Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Welcomes and Warnings

Hello you beautiful souls! If you're coming from my previous stories to continue reading about the "Cole" Family. I welcome you and thank you for ALL your support! It means a lot, seriously. I feel like I've come a long way in my writing and I still have a lot to learn. But this book....this is a book I hope to publish one day. (wish me luck! Ha!)

●This book CAN be read as a standalone.

●This WILL be a #whychoose story or a RH. (Meaning the FMC will have more than one romantic partner in the story and that they all know about each other and it's cool. No cheating. I've read so many of these books and they're my FAV so why not write one?

●This is a bully/romance book.

Anyways, you're going to see a lot in this book.....a lot darker than my previous stories. Probably a few triggers, so here is your warning.

1. Mention of Suicide, multiple times, in multiple chapters. Never depicted.

2. Murder mention. Lots and lots of murder.

3. Cursing (lots of it)

4. Stabbings (multiple...i guess.)

5. Drug mention

6. BULLYING (there's lots of graveling though...soo....?)

7. Name calling, slut shaming. (they aren't perfect characters..sorry)

I write these characters as real as I can and some people just aren't good people, so...this will show the good, the bad, and the ugly in people.

If there's anything that you need on this list, let me know.

This is a mature book, so yes, there will still be sexy time. Girls finna have multiple boyfriend's, so use your imagination. Lol. But you must know, this is a SLOOOOWWWWBURRRRRNNNNNN. It'll get there, just enjoy the story.

Thank you for all of your love and support. I've been on Inkitt for almost a year and it's been amazing!

❤❤ Aly.

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