A Gang Owns Me

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Another Grandma Party?

It had been two weeks since the training incident. I stayed to myself, I was angry. I had a bloodlust and I almost got carried away when I was fighting Keith. I'm tired of feeling bad. It was a spar and I got a little carried away that's all. I need to stop.

I left the room and slide down the railing. I skipped over to the kitchen/living room area.

Hola gente” Everyone snapped their heads up to look at me.

Beatriz got over it and asked, “Entonces estás mejor ahora?” I nodded yes and she smiled softly at me.

I cleared my throat and spoke, “I'm sorry about my behavior for the past two weeks. Fighting Keith just made me remember something I don't like remembering.” I looked down twiddling my thumbs waiting for anyone to say something., “ I know that doesn't excuse my behavior, but apologizing is the first step right?” I chuckled nervously deciding to finally lookup.

“Bella. I speak for all of us in this room. We weren't mad. You just seemed like you needed space so we gave it to you, we figured that you talk to is when you were ready.” Joey said, “ We can talk later after we come back from Rowan's parent's house. We're going to Another one of his mom’s grandma parties.” Joey sighed out exasperatedly.

“Wait we’re going to his parent's house? Today? What the hell. Rowan didn't say anything to me. Then again I've been hiding around the house.” I groan and head upstairs to the room. Rowan was sitting on the bed holding a box. He looked up when he heard me closing the door.

We both stared at one another not sure what to say or what to do. He threw the box at me and I caught it, “I'm not good with sentimental bullshit so I bought you this necklace.” I opened the box and pull out a necklace with a belladonna flower. It had 6 lucite flowers (2 in the middle pendant) and 2 lucite leaves. The beads are all glass (with a few stones) in various shades of purple. It was lovely. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek. Then that's something we'll have to work on together, isn't it? Thank you it's beautiful.” He looked at me and smiled. “Yea, I guess it is princess. I'll leave so you can get changed.”

He got up and left the room and placed the necklace on my nightstand. Just cause I said it was beautiful doesn't mean I have to wear it today...

I picked out a purple and gold high-low off the the shoulder flowing dress. I picked out my closed toes gladiator shoes when I realized the strings broke on one of the flats. I figured I could take out the string and turn it into an actual flat. It looked passable and I left my hair down in its natural state and headed downstairs. Where I saw Keith with a wrapped nose. Damn.

I walked up to Keith and everything seemed to freeze and quiet down around us.

“How's your nose?” I asked softly.

“It's better now. You're a lot stronger than I've been giving you credit for pipsqueak.” I laughed and tucked my hair behind my ear and shrugged

“The greatest surprises come in tiny packages,” I smirked. He nodded back with a smirk of his own and we all walked out together.

We pulled some of the seats down so everyone could fit. Somehow I ended up between Keith and Rowan. I don't know how or why Kay ended up driving but it did and I did not like it. I ended up holding onto Rowan more than I'd like to admit because of how Kay was driving.

“Is Bella able to join us on missions now Rowan?” Beatriz asked from behind me.

“Yea she can, she just has to get the tattoo.” I blinked in confusion I was about to ask, but Kay interrupted me by yelling that we were there.

“Kay. I love you. I honestly truly do. You're like an annoying little brother. But for the love of the Moon Goddess herself, there's no way in hell am I allowing you to drive back home.” I said holding onto Kay’s shoulder shaking him as I did so, “I'll even drive back if I have to!”

“My driving isn't THAT BAD. Everyone in the group gave him a look and he looked down in defeat, “Its ok Kay, I still love you.” I laughed keeping my arm wrapped his head as we walked into the house.

Destiny was near the doorway putting on her shoes, preparing to leave.

“I just got here and you're leaving already?” I called out to Destiny.

“Yeah sorry about that, but I only came to drop off Rosie for the weekend.” ROSIE’S HEREEEE!!

I smiled and nodded in understanding, “We need to catch up Destiny. I'll see you later. Drive safe.” They nodded and left.

I couldn't contain my excitement and ran further into the house. “Rosieeeeee,” I called out. I could hear little pitter-patters of little feet running towards me. She has warm tan skin, long black-dark brown hair (its ombre, so it's mixed) put into box braid ponytails, she has dark eyes sometimes they look sometimes brown. She wore a black t-shirt with a black skirt. She jumped into my arms and I swung her around laughing with her.

She kept her arms wrapped around my neck as I continued to hug her as I stood up.

“You two are attached at the hip.” Mrs. Adan said coming up to me.

“Hey, mom. Yea we are. She's always been like this so I don't mind. I might have to convince Rowan to let us come here more often.” Mrs. Adan laughed as she smiled fondly at me.

I walked further into the house when a series of gunshots rang throughout the air. What the hell? People were screaming and moved to form a circle as people with more guns came from every corner of the house. I held Rosie tighter in my arms confused about what was going on.

A middle-aged man came into the center of the circle where I so happened to be standing and pointed the gun upwards. “Come on Rowan. You caused this so show your face.” Who is this? What did Rowan do to him?

The man was in his late 40’s possibly. He was Asian, I want to guess Japanese, but I don't want to assume too much. He grabbed the back of my neck as he kept his gun trained on my back.

“Leave Bella out of this, she has nothing to do with this.” Fuck y'all I hate being the damsel in distress. So cliche.

Mr. Adan even stepped forward, “Akira let her go. It doesn't have to be like this. ”

Akira pressed the gun further into my back when Mr.Adan stepped forward, “Don't move or I’ll shoot her. Come on Rowan show your face dammit!” He grabbed my hair roughly shaking my head as he did so.

“Wait, wait please don't bring a child into this. She's four, let her go to grandparents.” I pleaded to Akira. I didn't want Rosie to get hurt because of this she was truly innocent.

He thought it over and nodded in agreement, “Go to grandpa. Don't look back, just walk to grandpa. Go.” She nodded and ran into her grandpa’s arms. Good, now I can hurt this motherfucker without hurting Rosie.

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