My criminal lover

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Emily back in beach city after 5 years, A new job, A new house, A new life! She can't wait to see what all has changed since she left. But what happens when she get an unexpected visit from an intruder?

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Yes ma’am

A soft ocean breeze washed gently over the dazzling white sand pulling my long blonde hair back over my shoulder as I made my way over to the crystal like water that graced the beach 'how long has it been since I was last here' I thought before sitting down and watching the waves roll over my feet 'about 5 years I guess' I thought as I laid back allowing the warmth of the sun to caress my pale skin as my mind began to drift away "HELLO!" A voice called taking me away from the peace that had come over me letting out a small sigh I open my bright Blue eyes and look at the source of the voice a small boy with curly black hair. "hello" I said allowing a small smile to show "my names Steven. Are you new here I know everyone here so you must be new." he states proudly "well it's a pleasure to meet you Steven, my name is Emily" I chuckle amused by his greeting "and as for your question no I'm not new here. I actually used to live here a couple years ago." I explained as I stood up and dusted the sand off of my pants "oh well welcome back!" Steven grinned "thank you Steven" I smiled ruffling his hair before turning to leave "it was nice meeting you Steven maybe we will see each other again" I call over my shoulder "you should come to visit sometime! My house is just up the beach!" Steven yells after me making me freeze in my place and whip around to face the small boy "would it happen to be near the town ruins?!" I enquirer with wide eyes "well I wouldn't call them ruins but they are pretty old" Steven stated obviously confused by my sudden change of mood "alright I think I will pay you a visit later then" I smiled before turning in the direction of my home waving goodbye to Steven as I walked away.

By the time I make it to my house the sun was no longer in the sky and the moon shown proudly in its place "ugh why is it so cold tonight" I muttered to myself as a walked up to the door turning the handle and stepping inside 'that's weird I coulda sworn that I locked the door before I left' I sigh deciding to just shrug it off and head up stairs only to stop halfway through the door at the sight before me my house was a mess bits and pieces of my coffee table were thrown about my couch was flipped and the worst part about it was the fact that the person who had done this was still inside my house if the string of curse words coming from the kitchen was any indication. Gulping I grabbed the nearest thing that could even remotely be considered a weapon unfortunately it happened to be a umbrella with a metal piece for a tip. Stealing myself I run into the kitchen umbrella drawn back ready to attack only to be picked up forcefully and smashed against the wall by a rather large and muscular woman. 'Wait what' I thought as I finally gave my intruder a good hard look she was about 6'with long jet black hair, sharp green eyes and soft looking lips unfortunately they were drawn back into a menacing snarl that brought me back to my current situation "you have the gall to even attempt to attack me who do you think you are" the woman growled causing an involuntary shiver to corse threw my body "the owner of this house!" I snapped back trying to be just as menacing as the woman who was pinning me against the wall causing her to stare at me in disbelief "who the FUCK do you think you are just barging into someone's house and wrecking it" I howled trashing around like a wild animal "I don't think you fully understand the situation you are in" the woman bellowed bringing me off the wall and smashing me back into it hard enough to nock the wind out of me and crack the drywall before letting me slide to the floor "my name is Jade and wither you like it or not this 'house' shall be my base. Understand." The woman stated grinning when I give a small nod "good now get out of my sight" she ordered turning away allowing me to flee to my room. "Yes ma'am." “Oh and by the way my name is Jade!” She calls after me causing me to stop just shy of closing my door. “Emily.” I call back before slamming the door shut.

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