A Gang Owns Me

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Home At Last

Belladonna’s POV

Finally being done with college is the greatest thing imaginable. The last two years were hard, but I’m finally done!(A/N: She did a four-year college she’s just thinking about her last two years of college).

The plane ride from Massachusetts to Florida was long, but enjoyable because I was in first class. When I landed I had to grab all the many bags I had carried with me. I tried looking for my parents, but I saw a chauffeur holding a sign with my name on it.

I walk over with a light smile, he took my luggage to the limo that was waiting. The ride there was silent but it didn’t matter, because it was a short drive. Soon a large house appeared in my view. Goddess, I missed this place.

When the car stepped I ran out of the limo into the house. First thing first I had to go check out my room. I ran up the stairs and opened my door jumping on the bed hugging my pillow tightly.


“It’s been four years and you’re still a dork.” I heard a feminine voice say, Kayanna! “Kayanna!” I jumped from the bed into my sister’s arms.

“I missed my wittle sissy so much!” Kayanna said in a baby voice. She was hugging me so tight, I could breathe.

“Well your wittle sissy is struggling to breathe.” I gasped out, she let go and I took deep exaggerated breaths. “I thought I was gonna die.” I stated.

She looks a little different. She looked a bit thicker, but a healthy thick, her body language looked much more confident, she has a couple of small tattoos, and her hair was dyed.

“You certainly got your glow up. You look great.”

“You look good too. Finally manage to get a boyfriend?”Kayanna asked jokingly.

I shake my head ‘no’ with a laugh.

“Glad to see your bond hasn’t changed.” Mom said with a smirk.

“MOM!” I yelled running to hug my mom. We held each other in a tight embrace. I could tell that she was crying in my shoulder.

“I missed you so much”, she sniffled out

“I missed you too.” I choked out trying to contain my own tears.

“You look as beautiful as the day you left.” She said with a teary smile.

“Thanks, mom. Hey, mom where's mother?” I ask.

“Oh she's at work, she’ll be home soon enough, just finishing something.”

“Ok, well I'm hungry,” I said.

“Same” Kayanna agreed.

“There's take out on the counter and marshmallows in the cabinet.” She said with a knowing smile.

Kayanna and I race down the stairs to get to the food.

Man am I glad to be home. Home sweet home!

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