A Gang Owns Me

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I'm Sorry

Waking up several hours later on the couch I groan as I get up and stretch.

“Glad that you’re finally awake. Keith is getting ready to start dinner. Up you get Bella.” Kay said as Trent helped me stand up.

“I’m regretting this.” I groaned out as I was pulled to my feet.

“You did this to yourself, what do you say? Isn’t it like ’You challenged me and I rose to the challenge?” Keith mocked as the two morons pushed me into the kitchen. I flipped him off as I started moving around in the kitchen. I was small enough not to take up a lot of space, I would duck and move out of the way and Keith seemed to do the same. It almost felt like a dance.

Keith made shaken beef with poached egg and fries, while I made coconut turnovers. Keith reached to take one, but I slapped his hand away and he glared, but didn’t try to take one again.

I heard the door open and see the girls in through the door with a ton of bags, then Rowan, we locked eyes for a few moments before I turned away. The four of them entered the kitchen a took a deep breath of air and smiled.

“This smells great Keith, I always enjoy it when you cook,” Joey said as Keith served her a plate.

“Yea, you rarely do it, so it’s fantastic when we get to eat anything you make,” Ayana said joining in as she got her own plate.

“You guys are buttering him up to get him to cook more. All I’m gonna say is that it’s not exactly right, but it’s not wrong either.” Bea said as she got her plate, winking at Keith, who only rolled his eyes at the three girls.

“I was surprised to hear that you’ve started cooking with people in the kitchen,” Rowan says as he came up to get his plate.

“It was more of a test run really. I quite like cooking/baking with people, I don’t know how Keith feels about it though.” I say looking Rowan in the eye, before turning to Keith with a raised eyebrow.

He shrugged as he handed me my plate, “It was... nice. This is not becoming a regular thing, so don’t ask.”

I throw my hands up in surrender and laugh, “I wouldn’t dream of ruining the bad boy’s reputation.” I throw my head back as he had a light blush cover his cheeks.

“So Kay what did you and your idiotic friend do today?” Ayana asked looking directly at Kay who innocently smiled back at her, and Trent went to move, but Kay held him so he wouldn’t leave.

“Bella taught Trent and me to cook.” He replied with an adorable smile, “We like having Bella as a teacher cause she’s fun and not mean like the rest of you .” Kay childishly responded. Ayana pulled her eyes down with her middle fingers and stuck out her tongue in retaliation, causing everyone to laugh at the exchange.

“So Princess what did you make?” Rowan asked as the laughter died out.

“They’re coconut turnovers. I didn’t know what to make at first, but then my hands started moving and I ended up making turnovers.” I answered looking away from Rowan, “I’m full and tired, so thank you Keith, and everyone have a good night.” It felt weird being in the same room as Rowan like nothing happened. I’m over it, but I would just like an apology maybe?

I go into the spare bedroom and pick up the clothes that I had taken and put them back into our room. I was pulling the cover from the spare room and remake my little bedding on the floor when I heard the door open.

“I didn’t realize that you were moving back in, or I would’ve knocked.” I stand up fully to look at Rowan.

I rub my arm, “No I should’ve said something. I picked my shit and started moving around. You sleep in here too, so I should’ve communicated that.”

“I’m not at you for anything you did, I know I can be a bit of a dick sometimes, so I understand.”

We both stared at one another not sure what to say or what to do. He walked closer to me and took out a box, “I’m not good with sentimental bullshit, or apologizing, so here.”

I opened the box and pull out a necklace with a belladonna flower. It had 6 lucite flowers (2 in the middle pendant) and 2 lucite leaves. The beads are all glass (with a few stones) in various shades of purple. It was lovely.

“Thank you, but truthfully I would’ve taken a simple apology,” I say getting ready to hand it back to him.

“It’s yours to keep, but I am sorry for my actions earlier in the week,” Rowan apologized as he pushed the box back into my possession.

“I accept. Thank you.” I say as I lean closer and place a soft kiss on his cheek, “Your apologies skills can use some work, but that’s something we’ll work on together.” I say as I pull away.

He gave me a small smile, but his eyes held something more, “Yea, I guess it is Princess.” It came out so softly that I almost didn’t catch it.

“Would you like for me to put it on you?” I wanted to say no, but the longer I looked into his eyes, I said yes.

I handed him the box and turned around lifting my hair out of the way, he places the necklace around my neck and I shiver from the coldness of the beads and glass. He clips the necklace together, “Is this good?” He asked as his hot breath hit my ear and I shivered once again.

“Yes, it is thank you,” I whispered as I put my hair back down. I turned to show him how it looked.

“It looks gorgeous on you Belladonna.” His voice lowered as he said my name.

“Thank you, Rowan,” I let his name roll off my tongue as I bit my lip. He wrapped a hand around my throat and my breath hitched.

“I suggest you don’t bite your lip, unless you’re ready to deal with the consequences.” He said tightening his grip just a little and getting closer to my lips, “Understand Bella?” His voice lowered once more as he said my name.

I nod my head in agreeance, but he tightened his hold briefly, “Ah ah ah, use your words.”

“Yes Rowan,” His name rolled off my tongue once more and he let my throat go.

“Good girl.” He whispered before stepping away into the bathroom and I blinked a couple of times trying to make sense of what the fuck just happened if everything I experienced was real. I laid on my bedding and thought it over as I fell asleep.

Unknown’s POV

A middle-aged man came into my office. The man was in his late 40’s possibly. He was Asian, I want to guess Japanese.

I waved off the two guards from beside him and looked at expectedly, “Well Akira, did you do what I asked?”

“Yes. I was not only able to retrieve the information of Destiny Adan’s whereabouts, but also the layout of Rowan Adan’s home.” He said as he dropped a set of papers on my desk.

“Good. You’ve done everything so well Akira. Aren’t you worried that Rowan could possibly figure out you haven’t disappeared, but turned to an enemy?”

“Rowan’s too focused on his new toy.” I raised an eyebrow and leaned forward intrigued.

“New toy? Explain.”

“Her name is Belladonna Shade. She has long wavy-curly blond hair and black eyes, about 5’5”. Rowan seems very smitten with her.” My eyes widen slightly, before narrowing.

“Are you sure? One hundred percent?”

“I’m hurt. You don’t believe me? Here I snapped a picture of her.” He comes closer and shows me a picture of Belladonna being carried by Rowan from a lake.

“Oh Akira, you’ve just made my night. I have another task for you to complete.” Akira gave me an evil smirk.

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