A Gang Owns Me

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Spending Time Together

I parked the car as we reached the house. I'm so tired!

I wished everyone a good night as Rowan and I walked up to our room.

“Rowan, we're gonna have to play that game later. I'm tired as hell.” I said leaning into his shoulder.

“I figured as much. Let's shower and sleep. I'm so proud of you!” Rowan said leaning down to kiss my forehead as we entered the room.

“I'll wait here while you shower,” Rowan said preparing to sit on the floor.

“I have a better option. Come join me.”

“Are you sure Princess? Cause that could lead to something transpiring in there and last time I checked you were tired.” Rowan said coming up to me and holding my waist.

“I wouldn't have suggested it, if I didn't know what could transpire,” I whispered into his ear pressing myself onto him.

“If that's what you want Princess,” Rowan said with a shrug smiling down at me.

We get in the shower and Rowan hands me my soap while I shower under my shower head while he stood under his. (A/N: Just lookup couple double shower and that's what the shower looks like.) The glass got foggy as the steam from the showers collected and covered the room in steam.

I gasped as Rowan wrapped his arms around my waist with his erection on my ass. He placed his chin on my shoulder as he rocked us side to side.

“I love you.” I smiled as I faced him.

“I love you too.”

“I've been thinking... We should go out. Just the two of us.”

“Like a date outside the house? Like dinner?”

“Yea, but only if you want to.” Rowan rubbed the back of his head with a smile. It's cute. It reminds me of a nervous schoolboy.

“Yes. I love that idea! When do you want to go out?”

“Possibly tonight, if we're not tired.”

“Alright. That's fine. Let's get before we get pruny. ” I told him as I turned off my shower and left the bathroom, to change into pajamas and I jumped on the bed and closed my eyes.


Waking up later into the day, at maybe two o'clock in the afternoon. I slide from my place in the bed and stretch around the room, hearing a couple of cracks and pops being released from my body.

“Does it hurt stretching and moving your body like that?” Rowan asked sitting up in the bed looking at me.

“Sometimes it does,” I said jumping back onto the bed and crawling towards him, I placed a peck on his lips when I got closer, “How'd you sleep?” I asked straddling him.

Rowan pulled me so I was flushed up against him, “I slept fine. Do you want to go out still?” Rowan asked playing with the necklace around my neck. I nodded yes and I could tell he was smiling, “Alright. I'll play you in Mario Cart till it's time to get ready.”

“You're on!” Rowan and I roughhoused with each other trying to run to the game room downstairs.

We slammed into the game room at the same time and I ran forward flipping over the couch so I could get the remote first.

“Cheater!” Rowan yelled from the doorway.

“Life’s not fair. Now come on and get your ass handed to you.” I called back as he walked closer to the couch.

I started up the system and hopped onto the couch sitting next to Rowan and handing him his controller.

“You're gonna lose Bababy.” I excitedly said preparing to race. We played multiple rounds. I beat him every single round. He came close to beating me a couple of times, but I remain the undefeated Queen of Mario Kart!

“I told you! Boom! Undefeated Queen of Mario Kart! Yessss!” I jumped up and did a weird little dance. Rowan chuckled at me.

“Alright, alright you're the undefeated Queen. I think we should get ready Your Majesty.”

“We've been playing for that long?” As I went to the home screen to look at the time. Goddess, it's 5 o'clock now!, “Alright, let's go back upstairs.”

On the way back our stomachs growled, “We haven't eaten all day.”

“We're going out to eat anyway. Let's go.” I nodded and continued up the stairs.

I decided to take a quick shower, cause I felt sticky. I washed, combed, and brushed my hair. I looked in the mirror and started braiding my hair into a Dutch sideways braid and did my edges. I walked into the bedroom and looked for an outfit. I picked out a black mesh bustier crop top with black high waist loose pants, with a gold metal high waist coin chain, and black pumps with a golden heel. I sat at my table and decided to put on makeup, just a golden glittery style. I applied a glittery gold eyeshadow over my winged eyeliner and some lipstick. I grabbed a little wristlet purse and a jacket, waiting for Rowan to finish showering and dressing.

Rowan came out wearing a tight-fitting short-sleeved white button-up shirt and black tight-fitting pants. He stopped in the middle of the room as he finally looked at me. I began to feel self-conscious as I looked at my clothes. I took a breath to calm myself down.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, my voice slightly cracking. I was nervous. Did he not like my outfit? My hair? Why is he only staring?!?

You're so beautiful and I'm the lucky guy that gets to call you mine, come on Princess, we have a date to go on. ” He said holding out an arm for me grab. I was getting nervous for no reason at all.

“Thank you Bababy.” I grabbed his arm and we walked downstairs. I was trying to guess where we were going, but he kept his mouth shut as he held the door open.

“Its a surprise. I'm not saying where we're going.” He said as we got in a car. I didn't recognize it, but Rowan seemed to know so it was fine, then I realized. We haven't be bothered ALL DAY, that's not normal. Someone would've shouted for Rowan or something. It was too quiet today

“Rowan where is everyone? There was nobody on the couch and no one came looking for us all day.” I raised an eyebrow as he started the car.

Rowan shrugged, “It's their days off. I'm not in charge of what they do. Maybe they all finally decided to leave the house for once.” Bullshit! He's not gonna tell the truth.

“Yeah, maybe you're right.” He's obviously tight-lipped about everything, so there's no point of asking him things, so I stayed quiet and looked out into the window

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