Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully, RH, Romance)

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Tonight’s the night. The moon is high in the sky, set in a tiny crescent shape, obscured by the shadows of the clouds floating ahead. Darkness fell upon us, blanketing the entire campus in darkness. Even the lamp posts offer little light tonight. It’s the perfect night for a heist. Well — not a heist, heist. Just a — you know — little breaking and entering. Recon job. No biggie. Hopefully, by the time we get back, we’ll have all the information we need to connect Shaw to all this crazy cult crap. Hopefully.


Zepp, bless his genius soul, made an extracting USB for tonight’s events. It’s like a vampire, except it extracts every ounce of hidden information from Shaw’s computer, instead of blood. All I have to do is plug it in, type a few codes into the command box, and it’ll do its thang, seriously a nifty piece of technology useful for this purpose. He’s way smarter than he gives himself credit for. Matching me in almost every way. He plays it off as if I’m the smarter one, but this boy. Man, this boy is amazing. Watching Zepp work gets me worked up and thirsty. Damn, that’s all I’ve been lately around these boys — thirsty. Too freaking’ thirsty, if you ask me. Gah—I can’t stop myself around them anymore. I mean—should I? Should I stop myself from taking chances with them?

“This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever let you two talk me into.” I snort at Zepp’s authoritative voice coming over the Bluetooth piece in my ear. Man, his deep, sex-filled voice does funny things to my lady bits. All rough and demanding and — Ugh! No, Kace, come on. You’ve got a job to do. Head out of the gutter and on the mission. Stop thinking about what your genius behind the computer is packing beneath his jeans.

If we were thieves, we’d have our own sort of communication system in place. A discrete, flesh-colored earpiece. We could stick in our ears for constant contact, but alas, we are only high school students. Not spies sent in by some secret agents. If only. So we’re stuck with three-way phone calls through Bluetooth pieces. But at least we can stay in contact with one another, especially since Zepp is our eyes in the sky. The man behind the computer screen guiding us around the darkened campus.

“Is it done, though?” I reach for Seger’s hand as we weave in between buildings, staying in the shadows as best we can. We jog through the shadows as silent as we can, trying to keep a low profile. Two security guards pace the school grounds nightly, keeping everyone on the inside safe. Or they’re just looking to get kids like us, who should be in bed, back into bed. If we get caught, they will report it to Shaw and then our entire operation is fucked. Not only that, but I’m sure I’ll lose my apartment. Can’t let that happen, we have to be careful.

Zepp sighs in our ears through the Bluetooth pieces and grunts again. His frustrations coming through the line with every grumble he gives. If I said Zepp was on board with this plan, I’d be a liar. A big, fat liar. No. Zeppelin made it very clear this was the stupidest thing we could do. He fought against it in every way he could think. He even threatened to tie me to his chair. He lost. Obviously. But here we are, doing it anyway. Because--- I win! Plus — I threatened to go off and do it anyway without his help. Now that, that made him furious, but it was the deciding factor to help. One for Kaycee, zero for Zepp.

“Yes, it’s done. The cameras are looping. Security won’t be able to tell we’ve messed with it. But I’ll still be able to keep watch on the actual footage to keep you, two idiots, safe.” He huffs again, fingers stroking the keyboard in the background.

“Wow, Bro, I feel the love from here,” Seger whispers sarcastically into his Bluetooth piece. Seger still has that shit-eating grin on his face. The moment I suggested this, Seger jumped on board. He couldn’t wait to break into Shaw’s office and mess his shit up. But he also enjoyed fucking with Zepp. Poor Zepp, we ganged up on him and poor Chase. He’s still sound asleep where we left him when we did this. Zepp scoffs in our ears again. I picture his eyes rolling to the sky too.

“Yeah-yeah, just be glad I didn’t tie you both down and keep you here. On a scale of 1 to 10 on how stupid this idea is, it’s a 20.” He grumbles again, pouting like a child.

“Sounds kinky, do you promise?” I ask through a smile. Seger grumbles beside me, almost falling over into the dark grass. But I clutch his hand tighter, keeping his massive frame upright. We come to a stop at the front office building, hiding in the shadows. There’s no one around us, only the sound of the fallen leaves rustling on the ground crinkle.

“You’ve been hanging around Seger and Chase too much.” Zepp quips. “But yeah—it is a promise if you ever suggest this again because I’m about to have a heart attack at 17. know what? Make that an aneurysm. You’re killing me, seriously. You had better come back in one piece or there will be consequences.” Hmm — there’s that voice again, doing funny things to my insides. Butterflies swoop and my mind wants to see what these consequences are. I imagine him pointing a finger at the phone, trying to drive his point home. I get it, it’s dumb. I’m always full of dumb slash genius ideas. But this is the only way to get the information. Besides, it’s after eleven anyway, Shaw left hours ago for his apartment on campus. This should be, and I stress the ‘should be’ aspect of the plan, a piece of cake. Walk in, get the information, and walk out. Easy peasy.

“He’ll get over it,” Seger leans over towards me, brushing his lip against my ear. “Just give him a minute to berate us, then he’ll get to work.” Our backs rest against the cool brick of the main building of the school. Two security guards walk off into the distance, their backs towards us, making their way to another part of campus.

“Do you see us?” I ask Zepp, staring up at the camera above our heads. Waving my fingers, trying to give him my best innocent eyes.

“Only on my feed,” he grumbles. “Yeah—yeah, looks like the guards are heading in the opposite direction toward the courtyard. You guys are in the clear. Please be careful.” His tone goes from grumbles to serious worry in the blink of an eye. I know he’s worried and I get it. But it has to be done.

“Don’t worry so much, we’ll be good. We’ve got two nerds on our side.” Seger winks up at the camera with a grin so big he could light the world.

“You better not get caught, I swear if you get kicked out, I get kicked out. And then dad will shit us out of his life so fast..”

“Yeah — don’t remind me,” Seger grumbles as we head toward the main building. Seger watches my back as I try the main door. The first lesson in lock picking, never assume they lock everything. Always check first. I pull the handle, meeting with resistance. Locked, like I thought it would be. I reach into my pocket, taking out my lock picking kit. Seger stands above me as I kneel on the ground, getting my ear as close to the lock as I can.

“You’re clear for another five minutes, but the guards will come around the grounds again, not to mention the guy inside walking the halls.” Zepp reminds me as I bob my head in agreement. Click.

I twist the door handle carefully, peeking my head inside the darkened hallway. “It’s clear,” I whisper up at Seger, as we make our way silently down the hallway.

“How fucking eerie is this,” Seger whispers, looking around the shadows. We walk, holding our breaths as best we can. Regardless of Zepp monitoring us through the cameras, anything could happen. Anyone could catch us and the last thing I want is to get myself and Seger kicked out of school for trespassing.

I scowl as we round the hallway across from the principal’s office. “Ew, do you hear that?” Grunt. Smack. Grunt. Smack. It sounds like someone’s hitting someone over and over. Only they’re enjoying it. Moans and—oh crap. I feel like I’m standing in the middle of the maze, but no, I’m standing at the edge of the school’s hallway. My face twists, heating like an oven. I look back at Seger’s grinning face, his hands rubbing together.

“Oh yeah,” Seger says with a little too much excitement. “Someone’s getting frisky in here, like really frisky.” He wiggles his eyebrows, making me roll my eyes.

“Well whoever they are, let’s hope they stay busy for another hour.” I breathe, trying to block out their echoed moans as best I can so I can pick the lock. We make our way towards the principal’s door and stop in front of it. The cloudy glass on the outside hides what’s on the inside, and for today, that’s perfect. No one will detect us here.

“Ohhhhh I don’t think that’ll be a problem, Princess, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be going at it for a long time, and besides, once they’re done, they’ll leave.” He shrugs, standing over me again. I fall to my knees and put my ear close to the lock. With all the noise coming from down the hall, it’s almost impossible to listen for the click. But that’s the key to it all, moving the cylinders inside the mechanism at the perfect time, and listening for the click.


I stand, turning the knob, and we enter the darkened office. “You ever going to teach me how to do that?” Seger asks as he relocks the door behind us. “Because—that’s pretty fucking sexy, but it would come in handy.”

We walk into the darkened office, avoiding the overhead light. It’s better to leave us in the darkness, so no one thinks we’re in here. Even with Zepp watching the halls from my apartment, there are blind spots. Seger’s head whips around, taking in the larger office. There're bookshelves, a desk, and a small closet in the corner. Seger pokes his head in, smiling. Probably thinking dirty thoughts as he turns to me, waggling his eyebrows.

A laugh escapes me as I plonk down onto the Headmaster’s chair. “Yeah, I’ll teach you,” I say, curling my fingers toward Seger. “Now hand it over.” He rolls his eyes, coming up behind me and handing me the USB stick Zepp had for this crime.

“So what? You just plug it in and it copies everything?” Seger asks, leaning over me as I plug it in.

“Ah—pretty much. The computer will recognize it and then it’ll do its thing.” I shrug, typing in a few things into the command box. The USB copies over every piece of information stored on the computer. Unfortunately, it’s a time-consuming process. A box pops up on the screen, starting slowly at 1% and climbing.

“Now that’s started, I need that,” I say pointing towards the picture that’s captured my interest since the moment I walked in here a few weeks ago.

“Why?” Seger asks with creased brows. But he makes the walk over to the picture situated high on the wall and plucks it off. Thank god he’s so tall. I’d have to drag a chair to reach it, but he grabs it with ease. Not having to strain to his tippy toes. Damn tall boys.

He hands it to me regardless of his question. I inspect the photo, lit up by the computer’s light. Four identical-looking boys. All the same blonde hair, some have brown eyes and some have dark blue. It’s easy now to tell which one is Shaw. He’s in the middle of the picture, smaller than the other two, but not the youngest. A younger boy is sitting in front of him, maybe three-years-old, looking as happy as the other boys. Their smiles light up the picture. They’re so happy all together on Christmas morning, showing off their new toys. But who the hell are they and why the hell can’t I get these boys out of my head? I pick apart the frame, taking the old picture in my hands. I snap a pic with my camera and then turn it over, snapping a picture of the names on the back.

Lucas, William, Edward, and Joshua. No last name. No year. Just their names, not organized with whom the names belong to in the picture. I turn it over again and stare at the woman behind them. A deep scowl mares her exhausted face with a cigarette propped between her fingers. She stares at the boys like they’re the bane of her existence. Like they pissed in her cornflakes and ruined her entire life. Whatever her problem was with them, it seemed to run deep — blood deep.

“So what’s the verdict?” Seger asks as he places the picture back onto the wall, staring at the boys’ faces too.

“Just a hunch,” I say with a shrug, walking to the bookshelf in the corner. Considering we had spare time to waste before we could grab the USB and leave.

“You’re killing me, babe. Just a hunch? Spillllll,” he whines. Wrapping his arms around me from behind, snuggling his nose into my neck, rubbing it up and down the length of my flesh. Inhaling and exhaling. Sometimes I think he needs this closeness with me to feel in control and grounded. Like when my father threatened to take me home, he didn’t want to let me go. But that’s fine, too. I enjoy his cuddles, probably too much sometimes, because he grounds me too. His touches, all their touches, spark me to life.

“I investigated him before I came here. His records are all squeaky clean. Closed adoption, an only child, raised by a single mother. Everything online screams perfect. So why does he have an old picture like that hanging in his office? Who are they to him?” I run my fingers over the spines of his book collection. All older, on the educational spectrum. Mostly dusty encyclopedias and dictionaries.

“Sounds too clean to me,” Zepp says through our earpieces. My body jumps, forgetting about my other boyfriend in my ear. “Just like everyone else you suspected.“ He says through a sigh on the line and fuck he’s right. Everyone I researched before coming here, besides them, is squeaky clean.

“We still look good, man?” Seger asks, leaning into me more, pressing his entire body against mine.

“Yeah, everything seems clear, quiet,” Zepp says, making me swallow hard.

“Quiet? Like... the couple down the hall has stopped quiet?” My eyes drift up to meet Seger’s worried eyes from behind me.

Zepp swallows hard through the earpiece but doesn’t utter a word. Static meets my ears, followed by the clicking of computer keys. “Zeppelin,” Seger hisses, clutching me tight.

“I—what couple?” He hisses back, frantically typing now. I swallow hard, panic roaring through my veins. How could he have missed them? They were loud, like echoing throughout the school loud. I run my palms against my leggings, wiping the built-up moisture off.

“For fuck’s sake, you didn’t hear that whole ‘There’s people getting it the fuck on down the hallway’ conversation?" Seger hisses, lowering his voice as best he can.

I walk toward the computer, checking the percentage, breathing a momentary breath of relief. “It’s at 98%, it’s almost done copying everything.” Seger swipes a hand down his face, pacing in front of the large wooden desk.

“This shit stress is going to put me in an early grave, I swear.” He grumbles more to himself than anyone else. A crease forms in his brow, body turning rigid.

“You’re the one who encouraged this.” Zepp bites back, still typing. “You need to move, both of you, NOW!” Zepp’s voice pierces through the Bluetooth piece like a siren sounding. Jump starting the chaotic rhythm inside my chest, pounding like a drum. Sending adrenaline through my veins. My brain yells at me to move, move, move, but I can’t take my eyes off the status bar on the download. Frozen. I’m frozen like a statue, staring at the download like I might encourage it to work faster.

“The-the download! It still has a little to go.” I hiss, staring at the dark blue line, almost taking up the box. Ninety-nine percent. Come on, come on, come on! If I take it out now, this will be for nothing. Nothing will transfer over until it’s at one hundred percent and final. We won’t get the files we need or think we need if it doesn’t hurry up.

“Forget the fucking USB, Kaycee, we need to leave. Now! He’s our eyes.” Seger grunts coming towards me with determination set in his eyes. I’m his prey right now and he wants to grab a hold of me and take me away. Not today, buddy. We have a mission and I sure as shit won’t let this go to waste.

“No,” I say, ripping my wrist from his grip. “We need this, we took the risk, and now we need to see this through.” I bark back, determination coursing through me. There was no way Seger was going to drag me out of here.

“Fucking stubborn ass woman,” Seger grinds his teeth, his jaw ticking. Placing his ear against the cool wood of the door, a frown appears across his lips.

“Headmaster Shaw just exited a classroom down the hall from his office. He is on his way towards his office. Please, for the love of everything, Kaycee, LEAVE!” Zepp yells in my ear, frantically begging me to get my ass moving. But I can’t. My fight-or-flight kicks in and I choose to fight.

“Too late,” Seger growls, staring daggers at me. If looks could maim, I’d be dead on the ground after a thorough beating. His eyes dart around the room, brain working a hundred miles a minute. A shadow falls over the glazed glass of the office door, outlining Mr. Shaw’s ragged form. Keys jiggle on the outside of the door, scraping against the knob. I snap my gaze towards the computer, still copying over the contents over to the USB. Come on, come on, come on—I think to myself, as one-hundred percent pings on the computer. Finally! Perfect timing!

Seger pulls me away from the computer just as my hand snatches the USB and pulls me toward the small closet door he peeked in earlier. He rushes me inside, slams my body against the wall, and covers my mouth with his hand. We breathe heavily in the confined space, his body pressing against mine. Chest against chest, nose against nose. The office is full of school supplies. Papers, pencils, and notebooks line the shelves.

“In any normal circumstances, I wouldn’t complain about this,” Seger says with fury roaring to life in his eyes. “But I’m seriously going to bend you over my knee when we get back to your apartment, I swear to all things holy,” Seger whispers straight into my ear, making a cool shiver shimmy down my spine.

“Promise?” I whisper against the palm of his hand. Seger groans and curses under his breath, trying to stay as quiet as we can.

“Luke, listen—yeah—she’s on board again.” Headmaster Shaw paces his office, oblivious to the break-in, with his phone pressed against his ear. Thank god he is too distracted to see his computer is awake and lighting up the office. He turns the lights on, leaving us in the dark of the cramped supply closet. Seger presses his body into mine more, leaving me even more breathless than before. If the adrenaline from almost getting caught didn’t make me antsy, having his body against mine did more. I strain my ears, trying to catch his words. Luke? Who’s Luke?

Shaw grumbles, throwing himself into his chair. “It wasn’t that big of a sacrifice,” he says through a small laugh. I wished at that moment that I could see him, see his expression because it sure would help a lot.

Seger’s face contorts, “I uh—think we caught one half of our fornicating couple.” he grumbles directly in my ear. I nod, agreeing with him, seeing as his palm is still pressed into my mouth.

“Everything’s still on track on my end and yours?” He asks into the phone, probably nodding his head a few times. I just wish I could amplify his phone call and hear what the other person had to say. I need to invent that technology.

“And Famine?” He asks, sighing. “Death?” He asks after a few seconds of silence. His sighs fill the silence again. “Yes — I understand. Well—yes—I get it, Jesus, Lucas, I understand. Don’t talk to me like I’m some untrain—oh fuck you too.” He raises his voice again, slamming his fist onto his desk. My entire body jumps against Seger’s at the loud crack of the wood and I’m half thankful Seger kept his palm against my mouth, muffling the squeal slipping out. “Everything is fucking under control.” He seethes into the phone, slamming his fist once again. “Everything is still on track, they’re getting what they want when they want it, aren’t they? Exactly - so it’s fine. Fuck them. You think it’ll stop it? No—it won’t. Fine. I’ll talk to you later, you dick. Love you too.” Shaw takes a deep breath, rising from his desk. He tucks his phone into his pocket, turns off the lights, and leaves the room with a bang.

Seger eases his body weight off of me, but I pull him back. Holding up a finger, I point to my ears. He nods in agreement.

“You’re in the clear. He just walked out of the damn building.” Zepp finally says in our ear with a loaded sigh. “I—what did we just hear?” He asks us. I stare up at Seger, who shrugs his shoulders.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” I breathe, trying to remain quiet still.

“Did he fucking say Death and Famine? What was up with that?” Seger asks, as we unlock the door with caution, and peek out. I shrug, confused by the whole interaction.

“Stop!” Zepp says in our ear again, urging us to shut the door. My heart leaps from my chest again. “Whoever else was in that classroom is walking down the hallway right now.” With a hard swallow, we ease the door shut, locking it once again. Whoever is walking the hallway briefly stops outside his office door. Their shadow seeps in through the cracks of the locked door, almost like they’re coming back for round two. The shadow outside the door slowly dissipates, leaving Seger and I to ourselves.

“You guys will not believe this, I don’t even believe it,” Zepp whispers in our ears. Seger and I exchange looks.

“Chase is fucking right, you have a flair for this dramatic shit,” Seger grumbles.

“Ugh--- Listen, you’re in the clear, she’s gone out the front door now, and she’s down the path.” I swallow hard at his voice.

“And who is she, exactly?” I whisper as we step out into the dark hallways once again. The hallway is as dark as it was twenty minutes ago, but the noises died down. Leaving just us to walk towards the side door we entered through.

“Zoe.” He says through a breath. My body slams into an invisible brick wall, halting all movement, scrambling my brain. Did he just say? Oh — No. Not her, why would she?

“Like... Hartbraker Zoe?” Seger stutters through his words, taking my hand in his. He squeezes our fingers together three times, looking over at my stunned expression. I’m sure I’m a sight to see. Mouth wide open, heart exploding on the inside, with sweat forming all over my body. But he doesn’t comment, in fact, it’s like he knows I can’t move on my own right now. He pulls me down the hallway at a fast pace, looking back every so often to make sure I’m processing this weird turn of events. Processing, process, my mind is like an old 90s computer, barely functioning. But it has that slow wheel spinning on the screen. Churning over and over again.

“Yeah—that’s exactly who it was.” My heart falls into my stomach at the sound of her name.

“Really? Zoe? What was she doing with…. holy fuck, she slept with our principal?” I gasp at the thought of Zoe having to do that or wanting to do that at all. She’s cool, laid back, and nice. Throughout this entire time of chaos, she’s been nothing but kind to me. Showing me compassion when no one else stepped in. And now this? Is anyone who they say they are here?

“Well, it was definitely her.” Zepp sighs again, sounding worn out from this whole crazy ordeal. When we return, he’ll probably have a long white beard, grey hair, and a cane to support him.

“That just makes her ten times more suspicious than. What the hell is she doing with him?” Something within my gut tells me something has gone horribly wrong within her world for her to sink to that. Unless---for some strange reason—she loves him? No, no, she’s only 18. That has to be some sort of manipulative behavior on his end. No normal 18-year-old would fall for her principal like that. Right? I’ve never seen her with anyone at school. She seems to fly under the radar, despite how famous she is outside of these walls. Weird. Weird.

Seger fake gags beside me, holding tight to my hand. As we make our way back to my apartment, just dodging the pesky security guards walking the halls of the first floor.

“I can’t believe you guys went on some super mission and left me to sleep,” Chase grumbles, wiping his eyes with the backs of his hands.

“Ya didn’t miss much,” Seger says through a tight smile, slapping him on the shoulder. Chase grumbles again, sitting back down on the couch.

“Besides Zoe—oh Zoe,” Chase shakes his head, probably relieving his fan moments. He seems to love her music and her career. But this whole screwing the principal thing has gotten to him. “She’s smarter than that, I don’t... I don’t get it.” We’ve once again been left with more questions than answers, even after a fact-finding mission. Hopefully, the USB in my hand will give us a few more answers than questions.

I move toward my computers, just as Zepp takes his Bluetooth out of his ears. “Thanks for everything,” my fingertips roam over his soft cheeks, taking in the curve of his jaw and sharp cheekbones.

I once read about their mother, Tristy Logue- West. Young. Beautiful. Smart. A supermodel in the prime of her life, who fell head over heels in love with their father from the moment she saw him at a runway show. Of course, he was at least 30 years older than her. They married six months after knowing each other and stayed that way for three years. It’s some sort of record for Corbin West. He only stays in relationships for a year or less, besides her, and his current mess of a wife, Corey. Hence why he has fourteen kids spread across the world. Leaves one relationship and jumps into another. It makes me wonder if Tristy had survived the life-stealing cancer if they'd still have a marriage. Zeppelin and Seger West were only his fifth and sixth kids. The rest of the children came in close succession to them but never claimed publicly by their father. Only their littlest brother Hendrix, mothered by their stepmother. Bastard.

Looking at them, I get where their beauty comes from. They have their mother’s model cheekbones and proportioned faces. They could probably be in magazines themselves. They have their father’s Rockstar looks with their lean, muscular bodies. Both sides of the gene pool were generous to them. But it’s more than that to me. Even though they’ve grown up the way they have, they’re both so grounded and relatable. Never stuck up with turned down noses on other people.

His fingers curl around mine, resting on his cheek. “I wouldn’t have let you go at that alone. You needed eyes, I was your eyes.” He gives a jerky nod, conveying all the feelings he won’t let me see. Frustration. Concern. Even love makes an appearance. But the most prevalent emotion singing like a canary in his moss-green eyes is fear. Fear for my safety. Fear of getting caught. Fear for all of this going bad.

“Sorry, I’m stubborn.” A ghost of a smile crosses his lips, as his eyes roll into the back of his head. His head leans back against the computer chair, groaning at the ceiling.

“Too fucking stubborn, come bend over my knees, and let me spank the defiance out of you.” Seger groans, sitting next to Chase, running his fingers through his hair. “I swear it’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes.” A breathy laugh escapes from between my lips.

“Alright, should we see what the fuss is all about?” Zepp asks, holding his hand out. I comply, giving him the USB he created, and let him get to work.

His fingers fly against the keyboard, screen coming to life. Everything once on the headmaster’s computer is now before our eyes. Unencrypted and ready for consumption. Folder after secret folder floats onto the screen. Deep folders, no one but Shaw has laid eyes on. Until now.

Zepp starts the lengthy process of going through his files. Some are personal, but nothing damaging. There are no photos of his family. There’s nothing really in the normal files. It’s not until he digs deeper that we find something.

“It’s a list,” Zepp says, scrunching up his face.

“A list of what?” Chase grumbles through his sleepy voice, barely conscious again, leaning his head against Seger’s. Who fell asleep an hour after we got back from our mission. I guess the adrenaline rush finally caught up to him and the after-effects rendered him useless. But my, my does he look precious. They both do with their eyes closed, supporting their heads together. Seger looks at peace, slightly snoring. His beautiful face relaxed from all the tension he held earlier.

Zepp swallows hard, leaning over the monitor. His forest green eyes meet mine, flashing more concern than I’ve seen in a long time. “It doesn’t have any context to it.” He whispers to me but quickly pulls me into his lap. Wrapping his arms tightly around my middle, he turns my body so I see what he does. Tension fills every muscle of my body, stealing my breaths. My throat clogs, brain turning to mush. Processing. Processing. What. The. Fuck?

Elijah Porter----X--- 700k.. Final

Kaycee Cole--- O — Undetermined---Over 50m?

Charlotte Oliver---X—500k Final

Cadence Holt—X—550k—Final

Max Jones--- 650k Final

Magnolia Shepherd—X--- Over 2m. Final

Kodiak Knight—X—500k Final

Spencer Steele — X—450k Final

TAS — Crossbones. ACO.

I read and reread these names surrounding mine repeatedly. It’s them. All of them. “They--” I swallow back the burning bile seeping up my throat. The walls of my stomach clench, sending sharp pains across my abdomen. The spicy sushi rolls I consumed earlier burn my throat. My palm covers my lips, clamping them shut, and refusing to break down over this. I can’t afford to let my panic or my anxiety rule me right now. Only smart decisions. Logical decisions. Nothing will cloud my brain because I can’t afford it.

“Yeah,” Zepp says through a soothing voice, rubbing his hands up and down my arms. “Yeah, it’s them. I remember their names from the autopsy report.” His voice cracks under the emotions. If we didn’t have fears before, this only solidifies it for us. For me. Because every name surrounding my own is already dead and gone. Buried beneath the earth with a plaque above their stiff bodies. They’re the same ones who succumbed to the mysterious serial killer, lurking around town and now. Now they’re after me. But what is this? Is this the cult we’ve been chasing down? Are they truly responsible for all the mayhem around town? For the bodies showing up once a month since Magnolia died?

“You ok?” Zepp breaths in my ear, holding me tighter and tighter. It’s almost like he’s afraid if he lets go, I’ll fly off the handle. But I won’t. So what if my name is on a murder list? Well — I guess there’s no ‘so what’ about it. I’m knee-deep in shit I don’t even have a clue about.

“No,” why lie when they’d know, anyway. They’d take one look at the color draining from my face and know. No, I’m not ok. But I will be. This will fuel me more, give me the gasoline to continue my fight against this invisible force, and burn them once and for all. For Magnolia. For Elijah. For every one they’ve taken down.

Zepp turns my head, cupping my cheeks. “You will never be alone in this, I promise.” He shakes me a little with each word, conveying how serious he is about protecting me. A fire burns within the depths of his forest green eyes with the intensity of a million suns. Ready to blaze a safe path of protection for us all. And right now, if he wants to play knight in shining armor, then I’ll let him. Them. Because more now than ever, I need my allies, my boys, to help me fight the good fight.

“Just don’t get yourself hurt because of me,” I whisper, barely getting my voice to work. Tears burn the backs of my eyes, tingling my nose with the need to release this pain. My head naturally leans into his warm touch, reveling in the comfort such a small gesture brings me. A second pair of arms wrap around from my backside, pressing his hard chest into me.

“Never, ever alone,” Chase whispers in my ear, kissing just below it. He squeezes me lightly, comforting me while I internally freak out. But the constant pressure of their bodies surrounding me relaxes my muscles. They’re like living weighted blankets.

“So what do you think this even means?” I ask, trying to rationalize with myself. It can’t be bad, I won’t end up like those other ones. I can’t. I won’t.

“I think it confirms our suspicions. They weren’t suicides like we thought them to be, but murders.” I nod in agreement.

“But Kaycee’s name is on there too, does that mean?” Chase’s whisper is frantic, his eyes darting from me to Zepp. His heart pounds against his chest and into my back at a frantic rate. Like it’s about to boom out of his chest cavity and fall onto the floor. He swallows hard, an audible gulp in my ears. Internally freaking out on my behalf, but on the outside, he’s staying calm.

“It means it limits our time. We need to not only protect her and ourselves, but we need to figure out who is behind this all.” Chase nods thoughtfully, squeezing me again.

“Where does this put Shaw, then? He had the list.” Maybe he’s in charge of it all, maybe he’s the one who comes up with these hits. Hits? Is this what this is? Some mafia type stuff going on in this town? Does the mafia even exist? And the numbers, what do the numbers mean? Oh god, my head aches from all the questions zooming through it.

“Maybe we need to kidnap him and question him about it,” Chase says through a playful tone, but I can tell he’s half-serious. And hell, I’m halfway down with that.

“I’m down to kidnap that sick fuck,” Seger says groggily from the couch, stroking his jawline. Sleepiness weighs down the bags under his darkened eyes, but the concern flairs to life inside of him.

“We can’t kidnap the headmaster,” I say firmly, laughing at Chase’s defeat behind me. He nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck, blowing a raspberry.

“No fun,” he groans.

“What about Zoe?” Seger asks, sitting forward, elbows on his knees.

“What about her?” Zepp retorts, making all our eyes fall on Seger.

“You think she’d have something to say about it all. I mean---she is fucking him after all.”

“You think she’s a part of it?” I ask, raising a brow. My mind drifts back to the events of our B and E. The moaning, groaning, and slapping of skin. The way she followed him back to his office, standing outside of his door in hopes of, what? In hopes, he would open up and take her again?

“Could be,” Zepp says, shifting beneath me. “But we can’t just outright ask her. What if she tips him off, and he is the serial killer?” Seger sighs, nodding his head.

“Then we’d make it ten times worse on Kaycee. But what the fuck are we supposed to do? That’s our biggest lead, a fucking murder list, and now? Now we don’t have anyone to interrogate.”

“He’s right. It’s not like we can go to the cops with this either…”

“Yeah, dirty crooked bastards are in on it, probably. So….”

“We’re stuck,” I add to the conversation.

“Yeah,” Zepp agrees. “We’re stuck, but we’ll figure something out, I swear.”

“We could always start looking into their lives, see what maybe these people wanted with them? Maybe there is a link, besides how they died. Did they have any of the same friends?” Chase adds as we continue to spitball on what to do.

“We’ll look through each of their FlashGrams and see if there’s a link at all.“ Zepp says, hugging his arms tight around me.

“And we’ll get Zoe’s phone too. Maybe she has some evidence on there?” Chase suggests, and I nod again in agreement.

“Sounds better than kidnapping,” I say through a weak smile.

For the next few hours, we look through the victims’ lives. Spaceface, FlashGram, and any other form of social media we can get our hands-on. Some victims still have their profiles up, but some families sadly closed them out. And I have no way to hack into closed profiles.

“Look at you,” Chase beams from beside me on the couch in my living room, pointing to an old photo of Eli and me smiling together. Before our first school dance, we celebrated together our freshman year. And oh boy—did we look young?

I lean my head against Chase’s shoulder, tracing over Eli’s boyish face. He still had some baby fat on his cheeks, puffing them out like a squirrel storing dinner. And me? Oh no. I wore a pink dress that night; it was a little too big for my tiny frame, but I loved it at the time. I clutched onto Eli like a lifeline that night. Enormous crowds weren’t my thing then and even now. He made the rounds with me silently at his side, conversing with other people. Like we usually did, he did the talking, and I smiled along. It worked for us. Two oddballs coming together as one.

It’s weird looking at our smiling faces. The happiness we felt together. Young and dumb, but not in love. He and I were great together. His personality in stark contrast to mine. He loved socializing, dragging me to parties and football games. I showed him my love for movies and video games. A perfect balance between the two of us. I suppose his presence in my past proved useful. He thrust me into situations that made me uncomfortable and I grew as a person. Anxiety ruled my younger self and with him, he nurtured me, helped me grow. We may not have ended on good terms or had a future together, but we brought something to each other. Something important.

“Homecoming,” I whispered through a tight smile, trying to hide the emotions inching up my throat.

“I’m sorry,” Chase whispers, putting an arm around my shoulders. “You guys must have been close.” His body squeezes against mine.

“Yeah,” I sigh. “We were, we were best friends, but—I know he wanted more.”

“And you didn’t?” Zepp asks, putting a hand on my thigh. I shrug.

“I considered it, but his parents moved away. I told him I couldn’t do long distance, it would be too hard. We fought, and he left without a goodbye. And now…..” Chase kisses the top of my head, breathing in the scent of my hair.

“I get it,” Zepp says, squeezing my thigh. “No closure.” I nod, staring down at the many pictures Eli had posted over the years since we had parted. His smiling face grew leaner, more manly, and his body muscled. With his new friends and girlfriends at his new high school. Party pics, hanging off the balconies of mansions, and taking drunken swims. People surrounded him and that was him. His personality, dragging people in with his friendly aura.

The boy’s grip me in support, as I make my way through the many party pictures. I zoom in on a few, trying to take in the surrounding faces. Looking for anyone familiar at all. Once I make it to the top row, my heart sinks. What if all these murdered souls were random after all. What if they had nothing in common and we are just on some wild goose chase with no end in sight? I sigh, taking the pictures one by one. Zooming in and out on every background I can. We’ve been through so many of their profiles already, some deleted, some still exist.

“Hold on,” Zepp leans over my shoulder, pointing to a picture. “Zoom in on that one again.” There’s an urgency in his voice this time. I hand him the phone, leaning over so I can see whatever he sees.

“There,” he mutters. “Do you have a picture enhancer on your computer?” I nod, take the phone back, and plug it in. Within two minutes we are all huddled around the computer screen with our jaws on the floor.

“Fucking Piper,” Seger growls, pacing the room. “Of course that psycho is in a picture with him, looking all weird.” I snorted in response. Weird doesn’t even cover the long black wig and dark makeup she’s sporting. The only give away it’s her is the snarl warping her pretty face. She stood so close to Eli, a hand on his shoulder like they were best friends. He smiled too, sucked into whatever she had said to him. She’s like a black widow or something.

“She tried hard to make herself unrecognizable,” Zepp says, zooming in further. Looking at anyone and everyone in the picture.

“But why? It’s just some Talon Blue party. You think it embarrassed her to be seen there hooking up with someone? What about Eli? You think they hooked up and then she stuck her claws into him?” Carter’s words from the alley ring through my head about Piper’s sexual preference. The way he talked, she didn’t even dabble with men.

“Piper’s a lesbian,” I blurt, looking around the room. Their eyes are wide with that admission. “Carter told me she licks pussy more than anything. So maybe she was trying to hook up with someone, just not Eli.” I shrug.

“Whoa—what? She’s—really?” Chase sputters, stumbling over his words.

“Makes sense, I’ve never seen her flirt or hang out with guys here,” Zepp says, stroking his chin. His go-to movement while he’s thinking.

“Huh—wait. When the fuck did you talk to Carter? And why does it seem like that fucker has a hard-on for you?” Seger asks, raising his eyebrows with a knowing smirk etching across his perfect lips. Bastard.

Oh boy—he’s really going to love this admission. “I uh---may have been in the hardware store a few weeks ago and I may have witnessed you kicking his ass. Good job, by the way, you really got him.” I smile sheepishly at his paling face. His mind going back to that day in the alley. His jaw falls to the floor, as his fingers rip through his hair.

“You were there after? And he didn’t obliterate you? Oh, my fuck.” Seger paces more, biting at his nail beds.

“Why?” Zepp asks, jumping to his feet. “Why punch him?” Anger sits in his tone, his fists curling at his side. His jaw ticks, the same tick Seger gets when he’s angry.

Seger shrugs, avoiding making eye contact with his brother. “Seger,” Zepp growls, letting his anger surface on his face.

“Zeppelin,” he mocks back through a snarl.

“Uh-oh,” Chase murmurs, pulling me into his lap. “This won’t be pretty, Sunshine.” He mumbles in my ear, holding me close.

“They fight often?” Chase snorts at my question, turning my face to watch them square off.

“You haven’t seen half of it, just wait and see. They’re like a big bomb waiting to explode.” His breaths fan across my neck as he whispers.

“Carter? Really?” Zepp says again, stalking closer to Seger’s pacing form. “Of all the people you can punch your aggressions out on, you choose him?” Zepp scoffs, throwing his arms into the air.

“What happens in fight club, stays in fucking fight club.” He snarls again, sarcasm dripping from his words. “Ugh. We have an agreement. I need a punching bag. He takes it, and vice versa. We have it handled.” Zepp rolls his eyes, throwing his hands into the air with defeat. “Besides, shouldn’t we spank our girl or something? She was naughty too.” I frown when Seger tosses his arms in my direction.

“Not nice to deflect the situation to me. I did nothing wrong. Besides, he got what was coming to him.” I shrug like it’s no big deal I kicked the meanest guy in school in the balls. No biggie, right? Yeah! Besides, Carter already punished me for that. He stuck my head in a damn toilet for my crimes.

“And what was it?” Chase asks from behind me, tightening his arms around my stomach like I might flee from the situation.

“A knee to his dick, he deserved it though.” Seger cracks a smile, stopping his pacing. Chase hisses between his teeth and Zepp shakes his head.

“You gonna yell at her too for violence?” Zepp throws his arms up in the air, turning around to sit back down on the couch.

“You two are perfect for each other,” he grumbles, running his hand through his hair. Mussing up the long ends of his brown hair.

I take his hand in mine, bringing his gaze to mine. “Not just him and I,” I squeeze his hand, tension draining from his ticking jaw. “You all hold a special place in my heart. I always thought I wasn’t relationship material. But here I am with three perfect pieces to my puzzle.” His smile starts small, taking over his face completely.

“That’s not exactly what I meant when I said it.” I shrug, a redness taking over my cheeks. I know exactly what he meant, but for some unknown reason, I need to tell them how I feel.

“I know, but when you said it. That’s the first thought I had and you know me.” I continue to smile over at him.

“You speak from the heart,” Chase says, nuzzling into my neck. Causing a breathy laugh to escape.

“Sometimes from the heart, other times it just comes out before I can stop it.” I smile, melting into Chase’s body. He’s sunshine personified, bringing joy to my dark world filled to the brim with murder plots and revenge. Zepp feeds my hacker side, constantly helping me figure out those tough situations. And Seger. Seger fills my naughty side. His brash words and wandering mouth make my body eager to move forward for more pleasure. They all bring something to the table for me and who knew it would feel like this to have three boyfriends.

“Do you consider me your girlfriend?” I ask before I can think, eyeing the three of them.

“Yes,” Chase answered without hesitation. Zepp and Seger share a look and nod.

“Of fucking course, haven’t we called you that enough by now?” Seger says through an exhausted grin.

“Yeah,” Zepp says through a breath. “I think we do.”

“You’re stuck with us now, babe. No running away.” Seger says sitting down next to Chase and I. Locking us all in on the couch together.

“Or you’ll lock me in your basement, right?” Seger smirks, giving me a small wink in return.

“Don’t act like you wouldn’t enjoy being tied up to my bed in the basement while I make you come repeatedly.” I tilt my head, imagining the sensation of them between my legs again. Just like last time. Seger’s tongue diving in between my folds, sucking at my throbbing and needy clit. I squirm in Chase’s lap, making his hands fall to my waist.

“Yes,” I give a breathy moan.

"Oh, yes." I close my eyes as Chase’s lips fall down my neck, kissing my skin, and igniting the need inside of me. My pussy clenches around nothing and they’ve barely touched me. It’s all the images of what’s coming between the three of us that’s getting me slick with need.

“You’ve had a hard day, Sunshine.” Chase groans into my neck, swirling my hips in a circle on his growing erection.

“Maybe we should distract her?” Seger whispers, coming forward.

“Mmm, a distraction sounds pleasant,” I groan. Chase’s hard dick nudges against my clit. Even through his jeans, I can feel how rock hard he is. Fire burns through my veins, lust taking over my actions. I’m not in control of my body anymore. It’s all up to my pent up hormones that have been on ice for years, ready to explore further. I want them. All of them.

I reach up, taking Seger by the back of the neck. Forcing his soft lips onto mine. His tongue slips past my lips, mingling with mine in perfect harmony. I groan into his mouth when Chase’s hand clamps down on my boob. Squeezing it, as his other hand directs my hips in circles. Chase’s lips work down my neck, sucking and biting. Leaving his mark on my flesh. It’s like a statement for everyone else in the world.

She’s ours. Back off.

“Take this off?” Chase groans against my neck, tugging at the bottom of my shirt. I nod my approval, breaking away from Seger’s lips. I stand, tugging my shirt over my head, turning towards Chase while he sits. His eyes eat me alive, taking in my petite figure. His fingers brush against my stomach, burning fire against my skin. Goosebumps erupt along my flesh, despite the heating inferno blazing inside of me.

The way his eyes follow my every breath, taking in my bodies, every reaction to them, sets me ablaze. His fingers brush against my ribcage to the top of my breast. Dragging them over my simple blue bra, circling my clothed nipple. His breaths hitch when my nipples pebble under his touch and he grabs a handful of my breast again.

“You good?” Seger asks, plastering himself to my backside. His fingers trail up my leg, over my hip, finally squeezing my hip. I nod, leaning my head against his shoulder. Letting his lips linger against my neck, trailing kisses. Just like Chase, he sucks and nibbles. Leaving little reminders behind.

“Can we take it off?” Zepp asks through a straining voice, gesturing towards my bra. Chase is still working my nipple through my bra, groaning at the prospect of seeing them.

I look down, following Chase’s movements. Staring down at the bra holding in my boobs. “Kace,” Zepp growls in a low voice, the evidence of his arousal pushing against his jeans. He palms himself, groaning from the strain of it. His fingers trace against my jaw, running his nose against my cheek. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” He whispers his lips on the opposite side of Seger. Their lips work together against my neck. Chase works his mouth against my stomach, tongue flattening against my flesh.

“Seger,” I groan as his teeth sink into my ear lobe.

“Yeah, baby?” He mutters into my ear, his fiery breaths pouring over my flesh.

“Unhook my bra,” I strain to say, as all their movements stop. Three sets of eyes land on me, checking to see if I’m serious.

“Yes, my queen.” He whispers playfully. The warmth of his fingers curl against my back, unclasping the three clasps that hold the prize they want. Warm fingers take each of the straps down my arms, freeing myself from the confines of my stuffy bra. Cool air breezes past, hardening my nipples under their intense stares.

“So beautiful,” Chase says, rubbing a thumb over my hard nipple. His dilated eyes meet mine, my breaths picking up from the friction.

“So perfect,” Zepp drops to his knees at my side, his fingertips brushing against my ribs, working their way up. His tongue follows up my flesh, sucking my nipple into his mouth, making my pussy pulsate again. Every time they touch my nipples, they send me into a frenzy. My brain wants to shut off from the pleasure soaring through my body. Limbs turn to jelly. My brain is mush. Zepp’s tongue swirls around and around, making moans I didn’t know were possible fall from my throat. Like tiny mewls of pleasure, begging them to never stop.

“Ours,” Seger whispers, taking my other breast into his hand. Squeezing it in his palm while swishing a thumb across my nipple.

I groan, reaching behind me. Momentarily putting on a brave face. My palm connects with Seger’s hard as steel bulge. He groans when my hand slides against his dick, thrusting his hips forward to meet my hand. I reach inside his tight jeans at an awkward angle, curling my fingers around him. His deep groans fill the room again, hips forcing him fully into my hand. His jeans hit the floor, apparently commando. The sound of zippers fills the room, each of them releasing themselves into their hands. Zepp and Chase each take theirs in their hands. Stroking themselves. Up and down, thumbs gliding over their weeping heads, spilling their pre-cum. I rub my hand up and down Seger’s enormous length, loving the feel of his velvety skin against mine. He’s huge against my palm. Throbbing and warm, ready to erupt already. He buries his face in my neck in approval, thrusting into my hand. His breaths pick up against my back, blowing warm air against my flesh, biting into me. I cry out with a small moan. With my eyes closed, I take in the euphoric feeling of all my guys surrounding me. Touching me, feeling my intimate skin beneath their fingertips.

My trust in them reaches a new level. Two fingers slip beneath my leggings and panties, thrusting into me repeatedly. I don’t look and see who is doing it, it just feels good. Two fingers glide in and out, their palm grinding against my clit. Sending fire through my veins and a tingling down my spine. I pick up my speed with Seger, rubbing my thumb against his slit. Rubbing his pre-cum over my fingers, using it to help.

“I never thought a fucking hand job could feel so good.” Seger chokes out in my neck, keeping his hips in sync with my hand thrusts.

Seger moans into my neck, his dick throbbing with need. Warm cum coats my hand, his movements halting behind me. Nothing but his breaths and small curses pour against my flesh, making time stop around me. Warmth spreads across my stomach, bringing me back to the surrounding reality.

“Shit, sorry,” Chase breaths through heavy breaths. His half hooded eyes meet mine, slumping back into his seat. “That was so hot, I just couldn’t stop myself.” The sincerity in his eyes gleams back at me and I smile, taking my hand away from Seger, cupping his cum in my hand.

I open my hand, letting Seger’s cum drizzle over my breasts, mixing with Chase’s on my stomach. Chase groans, standing up to kiss me. Driving his tongue between my lips. “You’re way too good for me,” he whispers to me, making a small laugh fall from my lips.

“I could say the same about you.” He kisses me one last time, stepping back, shaking his head. Seger stays firmly behind me, not moving an inch. But my attention snaps to Zepp, who hasn’t said a word since this started. He’s lazily stroking himself, kneeling on the floor with his jeans kicked to the side. Staring up at me like I’m the center of his world.

I reach back, pecking Seger’s nose, which knocks him out of his stupor. I fall to my knees in front of Zepp, letting his eyes roam around my cum-stained chest. His breaths come and go in ragged form, shaking his body with every intake. Zepp is as toned as his brother, but they're no markings on his skin. His daily workouts from football have chiseled him from marble. He’s beautiful. Like they all are in their own way. Zepp and Seger might share their looks, but they’re completely different people in my eyes. Perfect in their own way.

I run my tongue along my bottom lip, staring down at his hand’s movement. Up and down, thumb swiping the tip. His dick is veiny, red, and angry looking. Different from his brothers. Needing a release almost as bad as I do. Without a second thought, I slap his hand away and wrap my lips around the head. Salty pre-cum fills my mouth, my tongue circling the head. His entire body tenses up at my movements, grasping onto me.

“Oh fuck,” Zepp hisses between his teeth. Thrusting into my mouth on instinct, sending his full length down my throat. But it isn’t an easy feat, I have to battle against my gag reflex to make it happen, taking all of him in. Relaxing my throat as much as I can. Fingers wrap into my hair, guiding me up and down at a slow and steady pace.

"You don’t know how good that feels." Zepp moans, and it’s music to my ears to see him relax. I look up through my lashes at his thrown back head. Ecstasy swims on his face like nothing I’ve seen before.

Hands fall on my hips, raising them so I’m on all fours. “It’s your turn,” Chase whispers into my ear. “You good with that?” I nod, never taking my tongue away from Zepp.

Chase guides my legs further apart, positioning me how he needs me. In an instant, my leggings and panties are at my ankles, leaving me bare and open for him. For all of them. Warm breaths cross my pussy and it’s the only warning I get before his tongue dives into my folds. Licking and sucking. My body shudders with how close my release is, making me moan against Zepp still in my mouth.

“So close,” Zepp strains to say, picking up the speed of the thrusts. But he isn’t the only one. My pussy clenches around the fingers thrusting in and out of me until I explode, moaning against Zepp. His fingers frantically try to pull me away, but I relent. Letting his salty cum splash down my throat. Not the best tasting, but not awful.

Chase sits up behind me, wiping his mouth. He pulls me to him, letting me rest my head against his shoulder. Jelly. I’m jelly. Every part of my body relaxes in an instant. I don’t think I’m able to move. I try to move my hand, but it flops to my side again. Useless. I’m useless now, ready for bed. Is this why people do this? Have sex and fool around? Because I’m all for that now. Who knew foreplay was such an anxiety reducer? A warm wash rag cleans the evidence off my chest and stomach.

“What a beautiful distraction,” I mumble breathlessly, feeling boneless, ragged, and ready to relax. Bed calls my name now.

The boys dote on me like I’m their queen. They gather pajamas for me, dress me after I’m clean, and tuck me into bed. Chase and Seger sleep on either side of me, snuggling into me. While Zepp sleeps at the end of the bed, with a hand firmly planted on my calf. Never in my life did I think I could get into a relationship like this. Three boys caring for me in every loving way.

They've stolen my heart in such a short time, when I think about the future and not having them in it, it frightens me. But my attachment has already formed, and I can't stop myself now.

My mind races over the day's events. I'm relaxed, but everything keeps playing in my head. The office break-in. The phone call Shaw had. What did he mean, Death? Famine? Aren't those plagues of some sort? I remember Sam and Dean having to deal with this crap. Was it Famine that rode in on a red mustang? Snort. They had to chop their fingers off, right? For what? Why-

The Apocalypse. They were trying to stop the apocalypse from happening.

I shoot up in bed, my heart racing through my chest.

"Death and Famine," I lean over Seger and grab my phone.

"What's wrong?" Zepp asks, squeezing my calf. He peers up at me with half-closed eyes, voice dipped in sleep.

"Shaw - In Shaw's office when he was on the phone he said those two names and I thought they were stupid nicknames, but I think I understand." I rush out, typing into my phone with urgency. This can't wait until later, this must happen now.

"Urgh, couldn't you wait until morning, Princess?" Seger grumbles, rolling to his side, exposing his naked body.

"No," I rush out again, staring at my screen with wide eyes. "No, this couldn't have waited a second longer."

"Why?" Seger groans, pushing my extra pillow over his ears. I swallow hard when Zepp sits up, wide-eyed, and staring at me.

I blink a few times, turning the phone towards him. "I read a book once," I whisper. "It's an amazing book about this group of - well - they're a harem too. She falls in love with these four guys after being invisible for years and only seeing them, who end up being the Four Horsemen. It's a heart-wrenching story. Paca sacrifices so much for them. You all are a much better harem than they were, by the way." I swallow hard, rambling a bit. I look at Zepp, who drops my phone onto the comforter.

"The Four Horsemen? Why would she do that?" Chase asks groggily.

"Death, Famine, War, and Conquest." Zepp breathes.

"Those are the Four Horsemen?" Seger asks, groaning again.

"Yeah," I whisper. "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." The other two instantly sit up, staring at me, and then at Zepp.

"So, you're telling me 'ole crazy fucking Shaw was talking about other fucking people with those nicknames and they're...." Seger pauses for a minute, staring down.

"The mother fucking Apocalypse," I say, nodding my head.

"So," Chase says, putting his face into his hands. "These nut jobs have named themselves after the four horsemen..."

"That means, whoever the Apocalypse is, isn't one person...."

"It's four."

Well - so much for sleep tonight.


Who is the Apocalypse? Theories? 😈😈😈. I mean, I won't tell you if you're right. But it's fun you see the discussions.

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