A Gang Owns Me

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Waking up to the sunlight from the window I groan in annoyance then smiled remembering what happened last night. It was so much better than anything I've read in a fanfiction and felt better too.

Rowan turns over to me, “Do you have to get up so early?”

“Blame the stupid sun. It's the only reason why I get up so damn early.” Rowan got up and closed the curtain.

“There now sleep in for once. You're gonna be sore so I'm not letting you do anything today except sleeping.”

“Rowan you can't expect me to sleep in bed all day.” chuckling. Dammit, he was serious. “I don't have to sleep all day. I'll stay in bed all day how about that?” I comprised.

Rowan thought it over and nodded, “Fine. I'm going to be your little servant for the whole day. Anything you want I’ll get it or do it.” Rowan said kissing my nose.

“If that's the case I want two pounds of crab, a shit ton of candy and ice cream, preferably cotton candy with gummy bears. Please.”

“Are you serious?” Rowan deadpanned.

“Yes. I want a cuddle date with you and this is how I wanna spend it.”

“You're so fucking adorable. I love you. I'll be right back babe.” Rowan said kissing me and putting on his clothes from yesterday. “I'm sending the girls up to keep you company!” Rowan called out from behind the door.

The three girls burst into my room making lift the covers higher.

“What did you do? Rowan's smiling like he's won the lottery and he's whistling. It's almost terrifying. Scratch that, that shit is terrifying.” Joey stated shaking.

Beatriz punched Joey in the arm giggling and Joey smiled turning her head away bashfully. They're so cute!

“Yea so what happened last night?” Ayana asked.

“What does it look like?” All three looked around and noticed the lingerie on the floor. Like lightbulbs, each of their faces lit up.

“You got your cherry popped!”

“I'm happy for you!”

“Did y'all use protection?”

“Yes, Thank you, and I'm birth control, but I should probably make him buy some Plan B.One sec.” I grab my phone and text, Rowan, to pick up some Plan B.

“It was fun. I loved every minute of it. I'm not going into detail so don't ask. I need to take a shower. Can y'all leave for like a hot minute?”

“Just shout when you fall.” They left when I threw a pillow in their direction. Turning to the side of the bed I put my feet on the ground trying to get a feel for how much weight I could put on them. They were shaky but they got me to the bathroom and into the shower.

I put on a shirt collar short sleeves black classic top & short set with a pink velvet robe and fuzzy black socks, before jumping on the bed, “Come back in guys!”

“One sec Bella! We're helping Rowan!” FOOOOOODDDD!

Ayana came in carrying a plastic bag, Beatriz and Joey came in with bags of candy, and Rowan came in with two tubs of ice cream, the one's that look like the container the workers scoop out of. How did he get that?

“Thanks, girls that's all.”

They nodded after dropping the items on the bed, “Have fun lovebirds.” Rowan and I flipped them off at the same time as they left.

“Come on baby, sit down on the bed next to me. Come cuddle with me.” I said in a baby voice.

“One second. I have to shower.”

He walked into the bathroom after finishing he came out wearing a black skin-tight shirt and black sweatpants.

“Alright what do you want to watch?” Rowan asked grabbing the remote.

“Something on Youtube, I don't care what we watch I just want to cuddle.”

“You need to take the Plan B Bella.”

“Oh, snot I almost forgot. Thank you.” I popped it in and we ate our respective foods, till I noticed his ice cream, “Is that vanilla with Cinnamon Toast Crunch?” He only looked at me as he took a bite out of the ice cream mix, “Swap.” I held out my ice cream with sour gummy worms and regular gummy up to his mouth as he held his vanilla and Cinnamon Toast Crunch mix up to my mouth, “It actually tastes bomb.”

“Just like you Princess.” He tilted my chin so I was looking at him as he leaned forward to kiss me. “I love you. Every part of you especially your black eyes. They're pools of ink, devouring light in their intensity; billowing clouds of volcanic ash- burying obsidian and jet in their depth. Nebulous eyes that reflect the heavens, so dark that celestial bodies must reside in them. The Universe is captured in black eyes and when our souls met, I finally knew what it meant to stargaze.”

This smooth ass motherfucker.

I felt my eyes watering, “Rowan that's the most beautiful thing anyone has said to me especially about my eyes. You're a liar.”

“How? I only told the truth Princess.” wiping away my oncoming tears.

“Not about that. You said that you're not good at sentimental shit. I'm one thousand percent sure that little poem was sentimental.”

“You've changed me. Spending time with you has made me... Different.” Rowan said shrugging stealing my spoonful of ice cream.

“I'm glad snotty dick.” I put the lid on my ice cream and place it on the ground and opening my crab baggie, “I guess you buying me wasn't soooo bad, huh Rowan?”

“Blame your mother.”

“Already do,” I said smiling at him.

“You look like a nerd with your glasses.”

“Bite me snotty dick.” flipping him off.

“Already have Princess,” he replied back smirking. I finished my crab and slid under the covers snuggling up to Rowan’s chest. I really love him.

This was kind of a short filler/fluffy chapter. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless ❣️

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