Forever Yours

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A man falls in love with the most stunning beauty on earth. After years of her disappearance, he waits each day and night by the pier for her. Will she reappear or has she disappeared for eternity?

Romance / Fantasy
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Every night he went on the shore and listened. He swore he heard the whispering's of music but no one else did and they called him crazy for it. But he went down and listened to it every night. He could not resist it.

One night as he sat on the edge of the cliff, he felt compelled to go on the beach. He did so. A Beautiful women was in the water. Her lips moving to the sound of the music. He realized that she was the one that made the noise. As soon as she saw him she crawled to the shore but once she got to the shallow water she struggled.

He rushed to help her. But almost dropped her when he saw her tail. She asked him to take her to the shore. He did so and she sang by his side all night. Just before dawn she explained that she had been watching him through magic for some time. She had fallen in love with him and had seen him on that cliff one night and sang for him. She had been doing it ever since. That night had been the first night she had been able to gather the courage to bring him to the beach so that she might meet him.

The next night He asked her how to sing the song and she taught him. He sang it with her and she was delighted to find he had a wonderful voice, as good as hers. He then came to the beach every night and sang the song together. When ever he needed comforting she would sing a song that she refused to teach him. But always made him feel better. This went on for months.

His mother was worried about him. She heard the rumors about his sanity and followed him to the beach one night. She watched in amazement as the Lady came out of the sea and he sang with her hours on end. But she made a noise and the poor mermaid swam into sea and called her her love. "Now that someone other than you has seen me I must go. Look for me!" He promised he would. His mother was sorry, especially after he explained. But he spent years and years looking for her. Many loved him. But he never stayed. Moving from town to town. He moved along the coastline. He visited every beach he knew and sang the song she had taught him.

Finally he was so old his wrinkles had wrinkles and his voice was now croaky. He sat on the beach where he had once met her and tried to sing. But his throat was to dry. So he simply said, "Oh my mermaid. Why have you abandoned me?" And laid down to die. Suddenly she was there. As beautiful as ever and begging him to sing the song. The one she had once refused to teach him. He tried, and she brought him water.

Finally, he was able to finish. Even as he spoke the last words he felt the change. He felt him self growing younger, and his legs twisting together. When it was done. He had a tail like his love and he was young again. She brought him to the sea and they hugged each other. e asked her h she had not taken him earlier. The mermaid almost cried and told him that she had wished to see him again. So she struck a deal with the king of mermaids and men. If he spent the rest of his life looking for her, she could change him and he could live with her forever. She finally was able to bring him here. He thanked her and together they swam to the land of Mermen.

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