Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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When news of my best friend's murder hits my ears, I have two choices. I can sit back and believe the faked coroner's report, mourning her loss like everyone else. Or I can take action. I chose action. East Point Prep doesn't have a clue who is about to infiltrate every inch of their prestigious little school. I'm coming with retribution bleeding through my veins and murder gnawing at my brain. Magnolia's murder will not go unanswered, I will see that those people who hurt her go down in flames. Chase Zeppelin Seger Ainsley Carter ●●●●●●●●● Welcome to Kaycee Cole's world. Riddled with secrets, lies, bullies, shitty pranks, mean girls, scorching hot guys, a murder mystery and so much more!  This is a DARK bully romance, reverse harem, whychoose, kind of situation. I recommend being 18+ or mature enough to handle this. ●●●●●●●● Full description inside.....

Romance / Mystery
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Story description

Someone within the walls of East Point Prep is a murderer. A murderer with enough money to pay off the police, the coroner, and the student body. They've buried every shred of evidence deeper than the dirt concealing Magnolia's grave.

Dead. Buried. Gone. But every saint is a sinner and every lie comes back to haunt them.

What they don't see coming?


For 6 months I've studied my pawns and now like a queen, I've come to pick them off them one by one. I'll pick them apart. I'll find out their secrets and exploit their weaknesses. I'll get more than justice, I'll give them the vicious retribution they deserve.

I have a list of suspects. I have all the evidence. I have the emails. I have the skills to ruin them.

And that's exactly what I'll do----if they don't ruin me first.

Someone along the way discovers what I'm up to and they'll stop at nothing to ruin me.


**Updates starting at the end of July 2020.***

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