A Gang Owns Me

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Trying New Things

The girls told me that the gang's tattoo is of two dragons intertwined with one another. I decided to get it on my right shoulder and it would cover my entire shoulder blade. The right one would be shaded in because as cheesy as this sounds Rowan had his left dragon colored in, so I wanted to color in my right dragon. I got the left side colored purple cause it was my favorite color.

The tattoo artist wrapped it up and waited for Kayanna because she wanted a tattoo. It was a butt/thigh tattoo I couldn't make out what it was so I would Kayanna later. We dropped Destiny off and raced back to the house.

“Yo would Rowan mind if I suddenly moved in? Cause y'all are fin to be around and I get see Keith more.” We laughed, “I'm dead serious. I would really move in to hang out with all of you.”

“We enjoy spending time with you too. I don't think he would be we'll talk to him and find out. There's plenty of space so you could live with us, and you would be protected in the house.” Beatriz said mumbling off.

“We’ll see some other time. I have a race to get to so I'll catch y'all on the flip side. And Bella make him wrap it up. I don't want to be an Auntie just yet. I'm only twenty-five.”

“Oh shut up and go to your race, good luck!” She nodded and drove off. Kayanna drove off and we walked in the house. (Kayanna is not going to race in that beautiful car but a different one.)

I go upstairs and poke my head in the room to see if Rowan was in the room. He wasn't. Yes! I have plenty of time to change!


“I'm in the bathroom changing. I bought an outfit and I want you to see it, but you have to lock the door first.” I heard the door close and lock.

I took a deep breath and put on the two-piece black lace with garter belt thigh-high socks with a long sheer wraparound skirt. Finally the black leather metal heart choker. Alright. I'm ready. Oh, wait. I took my hair out of the high ponytail and let it flow around me.

“Close your eyes!”

“Ok!” Taking one final deep breath I walk out he's closing his eyes.

“Look now!”His beautiful brown eyes with hints of silver sprinkled throughout. Rowan’s eyes darkened as I showed him the lingerie. I did a little twirl making the skirt flare up and outwards.

“What do you think? I saw it and I really liked it, what do you think of Daddy?” I asked innocently, Rowan walked forward, eyes still dark. His hands reached towards my waist when he stopped and turned me around, gently brushing my hair away he touched my shoulder blade gently.

“You got the tattoo. And it's matching mine. God, you're so adorable, Bella.” He spun me back around and kissed me passionately. He walked backward towards our bed and sat on the bed making me sit on his lap the kiss getting messier and needier. He was biting my lip, sucking my tongue and this carried on until we broke away, my lips felt bruised but I liked it.

Rowan grabbed my hand and lead it towards his crotch, “See what you do to me?” He asked kissing and biting on my neck. I started rubbing and grinding on Rowan’s thigh trying to help myself get off, biting my bruised lip and feeling his hard-on. I rub faster and faster but then I'm stopped.

“Aww come on Rowan.” Rowan then wraps his hand around my throat and clutched onto it tightly.

“What's my name, Princess?” He asked huskily into my ear.


“Good girl. Now I want you to take off your clothes, can you do that for Daddy?” I nodded and he squeezed my neck lightly before letting go. Rowan laid back on his elbows watching and waiting for me.

I walked to the middle of the room I hand my hands wander around my body stopping at my hips to unclasp the skirt then sliding my hands upward toward my breast peeling my bralette upward. Watching Rowan's eyes following my bouncing breast, twisting and pinching the nub in between my fingers sliding my left hand down towards my panties. Sliding my fingers in between my lips slowly rubbing my clit.

I lay on the floor making Rowan sit up. I put one finger inside myself then adding a second one scissoring myself as I continued to pinch and twist my nipple. I stopped fingering myself and sliding my panties down my legs only leaving my thigh high socks. I went back to fingering myself in front of Rowan moaning loudly closing my eyes tightly feeling myself cumming. I move my hands faster. When my hands are pulled away and my fingers are being licked and sucked.

“I should punish you for doing this, but God that was gorgeous,” Rowan said going to my thighs and biting them, “Your fingers aren't as big as mine. They can't fill you as well as mine can. They can't make cum as hard as mine can, can they Princess?” I couldn't answer as he lightly licked my sensitive clit and I came hard.

“Daddy please put your dick in me, please. I can't wait anymore.” I whined out.

Rowan paused and his face changed, “Are you sure? It'll be your first time, it'll hurt.”

“I trust you, Rowan, so yes I'm one hundred percent sure.” Rowan picked me up and gently placed me on the bed as he stripped himself of his pants and boxers. He walked over to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle. Probably lube.

Rowan stuck two fingers in me then slipped the third one, “Rowan wait!” He immediately pulled his fingers out of me and looked concerned.

“I'm sorry!” I shook my head and smiled, “You didn't do anything wrong I just wanted to do something for before we did the deed.”

I pulled Rowan's arm so he was on the bed also. I pushed him into the pillows and went down so I was met with his erection. I licked the underside of it lightly then kissed the tip twirling my tongue. I felt Rowan put my hair in a messy ponytail and tugged at it.

“Come on Bella.” Rowan groaned out. I put the entire thing in my mouth and sucked playing with his balls as I did so. He pulled my head off of his dick as he came closer to cumming.

“Not yet, come up here.” it was his turn to have my head in the pillows. He poured a generous amount of lube before lining up with my entrance. “This will hurt for a moment, but it'll only get better Princess.” He leaned closer to me as he thrusted in. He kissed me as I let out a scream, I dug my nails into his back and ranked it down his back making him moan in the kiss. I broke the kiss after a minute of him being inside me.

“You can move now.” Nodding as he moved he intertwined our hands together placing my leg over his shoulder, getting deeper, he increased his speed slightly, “Go faster, please... Daddy.” Had to say Daddy cause he slowed down.

He sped up, thrusted harder and rougher and I loved it. He moaned in my ear as I raked my nails on his back. We both tightened our hold as we came closer to our high.

“I'm cumming Princess.”

“Me too Daddy.”

“1... 2... 3!” With that, we both climaxed and laid on the bed.

“I love you, Rowan Adan.”

“I love you too Belladonna Shade.” he kissed one more time and we fell into a peaceful slumber.

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