Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully, RH, Romance)

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Subject: Homecoming was a blood bad, literally.



Hey babe.

Have you ever seen that movie Carrie? They’re at promm and she gets pig’s blood dumped on her head? Well--- I lived it. And I’m not ok. I….. I’m cryying Kace. Absolutely crying. It was them...they did it to me. Seger, Chase, Zepp, and AINSLEY. They did this to me. I guess. They’re the worst. I don’t understtand how it even happened? One second I’m on the sidelines at homecoming. It was beautiiful though. They had it as a masquerade type of homecoming. Everyone had mmasks on and beautiful dresses. I guess I get why they all spent 5,000 on some dreesses. Mine was a long, deep purple dress with a huge slit up my leg. I didn’t have a date, but I did meet the person I’ve been dating. We shared a dance...but we did it iin secret in the dark stairwell. The music was muffled, but it was just uss. And...I think I’m in LOVE? Like..for real love. I can see a futuure with them….for now. Maybe we can all go to Pparkford together? Wouldn’t that be a blast?

Oh my god….my date even took advantage of the slit in my dress oh my god, Kace…It was amazing. Just...holy hell hot! I can’t wait to talk to you in person about thiis stuff. And then after I came back...well…. someway, somehow someone dumped a whole thing of real fucking blood on me...and then threw more feathers….and I just...I couldn’t even hold it back. I just cried and cried..and went back to my apartmment. But don’t worry, I wasn’t aalone. Those who care about me, came by and we just...watched a movie. I do have allies, babe, so don’t worry. I’m not completely surrounded by enemies. I have people that care about me, thankffully. I’ll tell you their names over Chrristmas, not here.

Not in plaain sight. I’m afraiid of who is watching me. Weirdd right?

My mom actually went with me tto pick out my dress with me. She seems…..weird? Weirder than normal. Sadder than noormal? I think since my grandparents died...she’s been off. And of course that ddick hasn’t been helping her. She says she’s ok but by the glossy eyes, I don’t believe her. But what can I do? She shipped me away. I guess I’m a little biitter. Although, being here is...refreeshing...I get to be myself, which is nice.

Anyway, I had fun with her. We got lunch in a little boutique in town and just talked. I didn’t mention what’s been happening at school, because I don’t want to be a snitch. Even though they’ve done horrid things, I still won’t tell her. Not that she’d do anything. But fuck it.

I fucking love you, you remember that, ok?

Mags. xoxoxo

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