Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Subject: Need you here!



Kacccee! I need you to come and visit ASAP! You will not believe how big my apartment, yeah my fucking APARTMENT is huge! And it's all mine?

All part of the ridiculous tuition Crowe paid for me to go here. Speaking of, I guess he finally proposed to my mom? Last night after they left. It's weird. They've been together for 4 years and suddenly everything has to change? I'm here and they're there? If you were with me right now, we'd play some video games and you'd tell me to buck up and accept the fact my mom was happy.

So tell me to be happy, Kace. Oh.. and btw. There are celebrity children here. Fucking hot as fuck Tate Benoit's kid is here less hot than his dad but holy shit, still smoking!!! He had some cute friends too. They introduced themselves to me, since I'm the shiny new girl. I blew them off whatever, I'm not here for hookups or whatever. I'm just ready to start classes and meet more people and move on. When we graduate and go to Parkford together, I can't wait. Anyway, gotta go. My student advisor is coming soon to show me around since I'm going to get lost.

Love you, Kace!


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