanna why are you here? Not that I'm complaining.” I ran to give my older sister a hug, Let's go out by the lake. We can talk there.” On the way to the lake, I bumped into Keith’s chest.

“Short stack watch it.” He said as he glared at me. Just as I was about to retort Kayanna beat me to it.

“Who the fuck do you think you're talking to like that? Just cause you think you're hot shit don't mean you can talk to my baby sister that way. Fuck you it was an accident.” Dammit, Kayanna why do you do this?

I was tense and prepared to fight, but that wasn't the case. Keith looked over my older sister and his eyes darken, “I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going either. Excuse me.” What the fuck? Those are more words than I've ever heard him say to me AND I LIVE HERE!

“Bitch we definitely gotta talk now.” I continue to drag her to the lake and we spent hours just talking and laughing. It felt nice to reconnect with my best friend.

The time came too soon for Kayanna to go back home to our parents. At the front door, we hugged once more and she whispered in my ear, “If Rowan does anything use the present. I love you.” “I luv you too.” We let go of each other and she left. I headed upstairs and jumped on the bed then face planted on it and fell asleep.

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