A Gang Owns Me

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Akira still held me by the hair. It reminded me of Carrie. How she dragged me by my hair, people surrounding me and whispering. I snapped.

I elbowed him in the dick and pulled him to the ground with my legs and kicked away his gun. I could see the others aiming out the corner of my eyes, but I turned my attention back to Akira.

I quickly stood up as Akira did as well. He pulled out a knife twirling it, “Come on little girl you can't do shit.” Akira taunted.

He lunged at me trying to slice at me, but I somersaulted under him and put my arms under his, and locked my hands behind his head and bent his head forward until I heard a sickening ‘snap’. I killed him. I killed Akira with my bare hands.

I backed up from his unmoving body. I went into shock. I never thought I would actually kill someone. The whispers were back then sounded judgemental and it hurt to hear it. The room felt like it was spinning as I sunk to the ground holding myself. I took deep breathes and closed my eyes in an attempt to calm down, to stop bearing the whispers. To stop feeling the stares that everyone was giving me. I got up and ran out of the house and started walking back to Rowan’s house. I felt like a zombie as I stumbled back to the house.

Rowan might get mad but I don't care. I was so lost in my head I didn't notice a car pulling up next to me. It's like Carrie, but I actually killed this time.

“... Princess? Bell? Bella look at me. Bella look at me, please?” it was Rowan, standing with me in the rain. I didn't even realize that it started raining. When did it start raining? I said nothing, but looked at him anyways.

“It was self-defense-”

“Please don't finish that sentence.” I pleaded, “It was but, in my mind right now it's not. Just don't say those words.” He nodded wordlessly.

“Let's go home, before we catch a cold.”

“Catch me first.” Rowan looked at me confused so I continued, “Race me to the house. It'll be fun.” And for the first time, since I started living with Rowan he smiled, a sincere one.

“You're on Bella. Don't fall too far behind.”

I could only roll my eyes as I started running in the rain leaving him behind me.

“You're cheating!” I kept running anyway.

We were neck and neck even with my head start. We reached the house and we were shoving one another trying to get in first. He ended up picking up bridal style and we entered together.

“Guess it's a tie princess.” He whispered into my ear.

I looked into his beautiful eyes and smiled, saying nothing. He looked at me with an unfamiliar look in his eyes before putting me down and clearing his throat.

“You should take a bath. It made me feel better when I took a bath. I'll see you in the room? If you'd like to stay that is?” I grabbed his hand, held it, nodding yes.

We both walked upstairs him still holding my hand as he did so. I didn't want to say anything. It felt nice and comfortable. It felt right in a weird way.

I grabbed my fluffy pajamas and hopped into the bathtub and stayed there, thinking about varied topics. From Akira to Rowan. Mostly Rowan. My opinion of him has somewhat shifted but I still think he's a dick. I let myself become submerged in the tub and let myself sort myself out.

Rowan’s POV
After Bella was done with the bathroom I went in. Bella’s making me feel things I haven't felt in a while.

I got in the shower and noticed I had an erection. Shit. Can't go to sleep with Bella like this. I closed my eyes imaging Bella laughing, smiling, the way her lips felt on my cheek from earlier today. I don't know if I was lusting after her or if I was starting to develop feelings.

Belladonna’s POV
I cleaned myself and came to terms with what I did and the person I was changing into, it was scary, but I would be fine. It's not like I'm going on a killing spree.

I entered our room and slipped into my side of the bed. I looked at my nightstand picking up the present Rowan gave me. The chain was long, it seemed like I could put it on at different lengths.
“Do you need help?” I jumped at Rowan’s voice, but calmed myself down and looked behind me and I couldn't speak for a moment. He was shirtless and had a towel on top of his head drying his hair, while water droplets ran down his body. I found myself staring at him forgetting to answer his question.
“Do you need help with your necklace?”
“Like what you see?”
“Yes.” There's no point in lying. Rowan is attractive, no way around it. And by Goddess, does he look even hotter. He walks closer and takes the necklace from my hands softly and places it around my neck and clips it in for me.
“Thanks.” he nodded flopped onto the bed making me bounce a little. For a moment there I wished his hands were around my neck instead of the necklace. I rub my thighs together before slipping under the covers.

Next morning

I woke up to people talking. I wanted to ignore it and snuggled closer into skin? I finally opened my eyes and saw a tatted chest.
“I hope this one of my fucked up dreams.” I mumbled. I tried to shift, but I fell on my ass, “Owwie.” I got up and rubbed my ass.

“Now you want to wake up. You have a death grip. Go take a shower and change into this. We're going on a mission.” I nodded not in the mood to argue.
I quickly showered and changed into a black faux leather skin-tight bodysuit( Like Natasha Romanoff or Catwoman).
I run downstairs and seeing everyone bustling about putting weapons in the trucks and loading up.
I head to Rowan’s office to see if he was in there. Lucky me cause he was there with the girls and Kay. The five in the room nodded to me in acknowledgment.

“I have no idea who we're going up against. I received an address and a note to meet this person. I've agreed to go, everyone will be placed in a position. If anything seems off wait for a signal. Understood?” We nodded. I had a bad feeling I didn't like this. Not one bit.

We got in the trucks and drove to the coordinates given to us. Once arriving the girls and snuck off to find a vantage point and spread out. Kay, Trent, and Keith stayed with Rowan.
I couldn't shake the feeling of uneasiness. I eventually looked behind me and I see a man in black clothing. I took out a knife from my holster and threw it in-between his eyes. I crawled over to the now-dead man and pulled my knife out. Checking to see if there were any others. Seeing none and I look through the scope and saw the guys kneeling.


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