Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Subject: I met someone?



Hey girl! Classes are starting up here! I'm so excited for the art class they have. Did you know the art teacher is world-famous? Like... awards and all kinds of stuff? It's amazing, I can't wait to get into my assigned project. It's been forever since I've sat down and just... painted. There's been too much going on in life, ya know? How are you doing? Classes good? That school still suck without me? Ha! I know this one still sucks without you, seriously. I've met some awesome people, I'm going to hang out with some of them at a maze party tonight. You remember the maze I told you about? Holy shit, there's a house in there too, it's so weird. The twins basically own it and throw kick-ass parties. And I--met someone. Yeah--weird, right? I'm going to meet them there and hang out a little bit. I'll report back asap and tell you how the 'date', if you can call it that, went!

I love you bunches, Kaycee.

Magnolia xoxo.

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