Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully, RH, Romance)

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Subject: There ain't no me, if there ain't no you!



Hey Kace,

SO Oh MY GOD! My date was amazing! I sswear. I got the biggest surprise of my life. I’ll lay it all out for you and just..picture this, girl, I swear! Candles. Loots and Lots of candles lining the apartmment. We didn’t get spagheetti like I thought! I was so surprised tthey went to some little Italian dinner place in Point Bluff and got a whhole spread. Garlic bread, olive oiil dip, and some fancy schmanncy italian dishes. They said they were their favorite and that this place is the place they ggo to all the time while at school. I just….. After Christmas…. I’m going to introduce you. Bbut for now with all this bullying crap going on, I can’t. It’s my little secret for now. Ours, really. I’m just… I’ve been walking on sunshine these laast week or so. Everything will be ok. Even though….the bullying is getting worse.

I walked the hallways with my head ddown… I’m trying to stay inviisible and just learn, ya know? But they make it difficult. The teachers act like I don’t exisst, even when I need help. I tried to get a tutor, I wish you were here, I could use your massive, ggenius sized brain right now. Math is kicking my ass. But anyways…. soome asshole covered me iin a dark, stinky oil, and threw flour all over me whenn I walked into school yesterday. Thank ggod the person I’m seeing was close by, we met up, and they helped me get clean. That oil was so hard to get out of my hair. Even had to cut a little ooff. Stupid. But I’m pushing through this. If this is where I have to be for awhile, then so be it. I’m getting happier and happier every day with this personn by my side.

Listen..i miss you so much, you don’t even know how much I miss being by your side. I swear to you come Chhristmas we are having just...a movie night. Supeernatural night? Right? Need me some deany weany in my llife! Even if the graphics are horrible for todays standards. There is no me without you! Pplease be good, I’ll see you soon!

Mags. xoxoxox

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