A Gang Owns Me

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My New Home

I wasn't expecting Rowan to be so hot, but I won't let him know. His tattoos and jawline though... No! I have to act distant and uncaring! But he's muscular too...

“You must be Rowan Adan. It's a pleasure to meet you.” I said coldly holding out my hand to shake, but he grabbed it and kissed it.

“The pleasure’s all mine Bella.” Keep your shit together Bella!

I quickly snatched my hand from his grasp, “Let's get one thing straight right now. You don't get to call me Bella. To you I am Belladonna.” I started as I glared.

“Done princess? There are some rules I have for you to keep me happy and you safe. So listen up. I have three rules:

1. Don't flirt with other guys.

2. You aren't allowed to leave unless you have my permission to do so.

3. Don't disrespect me.”

“The first one is understandable. The second one sucks. The third one... Well, the third one is kinda, lowkey obvious. They seem so dumb if I'm being truthful.”

“Those are the rules and you will follow them,” Rowan said.

“If I decide to follow them. Last time I checked I'm a human being and an independent woman.”

Rowan’s face hardened and his hand wrapped around my throat holding it, he applied pressure but I could still breathe. He came close to my ear and said, “Last time I checked you belong to ME.” he growled into my ears. Not gonna lie kinda hot, but who the FUCK does he think he's talking to??

“That doesn't mean shit to me, if I'm being honest,” I said rolling my eyes attempting to get his hand off my neck, but he tightened his hold in a warning and said nothing else. Imagine spending $100,000,000 on a person just to strangle them. How the fuck does that work.

After 15 minutes we reached a mansion, “This is a huge and gorgeous house!” I claimed stepping out of the truck

“This mansion is your new home.” Rowan said coming out of the truck and standing next to me.

I walked inside and stop in awe at the decor, “I'm actually surprised. You have a sense of style. And it's kinda nice.”

“I designed our room, but my mom and sister helped me decorate everything else.”

“They did a- I'm sorry, did you say our room?”

“Yeah. So?”

I shook my head ‘no’. I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you that's what dumbass. I'd rather sleep on the damn floor than sleep in the same bed as a stranger. Especially when that stranger is an asshole.

He started walking up the stairs, I guess towards our room, and I ran up to catch up to him. Keeping a straight face. While he walked upstairs I got to stare at his ass. His ass looks like he was sculpted by the Gods themselves.

I looked at the box in my hand looking at in confusion.

What the hell is this? And why did Mother give it to me?

A/N: The mansion's exterior can look any way you want, but I'll describe the interior of the mansion sometime in the future.
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