A Gang Owns Me

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Who’s Rowan Adan?

EXCUSE ME?! What do you mean you sold me?!” I yelled at my Mother.

“Who did you sell her to?” Kayanna and Mom both yelled coming into the living room.

“Why the fuck would you sell Belladonna?” Kayanna cried out coming over to hug me.

“I sold her to Rowan Adan.” There was a tense silence at my Mother’s words.

I broke it and asked, “Who the hell is Rowan Adan?”


Kayanna hugs me tighter as Mother and Mom began yelling at one another.

“I didn’t have a choice Lily*. It was either sell Bella or have the rest of the family.”


“It was a decision made on the spot I'm so sorry. Bella has to be traded today though.”

“No no no no NO! Why the hell is it Bella? Call Rowan and tell him that you change your mind and give me to him.”

“What?! No, I can't do that! He wanted Belladonna, he insisted that he had to have her.”

“Excuse me. How the fuck did this happen, Mother?” I asked coldly.

“My company deals with all types of things. Our reach is pretty far out, we deal with pretty much everything legal and illegal. A portion of our company is made up of a gang, ” She paused waiting for me to say something but all I did was stare coldly., “ I didnt want to tell you for your protection. You have a positive outlook on everything and I couldn't destroy that.”

“Ok, so you made a bad decision and decided to fuck me over in the process.”

“No, kinda. Let me explain from the beginning. I was supposed to have a meeting with Rowan about some money I owed his gang. We were both stubborn and I crossed a line.”

“Crossed a line?” I asked confused.

“Yes, Rowan hates when he doesn't get his money on time. Do not and I mean Do. Not. Get on his bad side, he is someone you don't want to piss off. He got upset and I got scared when he pulled a gun on me and I knocked down a picture of Kayanna and you, he demanded to know who you were Bella, I didn't want to say anything but he pistol-whipped me and I told him you were my daughter and he became intrigued. That's when he gave me a decision, but I wouldn't give you up for free. I wanted him to pay, he gave me $100,000,000 and I accepted. I know money can never replace you in any way, but I can't bear to have it knowing how I got it, so I'm going to give it to you, the entire amount.”

“Oh, ” I mumbled numbly. I'm still mad at the fact she sold me, but this is completely out of my control. Tears streamed down my face as I fully understood what was explained to me.

“Mother you sold me like I was a slave, but sadly I understand why. ” I said with a small sad smile. I released myself from my hug with Kayanna and opened it wider so both of my parents could join in the hug.

We were interrupted by a sudden knock at the door.

“Shit that must be Adan and his crew.” Kayanna left the family hug and opened the door to see three guys walk through the door.

“Vanessa, we're here for the girl” One of the men bombed out. “Keith, Trent go grab her stuff and put it in the car”

“Bella, ” Mother began, “This is Kay one of Rowan’s members in his crew.” Kay and I locked eyes and all I could do was muster a cold stare at him.

“Oh, icy. That's interesting. Anyway, cutie let's go.” I gathered everyone in one last hug and walked out of my old home with Kay. I kept my head high and my shoulder squared as I walked out. I will not allow any one of these people to see any type of weakness from me. No matter how much I'm hurting I will protect myself.

When we got outside there were three black 2019 Chevy Tahoes, the two men that Kay had sent upstairs had been packing my belongings in the truck in once of the Tahoes.

Everyone was outside with tears in their eyes.

“Call as often as you can, please Belladonna.” Mom sobbed out.

“Don't cry Mom, I promise you that I will kick his ass if he does something I'm not comfortable with,” I said calmly.

“Good I was about to tell you that,” Kayanna said with a light smile. In her eyes, I could see the sadness and anger at the situation. Stepping away from me so Mother could talk to me next.

“Here, ” Mother said, “It was a present from my mom when I moved to Florida.” When the hell did she get that from? Was she holding it the entire time? “Open it when you're alone and use it only if you need to.” Mother whispered in my ear and higher me once more before I walked to the Tahoe where Kay was standing in front of.

Kay opened the door for me and I slid in the leather-covered truck and see an attractive man. He looked around my age.

“Hello Bella, ” he said in a deep husky voice. It sent shivers down my spine.

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