My criminal lover

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The two weeks passed rather quickly, Jade being the sweet heart she is stayed with me the whole time doing her best to entertain me as we waited for the ok. "Jade?" I whispered poking her in the side. "Yes love?" She asked, letting out a low chuckle. "Can you get me some water?" I asked, smiling when she nodded making her way to the door side stepping the doctor as she entered. "Good news, you're are now cleared to leave! You just have to check out at the front desk." Dr.armstrong stated with a smile. "Jade!" I screamed hearing the satisfying stomp of my lover as she came barreling through the door. "What it it what's wrong!" She snapped looking for anything out of place. Not finding anything she gave me a questioning glare. "Pick me up?" I asked giving her my best puppy dog pout as I lifted my arms to her. Rolling her eyes she lifted me bridal style causing a heavy blush to cross my face. "Now mush!" I ordered pointing to the door earning a confused glance. "Dr. Armstrong Said was good to go just got to check out now." I stated when she didn't move getting a nod in response Before she took me home.

"Hey Jade." I called from the living room. "Yeah?" She questioned abruptly a scowl clear on her face. " have you seen my crutches?" I asked before using her as a brace to stand. "I think they are in the living room." She stated, smiling as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you love. What would I do with out you?" I joked before hopping over to where my crutches were located stumbling on the way only to be caught in Jasper's strong arms. "Fall." She stated with a chuckle as she stabilized me. "Yeah I guess so huh." I laughed as I grabbed my crutches. "You know I can't wait to get this cast off It's been about two months now I should be getting this thing off soon." I stated absentmindedly while shaking my leg quickly regretting my decision as pain shot up my body causing me to cringe.

"Hey Jade." I purred as I sat down next to her. Not getting a response I huffed and started to play with her hair. "honey what are you looking at." I asked noticing that she was looking at a magazine with narrowed eyes. "Tiny humans..." she mumbled as she flipped a page looking for something. "Tiny humans?" I repeated her statement in confusion. "Yes tiny humans! Here look." She huffed shoving the magazine into my hands and pointing to the picture of a baby. "I want one." She stated causing a harsh blush to cover my face. “Can we have one?" She asked not looking up from the picture. “I don't think that is really an option right now." I chuckled nervously. "Why not!" She asked enthusiastically making my blush spread to my neck. ".. well...." I rambled, rubbing the back of my neck. "Well?" She pressed edging closer to me. "well I take something that keeps me from getting pregnant." I sigh. "Well stop taking it?!?" Jasper snapped pulling me over to her. "What even made you want to have a baby!" I snapped back catching the her off guard. "...when you were in the hospital there was this child there, it played with my hair then fell asleep and ..... I JUST WANT ONE OK!" She yelled making me smile slightly. "From this day on you are not allowed to take birth control!" She ordered puffing out her cheeks In A childish way. "What if I don't want a baby right now." I muttered not looking a Jade. "Emily,love....." she wined making me look at her. "Please..." she continued as she gave me a stunning puppy dog pouthighlighting her green eyes as she pouted. 'Oh my gosh!' I thought as another blush graced my cheeks. "You're so cuuuuutttteee!!" I squealed as I smushed her cheeks playfully. "Sooo yes to the baby?" She questioned snapping me back to reality. "Ugh ... maybe." I sighed earning a hug before she left the house humming happily leaving me standing there with a dumbfounded expression. "That woman..." I muttered before going to the kitchen to make dinner.

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