My criminal lover

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Oh no

"Nnnngh Jade get up." I groan as I roll away from the large gem. "Why?" The large woman groaned pulling me closer in a futile attempt to keep me in bed. "At least let me get up..." I sighed while trying to work my way out of the arms that incased me. "No." she huffed into the crook of my neck tickling me with her breath. "J-Jade seriously I need to get up!!" I snapped before shoving my arm back and hitting her in the stomach causing her to release me with a huff. "Fine there you're free." She grumbled as she rolled over putting her back to me angrily. "Oh stop it you big baby I just need to call my work and let them know I'm not coming in today." I chuckled before heading into the living room making sure to close the door behind me.

“What do you mean a pipe busted ! What about all the artifacts and bones!” I snap over the phone. “Ugh FINE, fine I’ll be there.” I sigh before hanging up. "Stupid dig site, stupid boss still making me come in." I muttered as i got dressed. "Emily?" Jade questioned grabbing my hand before I could leave. "WHAT?!" I snapped causing her to flinch slightly. WELL?!" I growled glaring at the tan woman. "Are you ok?" She asked dumbly earning a glare in response. "I'm fine just peachy!" I snapped as i shrugged off her hand and made my way out of the house. "I'll be back later!" I called from the car before pulling out of the drive.

"I can't believe this! My square it's rewind. What the actual hell happened?!" I snapped at the girl next to me who was unfortunately the center of my anger. "Well the pipe we were using to tunnel the water busted and it flooded the lower levels of the dig site." She mumbled, flinching when I threw my shovel into the ground narrowly missing her foot. "How can this day get any worse! Of wait I know all the Neanderthal bones are rewind and the layers of sediments are blinded on the outer layer it's going to take hours to fix I can't ... I can't ugh" I groan holding my stomach before vomiting up my lunch. "Miss storme? A-are you ok?" The girl asked giving me a worried expression as I continued to vomit. "Yeah I'm fine just a little worked up." I huffed before sitting down holding my head I my hands. "Should I go get the head?" She asked. "No it's fine just let me fix this mess." I stated before getting to my feet and heading into my square to shovel out the blended sediment. "O-ok." The girl sighed before she left stopping when she got to the ladder when a loud crack filled the air. "Emily!" She screamed as the roof around the busted pipe came crashing down.

"J-Jade..." I groan, turning my head slightly in an attempt to look around only to find that my head was being held in place. Panicking try to get up but nothing seems to be working. "Miss storme please try to calm down." A calm voice spoke next to me. "You're in the hospital. My is Dr.Armstrong." The doctor continued as she checked my vitals. "W-what happened?" I questioned receiving a sigh in return. "There was an accident at the excavation site you were working at. The roof caved in and you unfortunately were caught in the middle of it." She explained. "How long am I going to be here?" I asked with a Trembling lip when the weight of the situation finally sank in. "Well you have broken both an left arm and your right leg. The leg being the worst of the two and you have a concussion. But other then that you got off easy that girl took the force of the blow for you. I'd give you two weeks in the hospital and then regular check ups until we can remove the casts." She states before going to the door. "Wait!" I yelled making her freeze. "You you said that a girl took the blow for me. Is she.." "dead." Dr Maheswaran stated before turning to leave “w-wait! If a woman named Jade shows up, she’s tall with black hair and green eyes could your send her back. Please.” I ask earning a nod from the doctor before she closed the door leaving me alone in the sterile room with only my thoughts to keep me company

A few hours pass before I hear the door click open as Jade entered the room. “Thank you doctor.” I smile before turning my attention back to Jade. “I knew you would come. I could feel it." I whispered more to my than to her. I saw the ambulance, they said you got taken away. I was so worried! I-I thought you had died..." She cried as She moved to hold me making sure to be careful of my wounds.

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