My criminal lover

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It’s been about three months now of living with Jade and I have lost count of haw many times I have been in this situation. ”Jade no stop please" I begged as she dangled me over the balcony of my bedroom "are you going to explain it to me"she asked showing off her large canines with a feral grin. "YES! yes I'll explain it for the love of Mara" I wail clinging to her arm as she pulls me back over the railing and into the house "good now explain why you were talking to those cops!!” She orders. “Ok ok." I start. “They called me over to ask if I had seen any suspicious people about. I DIDN’T tell them about you I promise.”she nods taking in the information I just gave her “Alright I beleave you, but I’ll be watching you" she huffed before standing up I sigh as I laid back on the floor and closed my eyes letting my heart rate return to normal. "what are you doing?" Jade’s voice cut into the silence "laying down obviously" I reply while rolling onto my side "why are you laying down?" She questioned as she sat down next to me poking me when she didn't get a response "hey? heeeeeeyyyy.Emily!" She snapped getting annoyed "what did you just say" I question sitting so to get a better look at her "hey?" She states "no after that." I roll my eyes at her response "heeeeeeyyyy?" "After that." I roll my eyes again. "Emily?" " yes that's it! you said my name!" I squealed happily before getting a hand placed over my mouth. "Don't do that again it." Jade huffed before releasing me. "Yoooooouuuuu said my name." I grinned as I climbed into her lap "you said my naaaaame." I sang while poking her causing her to blush furiously and let out a slight whimper 'woah' I thought as I poked her again getting another whimper "s-stop that" she ordered pushing my hand away 'did she just stutter? Oh gods that's adorable!' I thought as I brought my hand back up to her "I SAID STOP THAT!" She snapped pushing me off of her onto the ground as she pinned my hands above my head "J-Jade?" I question as her pupils dilated and her hair fell around my face "I told you to stop" she whispered her lips dangerously close to mine "now your going to pay..." "oh bring it on" I smirk the challenge clear in my eyes as I leaned up crashing my lips into hers stunning her for a second before she meet my challenge kissing back with just as much force before drawing her tung across my bottom lip asking for entry which I gladly gave. "Mmmm bed" I mumbled between kisses "what?" She asked pulling back to look at me "let's go to the bed" I state again as I tried to sit up "no." She replied pulling me into her lap and kissing down my jaw to my neck before biting down causing me to moan loudly "you like to be bit?" She purred in my shoulder more to herself than to me as her hands skirted down my sides to my thighs then back up stopping at the base of my shorts "these are in the way in fact you're entirely too dressed. Strip." She ordered making me stand in front of her "slowly" she said with a slight blush covering her beautiful face and I can't help but comply as my one of my hands draw my shirt slowly over my navel while my other wandered freely over my toned stomach earning me an appreciative growl from Jade who was watching with heated green eyes "like what you see?" I teased leaning over her as I unclasped my bra and let it slide to the floor "I do but you are taking entirely too long" she growled as she grabbed my wrist and lead me over to the bed 'gods I hope my bed doesn't break' I thought as she bent me over the edge pulling my shorts and underwear down in one swift motion "better" she breathed "now stay like that." She ordered "yes ma'am" I respond with a sly smile and a sway of my hips earning a prompt smack to the ass "say Emily are you a virgin?" She questioned as she leaded over me pushing her breasts into my back " why do you a-AH!" I gasp interrupted by her thrusting into me harshly 'well that question was irrelevant' I thought as she began a merciless pace filling me to the brim with her member at each thrust "ah gods Jade s-slow down!" I begged as the bed began to creak beneath us "fuck no" she growled as she pulled me into a standing position before picking me up off the ground "a-ah jaaaaaaddddeee" I moaned reaching back with one of my hands to grab a fistful of her long black hair and using the other to brace myself on her muscular arm "that's right call my name. No scream it!" She huffed before sinking her teeth into my shoulder causing me to gasp as all the tension finally snaps "JAAAADE!!!" I scream as my orgasm crashes into me followed by a hot feeling 'oh gods' "J-JaDE pull out! Pull out!" I gasp as she responds with a grunt of effort pulling out and releases onto the floor 'that was too close I thought as Jade walked over to the bed and laid down keeping me on top of her as we both dosed off.

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