Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Subject: Everything is alright



Hey girl!

I really hope everything is going good with you. I tthink I'm finally learning to just get along with everyone hhere. Ainsley is still bullying mee like crazyy, but it's ok, I think I'm getting the haang of tuning herr out. And everyone else. She gets her brother Chase and their twin friends Zepp and Seger in on it too. They can get mean, but that's ok. I'm ok. Someone spread a rumor about me. But I've tuned that out too. I've got this. I won't let this school teear me down, especially them.

It's all good. Don't worry about me.

Aanyways, I'm glad I got to see you at my grandparent's ffuneral. It was nice to see a familiar face for once and a friendly one at that. It's too bad I couldn't hang around afterwards, I'm not sure why tthey shipped me right back here, but I missed saying goodbye to you. Sometimes I think they have it out for mee or something. Like how can you kick me out of my own grandparent's after funerral dinner? Bullshit.

I got back to school that night and someone had broken into my roomm. The door was open a little and then....nothing was missing. Honestly, I expected for my shit to be slashed and all over the place, but it wasn't. This time, I guess. Who knows. I've talked to the people who can fix it, lets hope they actually do it this time.

Anyways, I'm going out tonight. I was invited to some sort of bonfire. So I'm going to be bravee.

Magnolia xoxoxo.

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