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Hey Jade I'm home!" I called out as the front door clicked closed behind me. It's about time! Now what did you learn?" Jade questioned from the living room.I sighed before plopping down in her lap. "What did you learn Emily.” she huffed rolling her eyes slightly. "Well first they have this thing in the house some sort of artifact but they don’t know what it is.” I start while leaning back into Jade as she wrapped her arms around me. "Alright well what else did you learn?" She asked giving me an encouraging smile. "Well Steven showed me a place where they keep a lot of books. He said that they were old, and the definitely are. unfortunately that's all I found out because I spent the rest of the time starring at the book." I chuckled before being turned around. "You will show me where that room is understand." She ordered while grabbing my chin so that I was forced to look at her. "What? Why?" I question puffing out my cheeks. "Because the books they have there are worth a lot of money! Imagen getting you hands on them we’d be able to travel anywhere in the world! We’d be RICH!” She roared triumphantly. "I'm not taking you to them." I interrupted getting out of Jasper's lap and walking to my room. "What do you mean you're not taking me to them?!?" She snapped as she got to her feet to follow me "Emily Answer me! Why won't you take me to them!!!" She growled as she got to the bedroom door. "GO AWAY!" I yelled from the bed. "I'm not going away until you tell me why you won't help me!" Jade snapped back before trying to open the door. "Emily open the door." She sighed in an attempt to calm down. "No, now go away." I whimper snuggling farther into the blankets I had covered myself in. "I'm not going to go away Emily. Now please open the door." Jade pleaded I sighed and opened the door with a soft click of the lock. "It's because It’s wrong Jade." I sigh when she entered the room. "You want to do something that willl take away priceless artifacts and hurt someone else how am I supposed to feel good about helping you with that?" I asked looking up at Jade with pleading eyes. "I can't Jade. I just can't. I care about you and I'd like to help you but not at the risk of everything and everyone that I love. Asking me to do that to help you steal something so special... it it's just something I can't do." I continue when no reply came. "Emily .... I- I don't know what to say." Jade started "I didn't think about it. That you would be so strongly against this that is. Emily if you don't want to help me... I won't force you but I am going to get those books. With or without you." She sighed as she got up heading back into the living room leaving me in silence as tears slid down my cheeks.

"Jade?" I call quietly as I pad bare foot into the living room where the tan woman sat silently staring at the tv screen. "Jade are you ok?" I ask before sitting next to her. "I don't know what to do. I’m a criminal I steal I love the was it makes me feel." She sighed while pulling me into her lap and resting her head on my shoulder. "and now I think I'm falling in love. I don't know what to do anymore." She continued. "Why not give it a chance? Going clean I mean maybe if you experience it you might find that you like it." I blushed as I snuggled closer to her. "Maybe." She sighed before kissing my cheek "anyway you should be in bed right you need sleep after all." She states. "Ido but I'm perfectly happy where I am." I yawn earning a chuckle from Jade. "Alright up we go." She huffed while picking me up bridal style making me squeak in surprise and cling to her tightly. "J-Jade what the hell p-put me down." I stutter not liking being up this high. "You're so cute when you're scared." She purred as she headed upstairs to my bedroom. "I I'm serious Jade PUT. ME. DOWN!" I wail. "Ok." She laughed as she drops me onto the bed. looking at me with a feral grin when I yelped. "Yep cute when you're scared." She chuckled before falling into the bed next to me making me bounce. "Shit Jade don't break my bed!" I snapped face turning red when she shot me a sly smile. "Now you know if I was going to break your bed it wouldn't be from falling on it." She laughed as my face turned another shade of red. "Shut up you perv." I snapped before laying down facing away from her. "Perv?" She questioned rolling me back over so that I was facing her. "Yes a perv! You know someone who is always thinking about dirty stuff!" I huff still flustered by her remark. "Oh then yes I'm a perv." She chuckled. "Yes you a-AH-r" I moan as her hands cupped my butt. "Jade no I have work tomorrow." I whimper as I struggle to get out of her grasp. "So? Just don't go." She growled while continuing the assault on my back side. "I can just skip work Jade I have to g-OH!" I gasp as her finger slides down to my core rubbing it gently through my underwear. "Please." She asked giving me a puppy dog pout. "Fine." I sigh giving her a heated glare as she picked me up and put me on her lap. "You really need to stop man handling me." I mutter as a blush crept its way across my face. "Oh you know you like it." She laughed before pulling me down for a kiss. "Shut up." I mumbled into the kiss as I rolled my hips into hers getting a rough groan from the woman beneath me. "You know you look hot under me." I purr as I look down at her slightly allowing my hair to fall and frame my face. "Oh hold on! I wanna try something!" I cheer as I jump off of her and run to the closet swinging tho door open so I can grab a box from the top shelf. "And what is it you want to try." She breaths into my neck making me jump. "Gods don't do that I didn't even hear you move." I gasp grabbing my chest to emphasize the fact that she had startled me. "I'm just that good." She said giving me a wink. "Uhuh now bend down you behemoth." I ordered getting a glare in response. "Don't tell me what to do." She snapped. "Oh shut up." I chuckled as she finally bent over allowing me to give her a quick kiss before heading back to the bed and opening the box. "What are these?" she asked pulling out paints. "Edible body paints." I respond not looking up "so you can eat these?" She asked with a mischievous smirk on her face as she pushed me down onto the bed and removed my shirt and bra. "What are you planning?" I giggled as she peppered kissed across my chest before straddling my hips and popping open the orange paint. "I'm planning on making you mine." She growled before scribbling something across my belly. "What does that mean." I asked not understanding the scribbles. "It's my name." She hummed before licking it off causing me to shiver. "Ok well then my turn." I smile as she gets out of her cloths exposing herself completely to me. Before laying back giving me better access to her muscular abs. "Oh honey I don't wanna write my name there." I state giving her a sly smile. Then where do you wanna write it?" She asked giving me a quizzical look before blushing furiously. "Finally caught on?" I chucked before grabbing her member making sure to give it a few good strokes before writing my name on it in purple paint and backing away so Jade could admire my work. "To think that a puny woman has claimed me. What would the gang think?" She chuckled softly before kissing me. "I still got to clean it off." I giggled as she kissed my cheeks and nose. "Mmmm later let me take care or you first." She purred as she started to kiss down my body removing my pants and underwear on the way down. "You know you're beautiful." She purred as her fingers slid into me causing me to arch my back as she moved her fingers in a come hither motion drawing moans from me with every curl of her fingers as she pushed me closer to the edge "j-Jade." I moaned as I bucked my hips to match her thrusting. "Yes?" She asked looking up to meet my gaze as she swiped her tough over my clit forcing a moan out of me as she pushed me over the edge fully. "I love you." I panted as I came down from my high before moving in between Jades legs taking her member in my hand and licking the paint off of it earning a soft moan in return before moving up to kiss Her. "Wait y-you're not done are you?!" She asked her voice cracking from tension. "No love I'm not." I chuckled before sinking down into her member receiving a low growl as I rolled my hips gently. "She's not going to last long." I thought when I felt her twitch inside of me. "E-Emily." She breathed before thrusting into me unable to take the slow pace anymore. "Jade." I moan as she captured my lips with hers in a heated kiss as she came. "I love you too." She purred before pulling out and wrapping her arms around me as sleep began to call our names.

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