Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Disclaimer: Important

This is the ONLY TIME i will give this warning. ONNNLLYYYYY TIIIMMMEEEEE!!!!

This is a DARK bully romance, reverse harem, whychoose, kind of situation. I recommend being 18+ or mature enough to handle this kind of story.

It will get dark and I'm serious. You've read the triggers on the previous page, I've thoroughly warned you on what's to come.

So if you decide to skip this shit and bitch me out, no. Just no. I see it too often. It's on you.

2nd Disclaimer:

In no way, shape, or form do these characters hold MY values or MY beliefs. They're going to be mean. They're going to say politically incorrect phrases. They're going to say things that make you cringe and mad.

They're not my values, because these are fake, mean characters. Fake...

There...there's my piece, so don't come at me. Lol.

Love you all. Seriously. ❤❤

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