A Gang Owns Me

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He’s Not so Bad

I woke up to the sun shining on my face. I blinked a couple of times to wake up fully.

“Why are you on the floor?” A voice asked crouching next to me. I got scared and threw a punch at the person, and it landed.

“OWWWWW!” Kay yelled loudly, “That hurts like a bitch.”

“What’s going on? What happened?” Trent asked coming into the room followed by Keith. Then I heard a groan from the bed and see Rowan waking up.

“What’s the yelling for? Why are you all here? Leave me alone.” Rowan said covering his face with a pillow. I roll my eyes and pay attention to Kay.

“Kay move your hand let me see.”

" You punch hard Bella!” Kay moves his hands from his nose, but I could see his eyes were tearing up a little.

“I’m so sorry. You scared me and I reacted. Your nose isn’t broken though, so that’s a plus.” He shrugged and wiped his eyes.

“Is everyone going to ignore me?” Rowan snapped.

“Are we going to acknowledge that Bella punched the shit out of Kay?” Kay and I stuck our middle fingers at Rowan and Trent.

“So why are y’all in here?”

“We wanted Rowan to make breakfast.” Kay and Trent spoke.

“Keep bothering him till he does it.” Keith, Trent, and Kay looked at each other and looked back at me, “What was that for? Hey, wait if y’all have a plan leave me out of it.” Kay shook his head and picked me up, “Aw this is bullshit put me down.”

“You want to be put down?” Trent asked.

“Yeah, that's what I just saidddddd!” Kay had tossed me on top of Rowan and I screamed the three guys tried to run, but it was too late. The beast had awoken. I hate it here.

I jumped off Rowan and ran out of the room, crawling between their legs to escape. Damn, that’s tuff. Everyone for themselves!

I found a guest bedroom and decided to hide in there more specifically the closet. There was a shelf I decided to climb on top of it and close the closet door.

“Rowan won’t look for me here.” It was Kay.

“Kay come hide in the closet.” I harshly whispered. “What the fuck? Bella? How did you? Know what great hiding spot. We’re screwed Keith and Rowan are a team and Trent went missing.”

“Let’s stay positive,” I stated

“We’re gonna die faster.” He faked sobbed from below me.

“I have an escape plan. We’ll hop out the window if we’re caught and run.”

“Smart come down here so I don’t have to keep breaking my neck.” I rolled my eyes, opened the door, and hopped down joining Kay.

The door suddenly burst open and Trent came stumbling in.

“OMG Trent you’re alive! I thought you were a goner.”

“I thought I was too. Thankfully I have amazing ninja skills!”

I covered his mouth and shushed him. “Keith they’re in here! Come on Princess make this easy and give up.”

“Over my blackened soul!” I yelled back. Kay and Trent glared at me as Rowan laughed. “Now we can do this the easy way or hard way princess. Choose.”

“Come at me, bro!” There was silence and I got to work on the window cause I refuse to die here.

The door got busted down by Keith and Rowan just as they walked in I hopped out the window and crept away silently as Kay and Trent got beat up. I heard a yell and I ran to the kitchen grabbing a pan. Hiding behind an island. I heard footsteps entering the kitchen.

“We didn’t check the kitchen yet, Kay go ahead and look.” I heard footsteps coming closer I got too scared and threw the pan and ran to the lake and jumped in just as they reached the shore.

“Twice in one day, you hit me. What did I do to you, Bella?”

“Self-dense cupcake. Also super sorry. I’ll make your favorite dessert or whatever later.” I feel bad though he’s the nicest one here and I keep hurting him.

“Bell sweetheart you can’t stay there all day.” Rowan cooed out from the shore.

“Watch me!”

“Are you sure you want to stay there? We hide bodies there from time to time. It would suck if-”

“Fuck you, that doesn’t scare me. I will stay here as long as I can!”

Kay and Keith were smirking and I looked around looking for Trent. Well fuck. I’m dragged down for a hot second before I’m being fireman carried back onto the shore. Rowan takes me back from Trent’s grasp and he carried me back to the house like I was a sack of potatoes. “This was a setup!”

I tilted enough of my weight forward so I did a cartwheel and ran off. “Whoever reaches the house last doesn’t get breakfast!” I called out from behind me. I heard groans and shouts. All I could do was laugh at their struggle.

“That was so unfair! You had a head start!” Kay accused pointing a finger at me.

“Just like all of you teamed up on me to catch me?”

“Well, when you put it that wayyyyyy. Fair enough.”

“I’ll eat when I’m done taking a shower, so see you in a bit.”

Kay waved me off and I ran upstairs to the bedroom, something in my gut told my stay in the room a little longer so I did. I kept busy by plugging in my headphones and fixing the bed and pillows. I looked in the closet to see what I should wear to the dinner. I picked a black long sleeve shirt, a pale pink front lace upskirt with black tights, and black velvet Mary Jane heels. I also decided to do my nails while I was upstairs alone. I choose which press on nail set and glued them on, they were coffin tips with a black and gray marble pattern.

As I waited for my nails to dry I thought about earlier this morning. Rowan isn't horrible as I first thought, he's still a dick.

Rowan’ POV
I reached the house and noticed Bella wasn't there. I figured she went upstairs to take a shower. I went to the kitchen and got to work on breakfast. I made a waffle sandwich (filled with bacon, scrambled eggs). I was about to call Bella down but one of my men came in.

“We finally got Manny, boss.” I nodded my head signally to bring him in.

Keith brought a chair for him to sit in and helped Carter bring in Manny. “Rowan the man I was looking for. I have your money just let me go and I'll give it to you.”

I laughed and took the bat Kay brought for me and I swung it at his knee. “You're a liar. You had enough time. You brought this on yourself.”

“No, no NOOO!” I laughed swung the bat again and again hitting different spots. I handed Keith the bat and he smiled sadistically and looked like a kid in a candy store.

I grabbed Bella's plate and headed upstairs to give her, her breakfast.
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