A Gang Owns Me

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Panic Attack

Keith’s POV

I had come up from the training room a few hours after what happened earlier. It was about dinner time, everyone was in the kitchen/living room.

“I’m going to bring Bella her food,” Trent said grabbing a plate off the table.

“She’s in the spare bedroom at the moment, just knock on the door,” Kay said, I noticed that Rowan tensed, but I said nothing about it.

I go into the fridge to grab my water bottle when I heard a scream, and everyone paused. It registered in my mind that it came from upstairs and I rush up the steps hearing everyone also get up.

I slam the door open and look for a threat, but didnt see one only hearing sobs and I go further into the room and see Bella hunched over the trash can. I sit on the floor and laid her down so she staring at the ceiling. Her eyes looked dilated and red, she didnt even look like she was present.

“I got you. I’m not going anywhere.” I said as I rubbed her head and she attacked herself to my hand. I kept talking to her, watching as her eyes slowly dried and her eyes started returning to normal.

“That’s it. You’re here. Slow breathes Bella.”I said as she breathes started returning to normal. I wipe the rest of her tears off her face as she looked at me, “You need to eat something. Do you want me-” She cut me off and hugs me.

“Don’t leave, please. Please.”Bella begged. I nodded and pulled her closer. We stayed quiet, before slightly shifting to where I could get myself to stand.

I pick her up and place her back onto the bed watching her, “You must think I’m pathetic, well even more than you do now.” She let out a humorless laugh playing with the ends of her blond hair.

I place my fingers under her chin to make her look at me, “I know that going through a panic attack isn’t fun. It happens to me from time to time. I’m not going to judge you for something you can’t control.” She pulled me into another hug and I held the back of her head as she rested her chin on my shoulder.

“Thank you, Keith.” She muttered out, I smiled slightly and hugged her tighter. We pulled away and Bella’s stomach growled. She sheepishly looked away and held her stomach, “I’m sorry. I guess I’m hungry.”

I helped her stand as I got up, “It’s fine. Trent was going to bring you your food.” Bella smiled slightly as she stood up and we walked out of the spare bedroom.

We enter the kitchen and everything pauses for a moment before Keith leads me to a chair, I keep my head pointed to the table as I played with my fingers.

“Here. Eat some and we can go back upstairs.” Keith whispered in my ear as he slid my plate of food in front of me, I look to my left and give him a light smile before turning to my plate it was a shrimp and broccoli stir-fry. I kept my eyes on my bowl of food, the comforting sound in the remotely silent room was the sound of everyone tapping their fingers on whatever surface they were next to.

Rowan’s POV

Belladonna kept her head down, so I tapped my fingers across the table to get Keith’s attention. Keith looked at me and tapped back indicating that he had my attention.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ Out of the corner of my eye, I see the others shifting.

‘She had a nightmare. That’s why she screamed.’ Keith responded.

‘That’s a lie.’

‘It’s not a lie. Bella really had a nightmare.’

‘Keith, we all went upstairs. We all saw her heaving over the trash can.’ Kay tapped back

‘I can’t say. It’s not my place.’ Keith responded

I raised an eyebrow but Trent tapped before I could, ‘Keith. If something is wrong with her then we need to know.’

‘And as I just said, I can’t tell you because it’s not my place. Belladonna will tell you when she’s ready. Leave her alone until she’s ready.’ Keith tapped before walking Bella back up to the spare bedroom she was bunking in.

“Keith’s right. When Bella is ready, she’ll talk to us. Let’s just give her some space.” Ayana said they got out of view.

“Today has not been Bella’s day at all.” With a collective glance, everyone looked at me and I stuck my middle finger up at all of them, before getting up and heading to my office to think.

Keith helped me to bed and turned to leave, but I threw a pillow at him. He turned back with a blank face, “I know this is weird and I’ve already been a burden on you, but can you stay with me? Just for tonight.” I whispered out the last past looking at the ceiling, he didn’t respond so I figured he left when I felt a hand grab my own from the floor.

“Night Bella.”

“Night Keith.” I smiled and tighten my grip just a little as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up Keith was still on the floor or I thought he was. A loud bang caused him to bolt upward. Keith and I were still holding hands and I let go as we raced to investigate the loud bang.

I slide down the railing and look around the living room and kitchen were messed up. Things were thrown everywhere, there was flour on the floor, pots and pans littered the stove, everything just looked like a tornado zoomed through. I looked at Keith to make sure we were seeing the same thing. He nodded and we walked forward together to the back of the house hearing voices.

"Trent we're dead! How the fuck did you let the water explode?!" I heard Kay ask. Keith and I round the corner, I see Kay pulling at his hair and Trent is pacing back and forth. 'We must've heard the explosion.'

"I don't fucking know! This is exactly why we aren't allowed in the damn kitchen, but noooooo, you were super hungry and didn't want to find Keith or wake up Belladonna. If we die it's your damn fault!" Trent yelled back. I see Keith cracking his knuckles, but I place my hand over his and he raises an eyebrow at me.

"So you guys rather burn the house down, then ask for help. Great." I say walking closer, "Where is everyone else anyway?"

"Rowan took the girls to the mall." I nod my head.

"So should I kill you, morons, now or later?" Keith asked standing behind me.

"How bout never. Trent and Kay, clean up the kitchen and living room, until it's spotless and I'll make you guys some food ok? I won't tell Rowan what happened if you guys can clean as Keith and I take showers. Can yall do that?" Both males nod their heads instantly and raced into the kitchen and living room area.

"Hey, Keith?"

Keith made a sound that he heard me and I saw him tilt his head down at me.

"Thank you for everything yesterday. You have no idea how much that meant to mean. I won't bring it up again, but I really needed to get that off my chest, so thank you, Keith."

"No problem shrimp. Come talk to me whenever." He smiled and ruffled my hair as we walked back into the kitchen/living room area. Keith heads to his room downstairs and I go to the spare room I was staying in and run a bath to help give Kay and Trent some time.

A/N: I do not like the name of this chapter, leave a comment on what I should rename it, please and thank you!
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