Sex and Retribution ( A Dark Bully Romance)

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Subject: They Have a Hedge Maze!





Fucking hell, Kace, this place is amazing. Did you know this place has a fucking hedge maze... a fucking maze? Why you ask? Because some crazy dude owned this land and built his house in the middle of it! Like what?? I walked by it earlier today with my student advisor. She took me exploring to get the lay of the land, so to speak, which was nice. This place is enormous and reminds me of a damn haunted house. I’ll send some pics of the castle towers they have. I can’t believe I live here now...and without you. It sucks not to have you here. But two years, girl, two fucking years, and then we’ll be at Parkford, and we’ll light this world on fire.

How have you been? How’s Latham without me? I’m sure it’s horrible, right?! LOL. I miss your sass and texting you. Crowe is determined to torture me... who takes away a 16-year old’s cell phone? Apparently he and my mom.... what an asshole. Good thing I need this laptop for school or I wouldn’t be able to talk to you at all. Everything is still good here, we haven’t started classes yet... but I’m excited to start. I want to meet some new people. My student advisor... is... an interesting character, but she’s super sweet. She kind of reminded me of you... well.... just the blonde hair, I guess. She really bounces all over the place and says the weirdest things. Anyway, Piper is here to show me around again. Apparently, I didn’t see half of what I needed to see!

I love you, Kace! I’ll talk to you later.


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