Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Subject: marked like Hester




So. It's weird here. Really weird. I'm being bullied and not like...ordinary bullied like super bullied. Like....they're still calling me names, pushing me in the mud, and starting terrible rumors about me. I seriously, when I find out who is doing this, I'll make them pay. Big time. Today they stuffed me into my locker...and I mean STUFFED, I barely fit, and couldn't move to get my phone. Plus they shut it on my hair...I called out for help for hours....only one person noticed I was gone, thank god. But I had to cut my hair from the locker. So good news, I have shorter hair now. Fun.

Someone painted a red X on my apartment door.....Like a fucking.... scarlet letter...not to mention the weird as hell text messages too. I don't know what it means....but I have an appt with the headmaster later this week so hopefully once I report what's going on it'll stop.

And I'll say this once, I know you offered to help, but just, not this time. I know you can do it but just... don't, please. I want to take care of these evil bastards. I want my own justice. I got this!

I started journaling again, just to ease this anxiety building in me. And painting, that helps too. I started working on two pieces, I'll send some pics when I'm done.

Listen, I love you. But I got some homework to do, and I'm meeting for a small date tonight, I was told it's to help me since I had such a bad day! The light at the end of my tunnel, I swear. So sweet. I am really beginning to enjoy this.....this whole dating thing. Who knew I could find this.

Magnolia xoxo.

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