A Gang Owns Me

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Destiny. 2

What the hell? I looked away for a moment. How?
I froze as Rowan had a gun pointed at the back of his head. A dark-skinned black woman with a pear-shaped body holding the gun. This is crap. I looked again and saw Joey, Beatriz, and Ayana were kneeling too. What the fuck? How? HOOOOWWWWWW?! Guess I'm on my own.

Looking through the scope. If I shot at this stupid woman then I would possibly hit Rowan and her in the shoulder. I saw their mouths moving and I saw her take off her safety. I pulled my sniper's trigger.

Rowan’s POV

I had no idea when everything started going so downhill. The girls, guys, and I were kneeling at gunpoint. Destiny was there also placed in a chokehold. I felt useless and powerless. I grit my teeth in anger at my predicament. I thought about Bella and her smile. I would possibly never see it again.

This woman, Carrie Margret, wasn't someone I'd ever heard before, but for some reason, she was determined to end my life and destroy everything I owned and created. I heard her gun cock and I anticipated my death faster.

A gunshot rang throughout the air, but I was still alive. I felt a pain in my right shoulder and then the guard who was holding Destiny dropped her to the ground with a bullet hole in his head. The men holding the guys were taken down in a single shot through the head.

Keith was the first to react and hopped up shooting some of the other men in the area. Carrie Marget was nowhere to be found. Kay grabbed Destiny as we ran back to the truck dodging bullets as we did so only to find Belladonna in the driver's seat.

They also got in their own cars and trucks speeding after us as we sped off, “Everyone alright?” Bella asked still speeding around the warehouses.

“Yea. I got hit in the arm but I’ll be ok.” I managed to say.

“I'm sorry about that Rowan I couldn't get a clear shot without hitting you. I'm glad everyone's ok. So who are we going up against?”

“Some woman named Carrie Margret.” I saw Bella tense, “Do you know her Bella?” She tensed further, but nodded ‘yes’.
“I’ll explain later. Hang on everybody!” She drove head onto one of the oncoming cars speeding up, she suddenly turned the wheel causing the car to spin avoiding the car. The car, on the other hand, hit a wall burst into flames. She drove faster eventually getting out of the area. Getting onto the highway and headed home.

Belladonna’s POV

“Bro you just pulled some Tokyo Drift shit. That was AWESOME!” Kay yelled.

“Yea, where'd you learn how to drive like that?” Joey asked.

“My older sister Kayanna used to do a lot of street racing and she would show me her tips and tricks. She's a badass. It would hilarious and cool if the girls met her though. Rowan how bad if your bullet wound?”

“I'll be fine until we reach the house. Now answer this: How do you know Carrie Margret? I need to know how to plan and move.”

“We went to school together since we were in middle school all the way to high school. For some reason, she would always pick on me, she made fun of the fact my parents were lesbians, I had braces, these huge glasses, rolls of fat, acne. The whole ugly duckling scenario. I didn't have a lot of friends. Cause I ended up in a lot of fights defending myself or Kayanna. Carrie Margret would always be the one to lead in the teasing and fights, it was so stupid. But senior year is kind of where I was at my limit.

It was the end of my senior year of high school and I was finally growing into my looks. My hair was to my butt, my acne cleared up, I didn't wear braces anymore, I had contacts but I still liked wearing my glasses, and I was no longer as chubby as I used to be. I still had a little belly cause I love food.

Everyone would stare at me in the hallways in disbelief, some girls even looked jealous and good cause I wasn't a plastic bitch and that should never put down the ugly ducking, you never know when they'll spring up.

I was confident, proud, and kind. Everyone loved me I thought it was funny cause they were the same one's who laughed and made fun of me. There was this one girl in particular who was mad, Carrie Margret.

She was someone I ended up fighting against a lot, but that year would be the last time she ever bothered me. One day she followed me to a park my friends and I were going to. I thought it was a coincidence so I shrugged it off. I was talking with my friends when my hair started getting pulled and I started getting dragged.

I ripped my head from whoever was dragging me. It hurt but it had to be done. I rolled onto my stomach and saw Carrie dropping strands of my hair. I wasn't in the mood to fight but Carrie wasn't giving me much choice. She was kept charging at me and at some point, she got on top of me and began choking me, but I wrapped my hands around her throat and pushed in her jugular notch. She rolled over kneeling trying to catch her breath. I kicked her temple harder than I intended and the back of her head hit a metal pole.

She stayed there unmoving, not breathing, there was blood everywhere. I heard whispers and shocked gasps. I yelled for someone to call for an ambulance. I thought she was going to die. I was terrified. I had caused this. All the blood that surrounded me was Carrie’s. I just stayed there with tears streaming down my face as I looked at my trembling hands I felt like I couldn't breathe and I started panicking and I passed out.

I came to a few hours later in my own hospital bed. My parents told me that Carrie was fine except for some internal bleeding but she would be fine. I ended up visiting Carrie, making an agreement with her parents. I felt super bad so I would pay for the hospital bill with my own money. Her parents insisted I didn't have to since it was self-defense, but I caused her to be in the hospital so I felt like it was a responsibility I had to take care of not her parents.”, I paused to take a breath, “ Hence why I took up the babysitting job for Destiny. That fight had kind of scared me, I thought I had killed her, but it was my thoughts that made it worse. I was laughing on the inside and something inside just wanted to finish her. To snap her neck and put her in a casket. I had a sort of itch to hurt her and it scared me to that of something like that, to even feel like that. This is what I remember about her though: She is persistent and resourceful.”

“That's why you freaked out after sparring with Keith, you felt something. Wait so when you snapped Akira’s neck at mom's house did you feel something or when you shot those guys from earlier?”

“Yes. We have to be careful and on guard. I don't want a repeat of today.” I stated pulling into the driveway.

I helped Rowan out of the truck and helped him towards our bedroom. Upon entering our bedroom I placed him on the corner of the bed.

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