My criminal lover

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Exploring the temple

"Nnnnn turn off the sun." I complained snuggling closer to Jasper in an attempt to get away from the intruding light. "Emily what are you doing" Jade mutters as I pull her arm up to cover my face. "The sun its evil you must protect me from it" I whine getting a tired chuckle in response. "No you must fight your own battles." She laughed moving her arm away from my face and back to my side. "I think I'm going to visit Steven today." I yawn before rolling over so I was facing Jade. "You know Steven!" She questioned grabbing my shoulders roughly. " I wouldn't say that I 'know' him we met on the beach when I first got here and he invited me to his house. It’s right next to the temple and I’ve wanted to document there for years." I explain as I tried to get out of her grip. " this is perfect you can befriend the child and report back to me with the status of their house is it’s been one of my marks for years! They have so many anteques there just ripe for the picking!” She huffed triumphantly giving me a hard kiss. "What what? I'm not going to spy on them for you!" I snap in disbelief before getting out of bed. "What why not?! It's the perfect opportunity!!" She yelled before a sudden calm eased over her. "Come on Emily just say yes..." she purred giving me a chilling smile. "Ugh FINE I'll spy on Steven for you geez!" I snap before storming off to take a shower.

"I'm heading out be back in a bit!" I call out getting a grunt from the living room in return. "Love you too Jade." I muttered as I closed the door behind me making my way to the oceans shore fallowing it all the way to the temple. "Emily! You came to visit!" Steven ran over to me hugging me around the waist. "I said I would didn't i?" I chuckled "well come on! I can't wait for you to meet everyone!" He cheered as he pulled me up to his house. "Guys guess who's here! It's the lady I told y'all about!" Steven called out notifying the others the they had a guest. "Steven what is this woman doing here?" A tall skinny lady asked giving me a once over "Joyce this is Emily, Emily this is Joyce." He introduced giving me a slight shove in Joyce’s direction. "I-it's nice to meet you Joyce" I stutter while reaching out for a hand shake. "Steven how many times do I have to tell you not to bring random people into the house?" She stated ignoring my extended hand. 'Rude' I thought as I watched her walk deeper into the house. "But she's not random she has an interest in the temple! So I wanted to show her around!" Steven stated while giving the slender woman a puppy dog pout. "Why are you interested in the temple?" Pearl asked putting her nose to mine. "I came back to beach city to join an architectural dig that's supposed to be staged nearby but they have yet to find anything so when Steven gave me the opportunity to explore a ancient temple I leapt on the chance. I'm here for only curiosity's sake" I explain as I move away from her and start to wander around the house then over to a strange flat stone in the back of the house running my fingers over it lightly l. "What a strange artifact. I wonder what it was used for." I muttered as I circled around it taking in all its detail. "I have no clue but we have a library with information on it." Steven interrupted my train of thought. “You have a library." I question looking at the small boy. "Yeah it’s massive lots of old books and research notes.” Steven explained and I give him a nod. "I would love to see it if I could.”I ask. "No problem. Follow me!" He stated with stars in his eyes As he leads the way deeper into the house to an open room "how deep does this thing go..." I whisper while looking around. " up there are the books your looking for." Steven pointed to a shelf close to the ceiling with a smile. "And why are they up there?" I asked taking note of the different books that are with in reach. "They are really old so Joyce wanted them to be up high." He explained as he climbed Down a ladder to show one of the books. “I just wish I could help more but there's not much I can do right now." He sighed before turning to face me. "Anyway it's getting late let's head back" he says as he walked back into the main room. 'Did I really just spend all day looking at books, doesn’t surprise me.?' I think letting out a sigh. " it was good to see you again you should drop by some day." I say as I hand him a slip of paper with my address in it and leave heading back to my house.

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