A Gang Owns Me

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I woke up at six o'clock, three hours before I was supposed to start my training with the girls. I got up and stretched before silently walking to the bathroom to start the day. I picked out a black sports bra and black sweatpants and black sneakers.

I slid down the railing of the stairs and started stretching. I opened the door and started running around the house, blasting my music in my headphones. It was slightly dark outside but I had to train myself to see in the darkness more accurately. I stopped to catch my breath and I finally checked my phone and saw that it was 7:30. I should head to the gym.

I head back inside and head to the basement and noticed the weighted jump ropes and other items. I took the leather jump rope hanging up and started skipping. I crossed the role trying to avoid messing up cause if I do it'll hurt.

After 30 minutes I turned to the weights and grabbed some preparing to do burpees when I was interrupted by a voice.

“Jesus, how long have you been up?” I turn around to see the girls.

“I woke up at five and did a few laps till 7:30 and I got in not too long ago... I think.” I lost track of time. I don't even know where I put my phone. I shrugged and placed the weights back on the rack.

“So what are we gonna do?”

“Kay and Trent were right. You are the Devil.” Joey said while holding out her fingers in a cross.

“I model myself after the plant I was named after. Atropa belladonna also known as Belladonna the deadly nightshade, which is also a deadly poisonous herbaceous plant. If I want to remain deadly then I have to work hard and now I have to work harder than I have before.” I said touching my nightshade tattoo, “Come on Rowan will probably expected us to have started by know. Let's get to it.” The other three girls nodded.

They taught me a few ways of escaping holds and using anything insight as a weapon. I truly enjoyed it, I learned a couple of new things, so can't complain. Till Keith came in to fuck everything up.

“Whats up Keith? What brings you down here.”

“Rowan is making me fight against Belladonna. He feels like she's holding back.” Fuck. You. Rowan.

“Tell his lazy ass to come fight me himself. Cuz ‘he feels like I'm holding back.’” I mocked.

“You're stuck with me. Suck it up.” Keith said taking off his leather jacket. He cracked his knuckles and charged at me. Fuck Rowan. I'm still going to hold back.

I rolled out the way and started hopping on my toes. I flipped forward sliding under him and pulled his feet from beneath him. He landed on his face and I quickly got back up took his arm in my hand and pulled it back while placing my knee onto his back.

“Tap out or I will break your arm.”

“You're bluffing you don't have the guts for that.”

“I do. I just have respect for you so I'm not breaking your arm. I'll settle for breaking your nose though.” With that, I slammed his head into the matted floor before getting off of him.

“You're insane! No one in the crew has ever been able to beat Keith less than threaten him or break his nose!” Kay yelled as he came running into the room.

I ignored my curly head friend and turned to Rowan, “Next time I fight anyone in this house. It's going to be you, Rowan.” I found my phone and brushed past him storming off to our room.

I kept my headphones in as Rowan walking into our room. I pulled the blanket from the bed to floor to create my own warm, fuzzy caterpillar roll on the floor.

This would the start of the longest silent treatment I had given anyone. I actually felt bad for breaking Keith’s nose, but at the same time he lowkey deserved it for his attitude, and how he looked at my older sister.

I ended up going to a spare guest room and staying there during my silent treatment towards everyone. I left only when I was really hungry or some times I ignored it and Kay would bring me something to eat so I didn't starve.

Keith was right. I didn't have the guts to break his arm, but I sure as hell made sure I broke his nose. You see when I was younger I got into a lot of fights. There was a fight in particular that made me want to stop fighting altogether.

It was the end of my senior year of high school and I was finally growing into my looks. My hair was to my butt, my acne cleared up, I didn't wear braces anymore, I had contacts but I still liked wearing my glasses, and I was no longer as chubby as I used to be. I still had a little belly cause I love food.

Everyone would stare at me in the hallways in disbelief, some girls even looked jealous and good cause I wasn't a plastic bitch and that should never put down the ugly ducking, you never know when they'll spring up.

I was confident, proud, and kind. Everyone loved me I thought it was funny cause they were the same one's who laughed and made fun of me. There was this one girl in particular who was mad, Carrie Margret.

She was someone I ended up fighting against a lot, but that year would be the last time she ever bothered me. One day she followed me to a park my friends and I were going to. I thought it was a coincidence so I shrugged it off. I was talking with my friends when my hair started getting pulled and I started getting dragged.

I ripped my head from whoever was dragging me. It hurt but it had to be done. I rolled onto my stomach and saw Carrie dropping strands of my hair. I wasn't in the mood to fight but Carrie wasn't giving me much choice. She was kept charging at me and at some point, she got on top of me and began choking me, but I wrapped my hands around her throat and pushed in her jugular notch. She rolled over kneeling trying to catch her breath. I kicked her temple harder than I intended and the back of her head hit a metal pole.

She stayed there unmoving, not breathing, there was blood everywhere. I heard whispers and shocked gasps. I yelled for someone to call for an ambulance. I thought she was going to die. I was terrified. I had caused this. All the blood that surrounded me was Carrie’s. I just stayed there with tears streaming down my face as I looked at my trembling hands I felt like I couldn't breathe and I started panicking and I passed out.

I came to a few hours later in my own hospital bed. My parents told me that Carrie was fine except for some internal bleeding but she would be fine. I ended up visiting Carrie, making an agreement with her parents. I felt super bad so I would pay for the hospital bill with my own money. Her parents insisted I didn't have to since it was self-defense, but I caused her to be in the hospital so I felt like it was a responsibility I had to take care of not her parents.

From that day on I was terrified. It was an accident, yes, but it scarred and scared me, because I somewhat enjoyed it. Everyone has somewhat of a dark side and I guess seeing someone bleeding out was apart of my dark side.

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