Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully, RH, Romance)

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“What do you mean a crazy cult and murderer?” Chase sits back down in his abandoned chair. He eyes the twins, who still cling to me in support.

“Go ahead, New Girl,” Seger nudges me with his hand.

“Tell him everything.” Zepp squeezes my shoulder one last time, as they take a seat around us. Chase’s eyes haven’t left mine since Seger’s admission. But Chase agreed to stay, even if it meant losing everything. Even if he lost his spot here and to me, it speaks volumes.

Two happy girls peer back at me from the photo on my phone. Their smiles light up the entire picture, even with the pink flowers as their background. My eyes close on their own, the screams of our adventuress floating through my memories like a movie reel. Memories playing in black and white. Memories. Oh—the memories. Forever memorialized in a singular photograph. One I’ll never forget. Magnolia’s birthday. Addison thought it’d be fun to take us to an amusement park, not knowing my fear of rollercoasters. We ate pretzels until we puked. I tried the small rollercoasters to give Mags an enjoyable experience. Even when they made me dizzy and discombobulated.

“She was my best friend—my only friend.” Chase’s eyes widen at the sight of the picture now sitting in the palm of his shaking hands. “Even when she moved an hour away to a different school. We stayed in contact, but the moment I found out what happened, I had to do something.” Tears burn the back of my eyes, burning the tip of my nose. Emotions threaten to overwhelm me. Overtake me. But I still can’t let them. Only when I’m finished. Only when the murderer steps forth and is punished like they deserve to be.

“Maggie,” Chase whispers, running his finger along the outline of her. His beautiful grey eyes glaze over. Trapping him in a memory I wish I could fish out of his brain and relive with him.

“Kaycee has proof that what we all thought happened, didn’t happen.” Zepp shifts in his seat, snapping Chase’s attention back to me.

“Yeah? Like how?” I glance at the guys, their heads nodding in encouragement.

“Magnolia wasn’t suicidal. We had plans. We were going to go to college together. We had a future, and she was excited about it. She sent me emails detailing everything that happened to her—or well—what I thought happened to her.” I run my fingers through my hair, shifting in my chair. They weren’t my suspects anymore. Not by a long shot. They were more than that now. My allies. Saviors. Friends or more than that. The unmistakable chemistry sizzling between us grounds me.

“Clever shit wrote Kaycee in code, giving—get this—our names as the culprits for her bullying. If she were here right now, I’d have some fucking words with her.” Seger wipes his hand along the creases of his eyebrows.

“What? Our names? What the shit? No, No, we tried to help her whenever we could. Ainsley was her best fucking friend on the sly. We tried….” Sadness edges into his tone, his eyes turning down towards the floor.

“But they threatened you all, didn’t they?” They all nod together. “Was it the same as this year?” They all nod again.

“Do they have the same thing on your sister as they do you?” Chase shrugs his shoulders.

“As of last year, yeah, they did. But we told Maggie this stuff. We showed her everything. We tried to protect her with everything going on. But we could sneak past them last year, tiptoe around however they were keeping tabs on us, But it’s different this year.” Chase says, frowning.

“They got smarter this year. Last year was probably a trial run.” Zepp says, shaking his head.

“Their first fucking time doing it,” Seger adds with frustration in his voice, fist-raising into the air like he wants to punch his frustrations away.

“So last year was the first year any of this happened?” I ask again and they all nod again.

“So—if she named us, you don’t still think….?” Chase shifts in his seat again, staring at me. Desperation pours from his eyes, pleading with me to tell him I don’t think he’s a murderer. His body stiffens, jaw ticking, waiting for my answer.

“No... No.. we are working on that.” I say with a sharp nod.

“She was able to track down a few of the responsible parties. Carter, of course.” Seger rolls his eyes at the mere mention of Carter.

“Fucking Cruel Carter, I don’t know what crawled up his grumpy ass and died, but that guy needs to be taken down a peg,” Seger grumbles, fiddling with his fingers.

“Trent, Harlow, and Oscar too. But I don’t know about anyone else. There are more people.” As my programs work to hack into Chase’s father’s information, I bring up the mirrored text conversation.

“What the shit?” Chase leans in towards the screen. I scroll through the conversations slowly, letting them get their fill of what I’ve read these past few weeks.

“Smartypants stole Carter’s phone and mirrored it to her computer.” Zepp’s voice sounds so proud of me.

Chase chokes a little, looking back at me, “I’m sorry, you stole his phone? How are you alive again?” Seger snorts.

“Yeah—go ahead and inform him of what happened after you stole all his shit,” Seger says in a mocking tone.

I pout, crossing my arms across my chest. “He took me to the boys’ bathroom, we had a talk, and then he tried to drown me in a toilet.” I hold out my hands at his immediate outrage pouring across his face. “But I’m alive and I’m fine. That idiot doesn’t scare me.” My fingers move across the keyboard again, as I break through the walls of Tate’s company.

“Holy shit, he should scare you. He’s crazy.” Chase breathes, fists curling at his sides.

“Believe me, we’ve tried to tell her. She’s just too…”

“Fucking stubborn for her own fucking good.” Seger finishes Zepp’s sentence with a smirk crossing his lips.

I let the boys read through all the old texts. Letting them get a real feel of what this cult is and what they’re truly capable of. While I patiently wait for my computer to worm its way into Chase’s dad’s business.

“I’m in,” I say, taking my computer back. I pour through the files of the main computer of the business, trying to find a backdoor into his father’s information.

Spreadsheets pour over the screen, showing their losses and profits. “It doesn’t look like any large amounts of money has gone missing from these,” Zepp says, scratching his chin. Hmm- curious. If there has been none large amounts of money taken out, then does that mean no crime was committed?

“Yeah, but that could be faked, right?” Chase asks with hope in his tone, worry creasing his brows.

“Yeah, it could.” I shrug, saving the documents to look at later too. My fingers move across the keys, digging deeper into the hacked information. The deeper I go, the less I find. With my heart pounding against my ribs, I finally get to the end of the line. Even with getting into Tate’s personal computer and his office computer, there wasn’t any trace to show he had stolen anything. There’s no evidence of offshore types of accounts. Or anything to show Tate stole from his own company. Could separate written ledgers exist? Sure. But it’s highly unlikely in today’s world.

“Everything seems clean,” I say, looking over at Chase. “Can I see the text again?” I ask. He retrieves his phone from his pocket and hands it to me. I take it, plug it into my computer, and download the files too. Side by side, I inspect the documents from the company and the ones they sent Chase. Zooming in and out of the documents, I finally spot the telltale sign of photoshop. Whoever did it, they were good, but not good enough to fool me.

“Right here,” I say, pointing to the tiny flaw in the doctored page.

“What’s that mean?” Seger asks, looming over the back of my chair. His eyes fixate on the computer screen. Trying to decipher what is actually happening.

“It means whoever sent those text messages didn’t have a damn thing on Chase, so they faked it all,” Zepp says through a confusing sigh.

“Exactly,” I nod in agreement. “They made it all up.”

“And I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Shit.” He runs a hand down his face, shame coating his features. “Damn it,” he grunts, face falling into utter despair.

“Hey,” my fingers interlock with Chase’s. His sad gray eyes connect with mine, radiating the sorrow he feels for foolishly falling into their trap. “You didn’t know. To anyone else, this all looks real, legit. You did it to protect your dad, don’t beat yourself up, ok?”

“Yeah, man, seriously, don’t go down that road again.” Seger slaps a hand onto Chase’s shoulder, encouraging him to ease upon himself.

“I’m so damn stupid,” Chase begins, groaning. “I wasted so much time protecting my dad and my sister, who is innocent in all of this. I could have taken you to that damned restaurant. I could have protected you more from the beginning. I could have stopped anything from happening.” His blonde hair swishes when his head shakes. Shame fills every pour of his body at the what-if’s and what could have happened scenarios running rampant inside his head. But if I were in his shoes and had so many people to protect, I’d have done the same thing. He thought he was protecting his sister from his father’s indiscretions.

“Stop it,” I demand, cupping his heat-filled cheeks. Grey eyes stare back at me, clouding over in unshed emotions. “You didn’t know. It all looks so real, Chase. You had no idea, and you had to protect yourself and Ainsley from these people. They aren’t to be messed with. Look at my room, look at what they did to my stuff, and they haven’t even given me an actual reason for all of this.” My hands shake with the conviction of my words, moving his floppy blonde hair with my movements. A sly smile spreads across his lips as his hands cover mine, resting on his cheeks.

“It’s nice to know you actually know my name.” He retorts, making a snort slip from me. But it’s nice to hear the long-forgotten humor in his voice. That had slipped away.

“Don’t get used to it, Clark. I forget in a matter of minutes.” I tease, tweaking his nose with my finger.

“Alright, alright, enough with the wishy-washy, I got some booze to wash down our fucking dinner.” Seger saunters towards us, holding a few beers up in his hands.

I shake my head, going back to typing. “I don’t drink, but thanks.” Seger shrugs, handing some to the guys, and strides back into the kitchen.

“Then what’ll it be, princess? Coke? Juice?” A smile spreads across my face as Seger leans into the fridge. His hands knock around the contents, clinking glasses together. He pokes his head just above the door, giving me a knowing smirking. “Eyes up here, sunshine.” I snort at what he’s insinuating and well, he is right. His ass is mighty fine bent over. My cheeks heat, as I tell him I just want a soda. He brings it to me and we all settle in for small conversation until I use the restroom. When I come back all the guys adorn serious expressions, their backs ramrod straight, and their hands curling together.

“What?” I ask, stopping mid-stride, narrowing my eyes in on them suspiciously. They’re up to something, and I’m not sure if I like the serious look on their faces. They all look at each other, nodding their heads. Zepp stands, apparently the speaker of the group, running his palms down the denim of his jeans, taking a few steps towards me.

“We’ve come to an agreement.” He says settling right in front of me. His body heat pours into me, our bodies almost touching. But with his tall stature, I have to tilt my head up to look into his worrisome forest green eyes. He nervously looks back at the other two, who encourage him with hand signals to continue. Zepp sighs nods again and fidgets with his fingers before meeting my stare head-on.

“And what kind of agreement is that?” I ask, getting lost in the depths of his eyes. His soul reaches out to me, the concern encapsulating my whole being. Buzzing around my skin like a bee on the hunt. There’s no doubt in my mind that they care. And whatever they have to say, I’m sure they mean it.

“You can’t walk around this campus alone anymore. I can’t go through another night of wondering where the hell you are or if you’re locked in a dumpster again or if they kidnap you…” Zepp clears his clogging throat, words trailing off.

“Or fucking worse. We can’t have that again. We need to know you’re safe.” Seger says, coming to stand by Zepp.

“So, New Girl, you’re looking at your new escorts,” Chase says through a lop-sided grin, spreading his arms wide.

My arms fold across my chest, mind whirl around their newest proposal. To say I didn’t need it, would be a big fat fucking lie. The biggest lie I could tell myself. And I can’t lie to myself or them. Not now. I have to think as logically as I can. If they walk me around this campus, they can protect me, because I obviously need it. Seeing how I got myself thrown into a dumpster for a few hours and wanted to die right then. I’m strong, but I can only handle so much. I can hack into their emails, change their grades, and expose their shitty parents. But I can’t physically fight back, I’ve had no training. I wonder how much damage my fist would do in someone’s face? Preferably Harlow’s. Over and over and —

“I’ve lost you. You’re overthinking it.” Zepp whispers in front of me, capturing my eyes with his again. I shake the thoughts from my head with a slight shake. “We care about you, seriously care, and we don’t want to worry about you getting hurt. Let us help you—with everything, please.”

“I wasn’t overthinking it,” I whisper back. “I was just thinking about how it would really help to have you guys as bodyguards.”

“Escorts,” Seger corrects with a finger point. “We’re your escorts,” he snorts again, laughing at his own joke, making Chase join in with a slap to his chest.

I grin, tilting my head again. “I don’t pay for that, though.” Seger’s eyes widen with humor as his growing laugh bounces off the walls.

“And you wouldn’t need to,” Zepp mutters from in front of me, probably more to himself than anything.

“We’re in this together, Kace. Whether you like it or not. We’re game.” Chase says through his smile.

I settle in on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. Since my room is still a mess, the boys convinced me I’d sleep on their couch in the maze house until the school cleans it. Seger tried as hard as he could to get me into his bed. For cuddles only. Or so he says. I’m not convinced I could have kept my hands to myself. Or his. Seger’s too tempting to turn down. With his tattoos and snarky attitude, he’s my fucking wet dream come alive. Maybe my perfect nightmare? Since the kiss we shared — we all shared- I haven’t stopped thinking about them—their lips. The heat of their tongue dancing with mine. How much longer will I be able to hold out and not let my hormones rule the show? Not that I’m holding out for anyone special, but if it’s one of them. I’m fine with that. But which one? That would be another thought for another day.

Thankfully, Zepp got an email regarding my complaint ticket, stating they’d take care of it in the morning ASAP. Meaning I only had to hold my hormones in check for one night, otherwise, I was going to blow. Literally, my fingers were itching to inch inside my borrowed sweatpants and orgasm my frustrations away. Chase took off earlier to talk to Ainsley, to make sure she knew the information the cult had was bogus. He hoped in his heart we could all go back to normal.

My mind swirls with the chaotic events of the day, making sleep slip through my fingers like fine white sand. The break-in. The dumpster throwing. The hiding in the dark for hours upon hours, with only The Hartbreakers to entertain me. Adrenaline pours through my veins at the thought of never escaping the metal prison. But then my savior's voice echoes through my brain. Warmth spreads from the tip of my head to the tips of my tingling toes. His embrace. The way my legs wrapped around his waist. A perfect fit. Way too perfect. He let me sob into him and he held me. Really held me, whispering those sweet words of encouragement. Oh, Chase. My sweet, sweet, caring Chase. Our first — well, not so first — kiss washes back over me. More thoughts. More imagery of the dark, damn dumpster. No sleep will come to me at this rate. Thoughts shoot through everything that happened…..

I jolt upright on the couch, breaths catching in my throat. My heart pounds inside my chest, filling my ears with its beat. The break-in. My computers. I turn towards the borrowed monitor and bolt for it. They may have destroyed the screen of my monitor with the camera capturing their break-in, but my tower should have stored it all in its memory.

Just as I suspected. Carter. Oscar. Harlow. Trent. All captured in over 500 pictures, thanks to the motion detector I had set up from the previous break-in. Harlow stabs my mattress with the largest, most intricate knife I’ve ever seen. It’s larger than my hand, and she’s barely able to wrap her fingers around it. Oscar drags all my clothes out, disgustingly plucking my underwear from its drawers, and pockets them. What the fuck? My panties? Why? Bleach splashes from the bottle all over my clothes, thanks to Oscar again. Trent takes a special interest in Magnolia’s paintings, tilting his head and then throwing them off the wall. He sprays paint on them, knocking them around a bit, and finally, they settle turned over on the ground. He gives them one last kick, surprisingly not tearing the tanned mesh on the back covering the frame.

Carter sneaks up on my monitor like it might bite his hand. That’s right scary man, it’s a snake, it’ll bite you. Stay back. But he doesn’t listen to my inner monologue, he continues coming forward cautiously. He’s the least destructive of the bunch, even with the high flames of chaos swimming in his dark eyes. He looks back at the other criminals and then back at the computer. Blazing brown eyes stare directly into the camera lens like a message. He tilts his head in a few more pictures, searing into my soul as I stare back, before rearing the ax in his hand back above his head. He smashes the monitor with the ax until the glass shatters. Blackness greets me next, and then nothing after that. Emptiness. Blank spaces where more evidence should sit. And even though he cut off the evidence, a smile plays on my lips. Victory jumps for joy inside my mind. I got them on camera. I have cold, hard evidence.

“What is that?” I jump out of my skin, crying out at the voice from behind me. My hand slams against my raging heart, a scowl forming over my lips.

“You’re like a sneaky ninja,” I hiss, trying to catch my out-of-control breaths. I was so consumed with the images, I didn’t hear Zepp sneak up on me.

A tiny, playful grin plays on his lips. “Sorry, Kace. I didn’t mean to scare you, just saw you sitting here.” I swallow hard, going through the photos again. Maybe I missed something. There have to be more hidden clues within the images.

“At the beginning of the year, someone broke into my room.” I slump in my chair, I really don’t want to tell my new protector these things. Who knows what goes through Zepp’s calculating mind. Control. Caution.

“They did what now?” He cups my cheeks, turning my face towards his. Angry waves rage off of him, contorting his usual peaceful expression. Morphing him into a scarier version of himself. Well, others might cower in fear, but I know him now.

I purse my lips, sighing. “Someone broke into my room, so I set my computer up to detect motions afterward. And obviously, it worked.” I point toward the computer. Zepp takes a seat beside me, intertwining our fingers together. A simple gesture that sends the butterflies to flight in my stomach.

“This ok?” He whispers, staring over at my expression. I squeeze his hand, nodding while my chest tightens at the respect each one of these guys shows me. They understand me. I need to touch someone on my own time. And they don’t take unless they ask. “Cool,” he exhales with relief. “So before, did they take anything?” My mind debates with itself. He already pissed himself about someone breaking into my room. How can I tell him they put a camera in there too? Simple, I won’t. For now, at least. I’ll fess up to that at a different time when so much hasn’t happened in a day.

“Not that I’m aware,” I avert my eyes toward the screen. Zepp scrolls through the pictures with a frown taking over his face. His forest green eyes scrutinize the misdeeds of his classmates. Until his shoulders slump and his hand works its way through his hair.

“What do we do with this?” Zepp gestures towards the screen with his free hand. Good question. What do I do with this information? I could turn it all in and let the school deal with this. But as I try, I can imagine the look on Mr. Shaw’s scarred face. In my experiences, though, they won’t do shit. Just like when some assholes painted my door, leaving evidence behind on video. They did nothing. Notta.

I shrug in response. His fingers squeeze against mine. “We could turn it into Headmaster Shaw? He might…--”

“They marked my door at the beginning of the year, left video evidence, and he still gave me a fine. I can guarantee they won’t help one bit.” I shake my head at the situation. Adults in a school setting are the ones we are supposed to turn to when life gets rough. We shouldn’t fear they won’t help. They should advocate for us. Fight for us. Not leave us to rot at the hands of an invisible enemy. But here I am, going head to head with the invisible enemy through his minions.

“You think he’s one of them?” Zepp asks. I can tell the wheels in his brain are turning at the thought.

“Either that or someone is pulling his strings.” I frown when an email pings on my phone. It’s early Saturday morning by now. The sun makes its way into the sky, painting the clouds pink, sending beams of light through the windows of the house. Lifting the darkening shadows of the night around us.

I blink a few times at the email sitting in my inbox. The last time I got a greeting like this, I left Headmaster Shaw’s office furious. “They want me to come to the office on Tuesday for a meeting about my room.”

“What?” Zepp asks in disbelief. “Did they mention working on it or?” I scan the email.

“Yeah, they did the cleanup, replaced their property, but that’s it.” I huff, knowing exactly where this meeting is going to end up. On a dead-end, with no way out, and all the blame on me. We talk it over until Seger stirs and comes up with a plan of action for Tuesday.

The weekend flies by in a flash. I spend most of it with Zepp and Seger, falling into a good routine with them. They continue to bring me food and help me bring my computer back to my room. My apartment is spotless and ready for me to stay in, so the boys spend most of Sunday in my room in between football practices. They bring back dinner Sunday night, all muddy and sweaty, making my mouth water at the sight. Damn hormones. I’ve spent every waking moment with them, never sorting myself out. So as the weekend goes on, my heated stares become more apparent. On more than one occasion, the boys catch me drooling over them, but I can’t help it. The more I’m around all three of them, the more my attraction builds. And the more my attraction builds, the more I want them. Want them inside of me. I want their kisses again. Their tongues in places I’ve only dreamed about.

“Where’s Chase?” I ask, digging into the Chinese food in front of me. My eyes practically roll into the back of my head as soon as the spicy rice hits my tastebuds.

“I’m gonna need a cold shower now,” Seger chokes, holding a hand over his eyes. He rolls onto his back on the ground, staring up at the ceiling. But what is he complaining about? He’s laying there in all his tattooed glory, shirtless after football practice like a god damned offering. Part of me wants to set my sushi pieces on his abdomen so I can lick them off one by one. And the other part? She wants to do the same, except lower, and more thorough.

“Shut up,” I snort, throwing a tiny package of salt at him, catching him off guard.

Zepp laughs too, pushing a foot into his brother’s side. “Chase is MIA,” he says with a sad sigh.

“We’ve given him all weekend to end his funk,” Seger says, a sadness appearing in his eyes.

“His funk?” I ask with a raised brow like I haven’t looked into all of them already. I know he gets into these funks from snooping on his records. His doctor called it the Winter Blues, but in reality, from his symptoms, Chase suffers from depression. The kind of depression keeping him in bed for days on end, unable to move or eat. Drowning him in miserable thoughts. If I had put two and two together, I would have gone to him and tried to help.

Zepp licks his lips, nodding. “Yeah — uh, sometimes we can’t get him out of bed for a few days after something big happens. He just — kind of---” his shoulder moves toward his ear. I stop mid-bite, furrowing my brows.

“Is that why I didn’t see him in class after all this started?” My eyes search the twins and the nod, confirming my fears. Well, fuck that. My Chase will not suffer alone. Why hadn’t they gone to him and helped? Maybe they know how to do this better than me, but I won’t give up. On any of them.

Chewing the last of my food, I stand up. Wiping my hands down the length of my leggings. “Then we have one day to get him out of bed, let’s go.” I wave towards the door, gaining their interest.

“Uh—Kace, he usually has to work through this on his own,” Zepp says, placing his food down on my kitchen counter. Running a hand through his hair and down his face, he sighs.

“Yeah, he’s fucking impossible to convince everything is ok,” Seger says, grunting as he climbs to his feet. “But if he gets out of bed for anyone…” He gestures toward me with a knowing grin plastered on his handsome face. “Just walk in there naked or something, that’ll spring into action and knock his funk right off.” He smirks, playfully winking at me. Zepp mutters under his breath but agrees I might help. I know depression isn’t something I can shake from him with my nakedness or words, but he needs to know I care about him too. He’s seen me at my lowest point so far. And now I’m ready to see him at his.

Zepp joins us in our walk to Chase’s apartment, knocking as we stand awkwardly in front of the door. My fingers fidget, waiting for an answer. The door swings open and instead of Chase’s charming face greeting us, it’s a scowl. A bitter, mean scowl on a beautiful face. Her blue eyes glue to me, outrage sparking within them. Showing her genuine feelings. It’s no secret Ainsley Benoit does not like me one bit.

“What are you doing here?” She spits at me, hatred lacing her tone.

“Whoa, whoa, Ains, she’s with us,” Seger says holding up his hands in innocence. She scoffs, rolling her eyes.

“This is all her fault. How dare you bring her here?” Her gaze scolds me where I stand, burning me at the stake for even considering coming here.

“Ains, we’re here to help,” Zepp says, pushing his way past her into the apartment. Knocking her to the side so we can all enter.

“He’ll be fine without her here, she can leave now.” Ainsley huffs, folding her arms across her chest. My eyes narrow in on her, but I keep my mouth shut. There’s no point in adding fuel to her fire. She doesn’t appreciate my being here, but that’s tough shit. Chase needs help and I want to help him. So as Zepp, Seger, and Ainsley battle it out in the middle of the living room, I sneak away towards the only closed door in the apartment. Thankfully, each apartment is designed the same. Same layout, same appliances, same everything, so I know exactly what room Chase is in.

I slip into the darkened bedroom unnoticed, letting my eyes adjust to the utter darkness surrounding me. To some people, it might seem like a nightmare, but to me, it’s soothing for a moment. A blackout curtain holds the sun’s dying rays back from the room, making the room as dark as midnight. The blankets on the messy bed shuffle as my back leans against the door. Chase huddles himself further into the bed, groaning at the presence of someone else. Muttering words like “go away, Ains,” and a lot of “fuck off’s for now.”

A breathy laugh passes through my lips. His hand waves in the air, muttering again. Trying to shoo me away. Maybe I should get naked to get his attention? I take a step forward, eyes peering around at the destroyed room. Dirty clothes litter the room, dirty dishes, and old pizza boxes. Even an old, moldy sandwich sits on his dresser, half-eaten. Ew. My face scrunches in disgust, but I remember this is how it goes. Depression takes you, prisoner. It holds you down, drowning you in the depths of your mind. Swallowing you in sadness, uncleanliness, and numbness. Chase may seem like his life is together, but it’s not. He’s holding a lot on his plate, and when that plate bursts at the seams, he shatters to pieces on the ground. Waiting in the depths of his comforter to re-glue himself for another day. So for now, I’ll try to be that glue. I may not be super or industrial-strength, but I’ll try my best to Elmer’s him back together, just enough for him to resurface.

I stalk toward the bed and stand there with my hands on my hips. Chase covers his head, refusing to move from his spot. So if he won’t move, I’ll join him — fully clothed — this time. I kick off my shoes and crawl up the full-size bed. Chase shifts again, uncovering his disheveled head.

“What the shit?” He whispers, staring into my eyes. I settle my head onto his pillow, settling under the warmth of his comforter. A small smile falling on my lips, our faces inches apart, breathing each other’s breathes.

“A little birdy told me you were having a hard time.” I run a finger over his forehead, moving his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes. He visibly swallows at our closeness, shutting his eyes.

“Yeah—something like that,” he whispers through a rasp, reveling in my fingers working through his dirty hair. I massage his scalp, trying to ease whatever is going through his brain. I’m still not sure how to approach this situation and help him. I’ve never been good at comforting people appropriately. Saying the wrong things. Doing the wrong things. It spikes my anxiety. These are my friends now, they know my secrets, and I sure as hell don’t want to fuck it up.

“What’s going through that brain of yours?” I whisper, swallowing hard, as his hand settles on my hip. His fingers flex and tighten on me.

“It’’s nothing, don’t worry about it. I promise.” He whispers, eyes avoiding mine. But his body betrays him by scooting closer to me, pulling me into him. Our chests rest together, our breaths mingling together in the darkened room. His heart pounds against his chest, thumping into mine. He clutches onto me like a life raft in rough waters. He needs me right now. I just have to figure out how to get him to open up to me. I know I can’t pull him from depression like it’s nothing, because it is. So, I tread lightly.

“Chase,” I whisper, my breaths breezing past his cheeks. “It’s not nothing. Something caused this. You said you were here for me, well I’m here for you too. Ok?” He squeezes my hip again, nodding his head. His forehead rests against mine, melting our bodies into one. Those grey eyes I once deemed sinister fade into the shadows. His demons rearing their heads in one glance.

“I--” he whispers, closing his eyes. My fingers continue to stroke his scalp, relaxing every muscle in his body against mine. “I told Ainsley what we found out about dad. I told her it was over, that we didn’t have to worry, because it was all fake.” He swallows hard, shaking his head again. “But fuck, Kaycee, she told me it’s not the same for her.”

“Not the same, like they have something different?” I whisper, his forehead nodding against mine.

“Yeah—something different. Something worse than what they had.” His voice clogs with emotions and I get it. He wanted to save his family so badly. He wanted to save them from the shadowy fingers choking their breaths and forcing them to do things they didn’t want to.

“What do they have on her now? Can I help?” He shakes his head again, his lips coming miserably close to mine. Despite the dire situation, my mind imagines what it would be like to kiss him again. Have his tongue intermingle with mine, dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I want to kiss him.

“No, you can’t, because she won’t tell me. She says it’s bad and…. she just won’t give it up. How am I supposed to help, if she won’t let me?” His lips brush mine again, our conversation slowly dying. The heat of our closeness burns between us, crackling the air with an unmistakable lust building between our two bodies. His body calls to mine in a way I’ve never felt before. Even with Eli. Even when we fooled around, it didn’t feel as desperate. Needy. Lustful. Maybe with him, it was because of our situation, but with Chase. I like Chase. I want him to feel better. I want his hands and lips on me. I want everything imaginable.

Our lips brush together again, hips coming together. His hand pulls me close, holding me tight against him. He pulls the blanket over the both of us, tongue diving into my mouth. He wraps me in his arms, devouring me. When Chase kisses me, it’s feverish. Frantic. The pull between us unmistakable. Unpredictable. Chase kisses me like I’m the lighthouse on the rocks, guiding him back to the land of the living. Tongue against Tongue. Teeth against lips. Savage. Beautiful.

“You good?” He breathes, his fingers gliding against my abdomen. Tickling the sensitive around my belly button. My stomach flutters in anticipation. My brain begging for relief from the pressure burning deep inside. Needing an output. I need his fingers on me. In me. Everywhere. Yes.

A desperate need blooms to life in my center, begging for his fingers to sink into them. I nod, his fingers sinking lower and lower. Under my leggings. Under my thong. Until his fingers pressed into my sensitive clit. His eyes check mine with every calculated movement he makes, making sure I’m still ok with this. My hips buck against his fingers, egging him on. Convincing him without words to keep a move on. His mouth working mine, concealing the moans from my throat. Which is probably a good thing, because apparently, I’m loud? Who knew? But Seger, Zepp, and Ainsley will have a clue what we are doing.

“So good,” I moan. His fingers circle my clit in tiny circles, varying his speed, becoming more confident with each stroke. “Please,” I moan again, not sure why I’m begging him. His teeth nip at my jawline, leaving his marks on my skin. His fingers slowly dive into my needy pussy, drenching his fingers in my need. I clench around him, snuggling his fingers. Desperate for him to go further.

“Hooollyyy shit-fuck,” he groans against my neck, scissoring his fingers inside of me. Every inch of my skin tingles from the pleasure roaring through my veins. My orgasm builds and builds and builds like a skyscraper ready to crash to the ground.

We huff and puff, trying to catch our breaths. His arousal prods my leg, trying not to grind against me. “You feel amazing on my fingers,” he whispers, pecking my lips again. “I can’t imagine what you’ll feel like when I’m deep inside of you.” He groans, driving his tongue into my mouth. Yes — I wonder too how he’ll feel buried deep inside of me. How hard his hips will pound against mine, filling me up repeatedly until I explode. Explode. I’m going to finally explode after all this buildup. His fingers stay deep inside of me, brushing at the sensitive spot again, threatening to send me into my orgasm. But before that can happen, the door bursts open, pulling me from my pleasure bubble. Damn it!

I squeak, burying my face into the crook of Chase’s neck. He laughs, pulling the blanket up further on us. Trying to cover my face, but it doesn’t work. Whoever came into the room knows exactly where Chase’s fingers are right now.

“Ah—I see how it is,” Seger jokes, waltzing into the room with Zepp on his tail. The bed dips and a familiar body presses against the back of mine, coming under the covers too. Seger’s soothing scent washes over me, taking my lust-filled mind prisoner again. “I see how you got him up and going,” Seger whispers in my ear, breaths brushing against my skin. His hand settles on my hips as Chase slowly takes his fingers from my pussy. I groan into his neck as he removes them. No, no. no, I was so close. Put them back. My mind begs with him — them.

“Yeah, you should send her in more often. Maybe I’d get up.” Chase jokes lightheartedly again. I peek over my shoulder at the fire burning in Seger’s forest green eyes. His tongue runs the length of his bottom lip, devouring me in his stare. I’m like the last piece of cake calling his name, begging him to put his mouth on me. And well—I kind of am.

“I’d say you got up, dick,” Zepp mutters from the chair he’s sitting in, crossing his legs. Watching the exchange between us. Tension hangs in the air. Compressing my lungs inside my chest. Breathing is none existent sandwiched between the two of them. Feeling them—and I mean really feeling them against me. Hard as steel. I am their lamb and they are the lions here for the slaughter. A slaughter I wouldn’t mind taking part in.

“You’re a fucker, first kiss, now this?” Seger gestures toward Chase’s hand creeping out of my leggings.

“Dude!” Chase shouts with wide eyes unblinking. Seger captures his wrist in a tight hold, bringing his fingers to his mouth. Seger moans around his fingers, sucking my essence off of them. My core clenches like none other. If Chase’s fingers had been in there, I would have squeezed them off. Chase rips his hand away from Seger, slapping the side of his head. “Not cool, asshole,” Seger smirks, turning his heated gaze to mine. Licking his lips once again like a predator.

“You taste delicious, has anyone told you that?” He whispers, teeth sinking into my ear. My eyes roll into the back of my head. “No,” I breathe. Seger’s lips work down my neck, his hips grinding into my backside. I always thought it wouldn’t be able to enjoy intimacy with my touch sensitivity, but with these guys, it doesn’t seem to bother it. I can’t tell if it’s my attraction to them or if my body naturally trusts them, but it’s a relief to know I can do this. I can do this with two people and a third in the room.

“How come no ones come and scooped you up before?” Chase whispers against my lips, pecking them. Seger groans against my neck, his breaths picking up. His hips work off mine more and more desperately seeking the friction between us.

“Fucking hell, I’m going to cum in my pants just from this,” Seger whispers against my neck. “I’ve wanted you for too long,” he whispers again, hand trailing up my stomach. “You’re so fucking amazing. Smart. Beautiful.” He squeezes my breast, running my nipple between his fingers. A sharp cry falls from my lips at the new sensations buzzing under my skin. Seger works my nipple, making my pussy clamp down on nothing.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Chase mutters through kisses, working his lips down the other side of my neck. Seger turns my chin toward him, slamming his mouth down on mine. Seger demands my mouth, dominating everything. Plundering me like an unexplored jewel lying in his hands. Taking. Taking Taking. But giving so much. Much like he eats food like a savage, he kisses like one too. Demanding. Taking my breath away with every tongue stroke. His hand is squeezing the life out of my tit, kneading it like it has all the answers to life. Shit. Maybe it does? He groans, roaming down south, past the waistband of my leggings. While Chase takes over fondling my chest. Squeezing them. Torturing my sensitive nipples between his fingers.

Heaven. I’m in heaven. I could die sandwiched between these two.

Seger rolls me onto my back, climbing over my body. He hovers just above me, moving a piece of hair from my sweaty forehead. Buzzing encases my body again, like ants crawling over my flesh. But it’s not like before. No anxiety. Just need. Plain need. For him. For them. Don’t stop touching me. “Can I taste you?” He whispers, gently kissing my lips. All movement stops between us and I swear, all I can hear is my heartbeat.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Chase whispers beside me, bringing my eyes to his. But what Chase doesn’t understand is I want to. I want to feel Seger’s tongue between my legs, making me cum. I’m just nervous. I’ve never done it like that before.

“Tell me to fuck off, Kaycee. I swear to you, I will never make you do something you don’t want to.” Seger whispers, the sincerity lingering in his desperate voice. I lick my lips, cupping Seger’s face with my palms. My cheeks heat red, blossoming with embarrassment everywhere.

“Yes,” I whisper. “But I—No one’s ever done that for me before.” Even with Eli, he never made it that far. I hesitate in saying it. These boys could have girls falling at their feet with the snap of their fingers. They’ve probably done this a million times and here I sit, a tiny virgin. With little to no experience under my belt. It’s nerve-wracking. Body shaking. And I half expect all three of them to laugh and walk away.

I search Seger’s eyes, waiting for his judgment, but it never comes. Just a sly grin taking over his face, victory ringing in his eyes.

“Ya hear that, Benoit? You may have gotten the first kiss, but this? I’m about to make her forget all about that. I’m going to burn my name into her pussy so she never forgets whose tongue is the best.” I swear my pussy clenches at his dirty mouth and my eyes roll into the back of my head a little at his words.

“Shut up,” Chase grumbles beside me. “But you better take care of our girl, she deserves only the best.” Our girl. Oh, fuck me. Yes.

Seger doesn’t waste any time getting to work. His scorching lips burn a path down my jaw. Chase lifts my shirt with a look, asking for approval. I nod. Yes, just take my shirt off, but he doesn’t. He lifts it up, giving them both access to my chest. Chase twirls one nipple in his mouth, leaving me a panting mess. Seger’s mouth works down my bare stomach. Twisting and twirling his tongue on every inch of flesh. They worship me like I’m a goddess to them, treating me with every ounce of respect.

The bed dips again, just as Seger looks up at me. Fire fills his gaze. Lust. Want. Need. His fingers rest at the hem of my leggings and rolls them down. Zepp lies beside me, taking my hand in his. Adjusting himself. Seger throws my panties across the room, landing in the darkness. I swallow hard, trying to relax myself. Trying to think of anything other than the fact Seger is about to look at my bare pussy and lick it. He’s about to taste me and holy hell, what have I gotten myself into?

“Relax,” Zepp whispers, brushing his lips against my cheek. “He’s going to make you feel so good.” His warm breaths brush against my cheek, just as Seger’s tongue licks up my soaking slit. Seger groans, vibrating against my core. Zepp groans against my neck, peppering me with kisses until he reaches my mouth. His tongue slips inside, dancing with mine. Slowly, he takes his time. Savoring my tongue against his. I can’t help but to hold on to him for dear life. He’s my life raft now. Keeping me afloat when I’m drowning in the sensations Seger is providing.

I cry out, back arching off the bed. Heat fills every molecule in my body, rushing through my veins. He is a gift. A mother fucking pussy-licking gift sent from the gods. Chosen to make me cum harder than I ever have in my life. Screw using my fingers or that miserable vibrator, I need him 24/7 at my beck and call. He licks circles around my clit repeatedly. My breaths heave in my chest, falling fast. A familiar tingle takes over my lower belly and before I know it, I’m moaning so loud, cumming right into his mouth and around the two fingers inside of me.

“Holy shit,” Chase mutters into my neck with heavy breaths. My eyes stay closed, trying to catch my breath and my fucking sanity. How the hell did I get myself into this?

Seger takes his time working his way back up my body. His chin glistening with my juices and a grin on his face. He pecks my lips, resting his body weight on mine. “Your ours now,” his eyes look between the other boys.

“Yup, totally ours,” Chase says, kissing my cheek.

“Ours,” Zepp says thoughtfully, squeezing my hand still wrapped up in his.

“And now, I need a fucking ice-cold shower,” Seger says kissing me one last time. The boys help me pull down my shirt and track down my panties and leggings. I lay happily between Zepp and Chase, as Seger takes a cold shower. But not after he promised to think about me as he fucks his hand. Which gets me all hot and bothered once again. It’s like these three boys have opened my eyes, bringing my hormones up ten levels. And if that’s how an orgasm feels from Seger, how do the other two compare?

Zepp spoons me from the back, running his fingers up and down my arm. My body feels sated and good for the first time in a long time. But insecure thoughts still float through my mind. What if they don’t want this because of my inexperience? I don’t know how to please them like they can me.

“You’re thinking too much,” Zepp whispers after a few minutes of comfortable silence. Chase takes notice, grey eyes examining my face, looking for what’s wrong.

“What are ya thinking about?” Chase whispers, running a finger down my jaw. My cheeks heat again, spreading down my neck. Embarrassment rears its head and I cover my face from the boys.

“Kace,” Zepp says a little more firmly now. My eyes stare into Chase’s, his brows dipping in concern. He carefully peels my hands from my red-stained face, trying to soothe me.

“I’m a virgin,” I mutter, expecting Chase to flinch away from it. I expect Zepp’s body heat to vanish from behind me, but they pull me in. They comfort me in a way I didn’t expect teenage boys to do.

The bedroom door bangs open, a very naked. Oh boy. A very tattooed, naked Seger waltzes in, running a towel through his short hair. Christ… he’s huge, and he’s not even hard. “Jesus, dude, seriously?” Chase says throwing an arm in the air.

Seger grins, waltzing towards us. “Don’t act like you’ve never seen it before.” He rolls his eyes but brings the towel to cover himself as his eyes find mine. He leans over the bed, making sure he has my attention. “You’re a virgin?” He states, my head nodding. “Like we said before, Kace, we’ll never make you do anything you don’t want to.” He shakes his head. “Never.”

“The moment you pull back, the moment you don’t want to continue…”

“No matter how hot it gets and how worked up we are.”

“We will never hurt you.”

“Or take advantage of you.” I lick my lips as they all join in, my heart beating like crazy against my ribs. My mind flashes to my sister Callie and all the pain she went through with Zane, the boy who took advantage of her. She never felt safe around him, but these boys? The three of them carry a powerful presence, protective and overwhelming.

“Thank you,” I whisper, looking between the boys. Relief spills through me.

“Whatever you need, you’re not alone in this fight anymore.” I lean back and press my lips against Zepp’s cheek. Showing my gratitude as opposed to voicing it.

Chase jerks in the bed, drawing our attention to him. A wicked grin spreads across his face. “Let’s go out tonight.” He says through a smile.

“Fucking go out?” Seger asks, adjusting the towel at his front.

Chase brings his gaze back to me, ignoring Seger’s grumbles. “How about that spaghetti?” He grins at me, making a smile spread across my face.

“You did promise me a ride in your car,” Chase’s lop-sided grin comes back and sparks him back to life. Not fully or completely, but it’s a start.

“Fuck yeah, you’re buying, Benoit.” Seger grins, smacking Chase on the shoulder. My eyes can’t seem to focus on anything but the tattoos covering his chest. Art in living form right in front of me.

Seger groans, staring down at me, teeth sinking into his lip. “If New Girl keeps staring at me like that, we ain’t leaving, because I’ll need a cold fucking shower again.” Zepp snorts behind me, laying his fingers over my eyes in a playful gesture.

“Let’s go out,” Zepp says and I nod my head.

“It better be the best damn spaghetti I ever taste,” I say through a grin.

“It’s a date!” Chase says through his smile, looking ten times happier than he had before. Maybe Seger had the right idea. Next time I’ll waltz in naked.

But a date? A real date? Looks like there’s a first for everything now.


Whew. You ok? It's hot in here. Phew. Nothing beats a foursome right??...well maybe a fivesome? ha.

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