A Gang Owns Me

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Meeting the Parents

Getting out of the warm bathroom and rushing around the room trying to remember where I placed my bras and panties. The outfit I had picked was a white laced long sleeve shirt paired with a blue and white flower-patterned ankle-length skirt paired with blue flats. I put my hair in a high ponytail tied with a blue and white bow. I put on some lipgloss and decided to leave it at that. Mom always said “Natural beauty is the best beauty.” well that was part of it anyways.

I shook my head and walked downstairs to see all the boys waiting near the front door. I must say all their black button-up shirts make them look nice. Keith even had two buttons undone. Keith is hot. Not gonna lie

“You look like you're going to church,” Kay said laughing as I came downstairs.

“I don't care. I like what I'm wearing so let's go.” I replied annoyed. I look nice. I've dressed appropriately and that's all I care about. Hmph!

Rowan opened the door and let me slide in, so I had the window seat and he was in the middle. Kay was in the driver seat, Keith in the passenger seat and Trent on was the other window seat. We started driving and I stared out the tinted window watching as the street light fly by as we drove by them. It was silent but a peaceful silence and I was happy. I didn't have to hear any of these idiots talk.

“We’re here princess.” There goes my happy silence.

I take a deep breath attempting to calm my nerves and nodded, stepping out the truck with the help of Rowan. I noticed the huge house in front of me and gasped. This a huge bitch.

We walked inside and it looks so elegant and classy. I could live here forever. The people inside even looked classy.

“Your parent's house is gorgeous.” I gap out looking at everything.

“Yea my mom decorated everything. My dad doesn't care, as long as she's happy then he's happy.”

“Rowan my baby!” A woman called out walking over to us. She has long black hair with sterling gray eyes. She wore a form-fitting off the shoulder emerald green dress. She was stunning, “Hi mom.” MOM?!? She looks like she's twenty! I thought that was his sister.

How is everyone doing? It's been a while since I've seen everyone! Why has it taken so long for y'all to visit? Oh, whose this Rowan?”

Her gaze landed on me after a couple of questions, “I’m Belladonna Shade and I'm Rowan’s date for the evening. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Adan.” I softly said holding my hand out to shake.

“Oh my goodness you are absolutely adorable! You are the nicest and sweetest girl Rowan has brought to our home. Your outfit is so cute where did you get it?”

Instead of shaking my hand, she embraced me tightly. “I bought the shirt at Macy's and I made the skirt. But what was that thing about me being the nicest and sweetest girl Rowan has ever brought? There's been, other girls? ”

“Yes there have been, they're usually scants though.”

“Mom!” Rowan interjected.

“I only speak the truth, Rowan.” She shrugged. “I'm going to mingle with the other old people, oh before I forget Rowan your father wants to see you in his office. I'll see you tomorrow right Bella? I can call you Bella right?”

“Yes, of course, you'll see me tomorrow and yes you can call me Bella. Go have fun, Mrs. Adan.”

“Call me mom, everyone does. It makes me feel less old. ” I nodded and she was gone. Rowan was also gone and everyone else was dancing with older women. Great leave me alone in a place I know nothing about! Fuck y'all!

Somehow I ended up in the kitchen and I saw Kayanna. At least I think it was. I get closer and I see Mrs. Adan and my parents. “Mom, Mother!”

“That's funny I was just about to tell your parents that you were here. Come join us.” Mrs. Adan waved me over. I nodded and stood between my two moms.

Rowan’s POV

“I see that you have the Shade’s daughter as your date.” My father says.
“What of it? She came here willingly.”
“We both know that's bullshit. Vanessa Shade has been a friend of mine. We talk regularly, you must've expected this conversation.”
I shrugged as an answer, “We also both know that you didn't call me in here to bitch about a situation you know nothing about. So why did you want to see me?”
“It's about your gang.”
“What about it? It's my gang.”
“You replaced Akira.”
“So what? It's my gang and I call the shots.”
“Akira helped you start. You had nothing and you're going to get rid of him like he's trash.”
“He was holding me back from my true potential, so if that's all. Bella and I will be taking our leave. See you tomorrow.”
I walked out not wanting to hear anything else my stupid father had to say and slammed the door for good measure.

Belladonna’s POV
I couldn't look my mother in the eye and was ignoring her and talking to mom and Kayanna. I know doing this hurts not only me, but everyone else, but can you blame me? My mother literally sold me to a gang.

I was laughing with Mrs. Adan when I noticed a pissed off Rowan, “I’m sorry, but I have to go now it was nice to meet you Mrs. Adan and I’ll see all of y’all soon.” I hugged and kissed everyone goodbye not really knowing if I would be able to see them soon, but I need to Rowan before he blows up.

He was already talking to Keith, Kay, and Trent when I reached him,“Cmon let’s go before you blow a fuse.” I said grabbing his hand dragging him and the others outside to the cars.

“Awe the princess is worried?” Rowan asked in a condescending tone. I kept my mouth shut and pushed him into the car while everyone else figured out their own arrangements.

We reached the house in record time, Rowan brushed past me into the room we shared and I slowly followed suit. I waited outside until I heard he was done and I entered and showered.

I grabbed a pillow and found an extra fluffy patch on the ground and prepared to fall asleep feeling Rowan’s eyes following my every moment.

“What the hell are you doing?”
“Sleeping. Goodnight.”

I could feel the glare but he said nothing and shut off the lights and we went to sleep.
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