A Gang Owns Me

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Introductions to the Crew

When we got to the bedroom I noticed that it looked quite nice and cozy. The room was painted black, but it looked like the black you see on a blackboard and the bed was huge. The floor was a fuzzy gray carpet. There was a balcony, I looked outside and I see a lake and a hot tub and I think I see lights but I don't know.

I turn back around to see that Rowan was changing his shirt and I got to see all the tattoos he had over his muscular body, he even had a nipple piercing, he also had a few ear piercings and a small silver nose ring. He changed into a black and white t-shirt and black jeans. The t-shirt hugged his body quite nicely.

“I like your tattoos and your nose ring. ” I whispered out still staring at his neck and arms.

He looked up and smirked, “Like what you see princess?”

“I said I liked your tattoos and the nose ring. That's it.” I pouted and turned my head in annoyance, he opened his mouth to retort when a knock came at the door and then Kay and the two guys from earlier came in with my belongings.

“This shit is heavy, why the hell do you have so many things?” Kay huffed out.

“At least you didn't have to pack and unpack her stupid wardrobe.” The guy on the right complained.

“I could've helped you guys. It's my stuff you guys shouldn't have to carry it by yourselves.” I said looking concerned.

“Ignore them, princess, they're acting like little babies,” Rowan said rolling his chocolate eyes.

“You didn't have to carry shit, Rowan!” the three other males exclaimed.

“Whatever. Belladonna these are my friends. You already met Kay.”, this time I actually took a good look at him and he's actually adorable. Kay has black short curly hair, chocolate eyes, white skin, a black nose ring, and tattoos scattered around, his most identifiable tattoo is the one on his neck that says ‘kill me softly.’, “The one on the right is Trent,” Rowan said pointing at him. Trent had short brown hair, sterling gray eyes, white skin, two-lobe piercings, and had sleeve tattoos.“Finally on the left is Keith.” Keith looks the scariest guy here. He has blond long hair that's put up in a half up and half down ponytail, two scars near his brown eyebrows, tanned skin, a face tattoo, three silver earrings, a black leather gold spiked choker, and two silver chains.

I smiled and waved at Kay, but stuck my middle fingers at Keith and Trent, “Nice to formally meet everyone.” Keith smirked, Trent looked scandalized, Kay was holding back a laugh, and Rowan shook his head in amusement.

“Oh, Rowan you picked an interesting chick,” Kay said finally breaking and laughing.

I grab my shorts and courtesy, “Thank you, being boring is something I can't do, so get used to it.” I winked.

Rowan chuckled and shook his head, “Okay we'll leave you alone so you can change and unpack, we'll be downstairs.” I nodded and they all filed out the room.

I waited a moment before opening Mother’s present. I opened it and I see a gun. Well shit. I look over to the dresser and slide the gun and bullets under it, pushing it as far as I could. I put my clothes and shoes away then opened the door and bumped into a leather-covered chest. I looked up and saw Keith. Well fuck.

“Watch it.” Keith snarled out

“Fuck off it was an accident.” Why the fuck did I say that?

He said nothing and glared at me, before walking away. I decided to explore my new home and of course, I ended up getting lost, but that's the fun of it! I sat down to take a break.

“Are you lost?” A smooth voice said, I looked up to see Kay.

“Hmm, yes, and no. I enjoy being lost so I don't really consider it lost but yeah I would be considered lost.”

Kay looked at me and laughed, “Well ok then. Rowan wants you in his office so I’ll take you there. Give me your hands.” I stuck out my arms and he helped me stand up.

I followed him down a long hallway and we arrived at a dark wooden door. Kay knocked and entered. Rowan’s office was filled to the brim with books. There was a desk and it held two chairs in front of it. I wonder if I turn one of the books will it reveal a secret room. That would cool. I'll ask him later, maybe.

Kay and Rowan both looked at me expecting something, “What's up?”

“I asked you a question.”

“Oh sorry I was thinking. Sometimes I tend to space out and disconnect from reality.” I answered sheepishly.

“Well, it's whatever. I need to talk to you. Kay.” Kay nodded in understanding and stepped out closing the door behind him.

“I wanted you to know that we're going to my parent's house tonight, so you'll need to change and we're having dinner with my family tomorrow.

“I don't have a choice in the matter, do I? In anything do I?”

“Glad you know princess.” He replied with a wink.

“Whatever I'm going to take a shower now, bye.” I answered rolling my eyes.

He said nothing and I walked out back into the room we shared. I'm starting to get the hang of living around here, still don't like Rowan tho.

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