Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully, RH, Romance)

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Subject: Christmas can't come soon enough!




Homecoming is coming up soon here. I guess it’s a huge deal. I Just heard sOme of tthe girls in the bathroom talking about their dresses. Can yoU believe some giRls spend over 5,000 dollarrs on that shit? Can you even believe that? Like...I know my family has moNey, especially my grandpArents..well they did. But 5,000 for a dress for high schooL? Sheesh.

SpeakIng of my grandparents, guess who got an inheritance? This girl! Don’t get me wroNg, I loved them so muuch. Do you remember the summer days we would go over there? It was boring at the time being 9 and having to watch my grandma get lost in her weird soap oPeras, but now I misss it. I miss her. Remember my grAndpa’s tomatoes? He was so proud of those thIngs. I remember going to tthe garden with them and picking them. I miss them. But it’s kind of nice to have my own money waiting for me for college. I really didN’t want to have to depend on Crowe for his money. Since my momm stopped her pracTice and stayed home…. it’s gotten worse. Have I mentioned how much I hate that guy? Cuz I hate hIm. I hate him for moviNg me. I hate him for takinG my phone. I hate him for taking yyou away from me. I’m just glad we have this, girl.

These emailS. They’re so fucking important.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking so much about Christmas. When I get back to Crowe’s I’m taking my ffucking car and driving to you. I don’t even care what they say, they can kiss my ass. I miss you and I have so much morre to tell you!

If you must know, things are stiill going good with the peerson I’m dating. It’s amazing, but weird too. Do you remember me telling you about the person I dated before and how it didn’t work out? They… aren’t taking this very well. At all. The scathing looks and their taunts have picked up big time. I swear everythInng that happens to because of them. When Christmas hits...I’ll explain all of this. Also omg! I was invited to a fucking boat party! Can you believe that? A fucking Yacht to be more exact. It’s right before Christmas’s the person I’m ddating...they own that. Own it. I swear...going to this school is crazy.

Enough about me! I’m such a sselfish bitch, how are you? How’s Latham? Have you heard from Eli at all? I know he moved away...but you guys were so hot and heavy for so long.

Mags. xoxoxo

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